World War 2 [female needed]

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  1. I've had an idea for a war thread going. But it won't involve the actual war, and both characters can be made differently. All I need is a female to choose what she wishes to be.

    This will be the US versus the Axis powers, whichever country we care for to be, but the plot goes as such:

    The soldier, either American or otherwise, flies over enemy land. They are shot down and, marooned behind enemy lines, but instead of meeting their fate, are saved by a church hand. Now I'm hoping the solider is young, like 22, and not fit for real war yet, and the priest helps heal them, feeling pity for one so young, but the priest is also the same age, and they fall for each other

    Now this can go different ways

    The soldier or the priest can be played by me, the male, or by you, as a female. So if I play the soldier, you will play the nun, or you can be the soldier, whichever you choose. PM me for more details.
  2. I'd be up to playing this with you. I love a good war story