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  1. Alright~ So I've helped mold this idea with the wonderful ☆Luna☆! Without further ado, 'World Under Contruction'!


    [BCOLOR=transparent]World Under Construction takes place in a blank world named Illusia that expands as player characters known as vanguard explore. Wherever the vanguard explore, the gods of this world, the players, create new environments and characters for them to find/meet. Vanguard hold onto the memory of all the places, people, and experiences that they have, and it is this memory which allows things to exist. In short, vanguard were made by the Gods to hold onto the memory of the places and people they meet, which allows those things to exist. Consequently, if every vanguard loses their memory of a particular person, activity, or location, then that thing will cease to exist.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Your character will begin the RP alongside the other vanguards in a smallish environment with walls that block the outside world, no ceiling however, with a single door leading outside. The room is large enough for everyone to live in, and it has the necessities for survival, though only enough to subsist. Your character knows nothing of the outside world, nor of the other characters. They only know that they are a vanguard, and everything that entails.[/BCOLOR]


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  2. We are really hoping that this attracts the worldbuilding social type of RPer. This adventure is going to have all sorts of new territory being discovered, and every time our characters find something, it totally redefines everything that has been found. It absolutely reeks of adventure, and is going to transcend genre. The concept may seem simple, but trust me when I say that you are in for a wild ride.
  3. Naw. This is stupid and you are stupid.

    Where is that follow thread button?
  4. Dropping some interest here.
  5. *raises hand* U-um... I'm interested... *hides*
  6. A roleplay centered around worldbuilding? Count me in.
  7. Interested~
  8. @Garou @Mite @york @ERode @Crysodic
    Sorry that I forgot to ask, but how frequently did you want to post, and what time are you usually available to RP? This RP kinda works better if everyone can meet up to discuss things, so I wanted to know how that will work.
  9. Well, I don't know about frequency, my schedule may get a little cluttered but I'll try to get out a few posts per week at the bare minimum o-o and, well, I'm almost available to rp at any time I suppose o.o
  10. Its summer. I am pretty free always.
  11. I'm able to RP daily.. o:
  12. I can maybe do...three posts in a week? I work from Thursday to Monday though.
  13. I can usually be online daily, except when work gets extremely busy (like it will be for the next week, unfortunately).
    As for posting, it averages between every other day to once or twice a week. I'll usually mention when I'm delayed for posting.
  14. Interested, but I have a few questions. Would we act like the gods of said places we create, and how deep and rich can we build on the world? From a scale of simple forests to advanced alien cultures.
  15. @KthuluKhild To answer your questions,

    Yes, we not only act as gods of the places we create, but actually are.

    For any world, you're welcome to build it intensely rich and deep, but simple ideas are welcome. If everyone decides to vote on an intensely rich world, that's what we shall do. If everyone decides on a simple world, then we shall do that. These worlds are all based upon what we want to do as a group. I'm not setting a cap on creativity with this RP after all~ Hehe~
  16. Sorry that I haven't said anything about the progress of this RP! >.<

    I'm working on the OOC right now, so it should be done by some time tonight~

    Thank you guys so much for being so patient!
  17. The best bit of an RP is building the setting. Count me up!
  18. Also, I claim domination over the twisted and nightmarish section.
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