World War II play anyone?

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  1. So I'm looking for a role play based off of the second great war. The character I have in mind is a female sniper, one of the few Germans to go against Nazi rule and fight against her people. The plot I had in mind was that she would be inside a town occupied by the Nazi's only to have her crow's nest demolished by one side or the other. When she digs herself out of the rubble she examines the city finding the Nazi's gone, though she doesn't know who entered and is occupying it. She would come across an allied soldier, and after that... we'll see... The post I would use to start this is in my resume. So if you're interested let me know.
  2. I think this plot sounds amazing, and even though I have never done anything like this before, it would be an opportunity for me to expand my roleplaying knowledge.
  3. Alright then, any questions about it?
  4. Could we make it a Yuri roleplay? The allied soldier is actually a girl disguised as a guy?
  5. We could do that, aye. Or just go a bit on the fantasy side and allow a female since that would make far more sense.
  6. ok :) can you start it?
  7. Aye I can. I'll send you the link.