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  1. World Under Construction - A White Room Of Medium Size.png
    This is the room that the few vanguard will first be 'born' into. This room consists of beds for all of the vanguard, and enough resources to stay inside the room for a while. Meaning that the gods would allow them a small break before going and exploring the worlds that will await them. Though, that does not mean that any of them will stay. Especially a boy of proper stature who wears a butler suit.

    Oliver Quiddle's Font - Typewriter Fonts - Charposh - ba1a1a.png
    As Oliver opened his eyes for the first time, he grew a bit anxious. W-Why am I doing this? W-Why am I being made to do this? What if there are men?! And... What if they're perverted men who want to do lewd things to me?! Oliver shut his eyes in an attempt to block out the view of the people that would be accompanying him. I don't want to see them. I'm sure that at least one of the others is a guy. I just know it! But... Maybe one of the girls will be nice enough to let me hide behind them? I sure hope so. But... I do have to at least greet the others. It wouldn't be very nice if I went and didn't introduce myself. I... I have to work up the courage to talk to them! Okay! Ready... Open your eyes in ONE. TWO. THREE! Oliver opened his eyes and to his pleasure, he saw only women on the other side of the room. How lucky~ I don't have to deal with any me- Oliver looked to his right and saw a man. Then, Oliver also proceeded to look over to his left. There was also a man. Oliver quickly ran over to the only door that he saw and pushed himself against it in an attempt to escape the clutches of the men. WAAHHH~ I'm seriously unlucky to be spaced right next to a bunch of men!!! WHAT THE HELL?! Oliver looked up at the ceiling, in an attempt to speak to speak to the gods. ARE YOU REALLY THAT CRUEL TO MAKE ME BE PUT NEXT TO A COUPLE OF MEN?! Oliver surveyed the room for any other potential molesters. And... He found a few more. Well... Four to be exact. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?! IS SOMEONE TRYING TO KILL ME RIGHT FROM THE MOMENT THAT I'M MADE?! He looked over to the girls and realized that he had probably done something very embarrassing. Oliver looked at the ground and blushed very badly. He felt that since he was closest to the door, he should speak. There was really no logic behind it, but... He kind of viewed himself as a butler. And a butler should always greet the guests before they have to greet themselves. Again, no logic. W-What should I say? M-Maybe... "Hi there. I-It's nice to meet you all"? No... Maybe I should do something else like... Oh! I know! "It's nice to meet all of you. My name is Oliver Quiddle. As you all probably know, we are all vanguard. Now... Would you all please introduce yourselves to me? I'd like to get to know all of y-" During his little speech, he had stepped back a bit and had accidentally pulled the handle on the door he was standing in front of.

    "WAAAHHHH~" As Oliver rubbed his backside, he noticed that he was in an entirely different room than the one he was just in. It looked entirely different. SO much different. And... The feeling of the air was... WAY different. As Oliver got up, he noticed a lot of flashing lights and a long bar. There was also some music that could be heard, but... It appeared that it was in a different room than the one he was in. So... We're starting off in a bar? Suits a butler perfectly~ "Hey... Umm... It looks like this is the first place we're going to be exploring. So... Would anyone want to come with me? I-It looks like this is going to be a lot of fun..." I sure hope that it will be a good way for me to have some good experiences, whether it be with friends or just life in general.

    Accepted Characters/Characters Mentioned (open)

    Akuma Ayaka - @Karakui
    Kijin - @☆Luna☆
    Iskandar Ionius - @Iskandar
    Kaliya Nabooru - @york
    Anzo - @Mite
    Sato Teiji - @Crysodic
    Trinox - @KthuluKhild
    Mana Arc - @i3flames
    Darius Jacks - @ERode
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  2. Ta ta ta ta ta ta ta. The sound of gunfire echoed across the battlefield. She was running. She didn't really know why she was running, across a grey and barren landscape. You could see that one time, long ago, there was life - perhaps a forest - here, though now the only trace was the fine ash that fluttered up into the low air to greet her foot as she ran. She glanced around, looking for the source of her fear, but found nothing. She was somehow alone on this burnt world with only the sounds of the weaponry to accompany her. Now, she stopped to stand, to stare onto the horizon, looking for any trace of anything. Just before she could gather her thoughts about the object that just fell from the sky in front of her, it exploded, and her vision went black. She heard a ringing in her ears, followed by a muffled voice - as if she was listening to something through a haze of morphine. How do I know what morphine feels like? What even is morphine? She snapped open her eyes, instantly flinching as the bright light in the room replaced the grey twilight of... wherever she just was. A dream? Before her, she could see a large panel of white. A ceiling? After a few minutes, she realised that the source of the speech probably wasn't this white panel, so she sat up on the bed and took in the others of... wherever she now was. The word "vanguard" jumped into her head whenever she tried to consider what this room and these people were supposed to be, but nothing more.
  3. Arc could hardly contain herself. Excitement surged through her entire being. She could hardly understand it. Her body feels numb with little to no physical feeling. She tries to pull herself up, off the soft bedding beneath her. Her first attempt fails miserably. She tilts her head to see the armor currently encompassing her body. Its curves and imperfections felt familiar; almost as though she'd crafted it. She knows she didn't. She grunts and tries again, taking the cumbersome armor's weight into account this time. She manages to pull her legs off the side of the bed and sit up at the edge. A young fellow near another end of the room clamors as he opens a door. Arc can't hear him. Her own thoughts are much too loud. She looks about. Several individuals are present. With a pleasant and, hopefully, disarming complexion, she looks at each of them, staring for a good long moment before moving to the next. Pretty faces. Concealed faces. Confused faces. She wishes she had something to say to them, but her instinct tells her to be silent for now.
  4. For the first time, in ever, Kijin opened her eyes. Soaking up the whiteness of the room around her, she felt it a bit ironic that such an otherwise plain and unextraordinary sight would evoke such wonder in her eyes. Just a moment before, Kijin didn't exist, and now she did. She could feel the warmth of the covers of the bed that she was laying in. Although, it felt a little strange, since she knew it wasn't really appropriate to be fully dressed in bed, yet she wasn't really sure why she thought that. Regardless, Kijin wanted to see more.

    Pushing the covers off of her, she looked around the room. She was a vanguard, a first generation one at that. So, does that mean everyone else is a Vanguard, or are they just a part of her memories. Kijin wanted to know. Though that being said, she also felt intimidated. This was in part, because she didn't really understand her abilities, but it also had to do with everyone else. She was the youngest in the room by far, and one of the only ones that didn't have some sort of weapon. If they all had those, was the outside world going to be dangerous? Were they even going to be friendly towards Kijin? They could be any kind of person. Was someone as small and frail as Kijin going to be able to hold her own in this new world? These kinds of thoughts were on Kijin's mind as she approached the person closest to her in age. She had yet to open her eyes and rise from the bed, so Kijin simply took a seat on the bed next to her, waiting for the blonde haired girl to wake as she watched the others begin to stir from their first awakening.

    Although she could leave the room into what appeared to be a bar, Kijin wasn't ready to leave yet.
    Sounds of sword clashing, wars waging, and the battle cries of warriors rang loud in the mind of Iskandar Ionius. The image of him leading a glorious army forward, and stopping at a magnificent ocean with the sun on the horizon. So many faces behind him that he couldn't distinguish one from the other. Glory, riches, conquest, women, and loyal men; all the things a great king could want, he had. And then one by one, they began to fade. The faces of his men vanished, the riches disappeared, and the women gone in a wisp. Everything gone until he was left with nothing but darkness. The memories of grandeur faded last until he had nothing left. But he did not show fear; he did not show hatred, curiosity, or despair. He seemed content with everything gone. He simply closed his eyes and fell into the darkness.

    When he opened his eyes, Iskandar saw a white light. It was blinding at first, so he put his arm up to shield his eyes. He knew not where he was or how he got there. He had no memories to go on either. Beside him was an elegantly crafted sword forged of a unique metal that had a bluish tint. As he sat up and looked around, he saw others in the room. A couple men and women scattered about, seeming as lost as he was. He looked beside him, staring at the sword curiously. A couple words formed in his mind as he stared at it. Conqueror, King, Lead, Glory. Was he to lead the people in this room as a King? He slowly got to his feet and picked up the sword. He looked down at himself to see the rather formal garments that he was wearing. He was dressed like someone of high rank/status. On his side was an ornate sheath for his blade. He sheathed the weapon before turning around at his surroundings and the people inside.

    There were beds and resources, men and women of different appearances. There was one door leading out, and no windows in the room they were all in. The door was open, and Iskandar could see what appeared to be a bar. "One room, one door, a bunch of people, and some resources. A bar on the other side..." He walked forward towards the door, eyeing the others around him. "If anyone can remember anything, I urge you to step forward and speak." He entered the next room, examining the bar and the room itself. Again, there were no windows or anything to get a glimpse of their external surroundings. The bar was well stocked, and there was another single door. But something in the back of his mind told him to not go through that door yet. Muster the forces. Lead them. He looked back to the door leading to the room he came from. A bunch of random people just waking up all confused would be difficult to organize, and some might even panic. Someone would need to rally them into a group that could work together to find out what was going on. He took a deep breath and drew his sword, stepping back into the first room.

    Iskandar pointed his sword forward and began to speak. "I am..." He thought for a moment. The name Iskandar Ionius came to mind. "I am Iskandar Ionius! I am here to lead you all forward! Right now it seems we have all woken up in a strange place with nothing but beds, resources, and a bar. No windows or any clues to tell us where we are or why! There is but a single door in the next room, giving off a heavy feeling when approached! The heart and mind give caution when going near! I know we are all probably confused, worried, suspicious, scared, and upset for this situation, but do not lament! Rally forth and follow me, and together we shall learn of our whereabouts and conquer whoever took us all and left us in this ridiculous place! I shall hereby assume command so that we can all escape in one piece! I suggest we make use of the resources and bar given to us as there is no telling what we may face beyond the second door. Stock up and gather together so we may journey forth!"

  6. The optimism coming from that butler who had no master was as sickeningly sweet as rainbow sherbet, but Darius approved of it none the less. There was something about Oliver’s expressions that reminded him of a flustered little girl, which was a less-than-endearing quality for a plain-faced vanguard…but hey, Darius could accept that too! After all, it’s not like he had any choice other than simply accepting it, and the reactions from that kid was mildly amusing. Without much though, almost as if it was engraved into him genetically, he walked forwards, following the effeminate butler into the next world.

    Stretching out his back in the dimly-lit bar that the gods of creation must have popped up, the brunette found himself a seat to sit down on, turning back to the kiddos who were still dawdling in the white room. A loud-mouthed pretty boy was swinging around a sword though, and another had some sort of cannon she was lugging around. Fascinating people, to be sure. Darius sorta felt like he wanted those weapons, but at the same time…

    “There’s nothing to remember, kiddo,” he said, “We’re a bunch of past-less mortals created a few minutes ago by an assortment of juvenile gods to alleviate their boredom. But I’m all for robbery, as long as you stop swinging that metal stick around. Might hurt someone with it and all~”

    And, with that, Darius hopped off his seat, vaulted over the counter, and…
  7. Ayaka - at least, that's what she had decided to call herself - watched this man speak. She didn't like him, though she wasn't sure why. Perhaps because he had declared himself the leader before half the people had even woken up yet. Perhaps because he had such a sense of self importance? Either way, she knew already that she was going to be having some disagreements with him. "Well we got alcohol, bar stools, assorted weapons and way too much enthusiasm for people who have no idea who they are. I say we burn shit and see where that gets us." She smirked, subconsciously looking forward to the idea of fire.
  8. Kijin stayed close by the girl. It seemed like despite just waking up, one of the people had illusions of grandeur, and the other two would accept any excuse to rob and plunder someone's bar. Maybe for now, just staying put and hoping not to get involved in any part of this would be the correct answer. In all honest, Kijin wanted to somehow stop them from defacing the bar, but how could she. She saw the way that man could swing that sword around. He knows how to use it. Not to mention the girl with a cannon so large it could take out the entire world. So all Kijin could do is remain where she is, and hope nobody takes an interest in her.
  9. [BCOLOR=transparent]Kaliya stretched, and as soon as she did, she felt a sharp pain in her shoulderblades... It didn't take her long to realize she was laying on the floor, but, how? The answer was probably simple, but, she'd have to open her eyes to be completely sure... A soon as she did, she realized that she indeed was laying on the floor. She had not a clue what she was doing here, but, she knew two things; her name, and, that she was a Vanguard... Though, how she woke up laying on the ground beside the bed she should have woken up in was a mystery for her. Though, noticing that she wasn't the only one, Kaliya sat up abruptly, her eyes sweeping around the area for a moment, stretching out for the first time she could remember as she let out a small yawn, making sure to cover her mouth on instinct when she did this.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Then, she noticed someone watching her out of the corner of her eye and looked up, seeing who it was... In fact, she was another girl, a few years younger than her in fact. As she reached to stand up, in order to greet the girl, one of her hands suddenly bumped into a particularly rigid, but, somehow, flexible piece of wood. She turned quickly, noticing that a bow lay there, along with a small quiver, filled with approximately a dozen or so arrows. Despite not remembering having used a bow before, she seemed to understand what to do practically instantly, and, had the sudden urge to pick it up. Without thinking about it too much, she hooked the strap of the small quiver around her shoulders, along with the bow, but, she took care not to have it positioned wrong.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Once she was done, she looked back up at the girl in front of her, smiling a little “Hello.” she said… Despite looking excited, her voice was softer than one may expect, but, it still managed to convey her friendly tone just fine. She couldn’t quite figure out why she spoke this way, but, she did know it had something to do with a hobby she had, which was taming small animals. Bigger ones scared her, though, like many other qualities she had, she wasn’t quite sure what started this. Her mind was starting to wander a little, but, despite this, she still had most of her attention focused on the girl who had been sitting near her when she had woken up.[/BCOLOR]
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  10. [BCOLOR=transparent]Iskandar looked around at the people that were awake and waking up. Those that were awake were getting familiar with their surroundings and about ready to actually go. Those that were still waking up would be on their feet and ready to go soon enough. One person behind him spoke about their current predicament, which Iskandar listened to carefully. “If these gods just created us to be their alleviation of boredom, then the best thing to do is to take the ‘excitement’ to them. There are plenty of people here, people with wills for fire that I shall keep burning! Not puppets for some gods that want to look down and point at us for amusement! And as for my sword, I shall do with it as I please. A leader must have a weapon to lead others into battle with.”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]He put his sword away for a moment before turning his attention to the woman in the first room that spoke of fire. She was a light skinned girl with black hair and black attire. She had a massive cannon and wanted to burn things to the ground. If motivated correctly, she could become a powerful asset. “You seem like you would make a fine warrior! An enthusiastic fire burning in you that you wish to release outwards! However, it might be best to not release such a glorious blaze within these confines just yet. There are others here, including children. They would most certainly be caught in the blaze. Not to mention the resources at our disposal would also be destroyed. The best idea would be to take the supplies and get everyone out of here. We need to get an idea just where these gods put us and were to go from there! If you wish to burn this place, it can be done after that.”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]He took another glance around the room before turning back towards the bar. “Once everyone wakes up, we can set out and get out of this cluttered place.” Iskandar went back into the second room and behind the bar. “Gotta see what provisions we got back here….Plenty of booze, some water and juices….a variety of drink. At least we won’t be at a shortage for fluids.”[/BCOLOR]

  11. Although Kijin was very close to the other girl, with her focus attuned to the movements and conversations of the others in the room she didn't react in time to stop the young girl next to her from falling to the ground. Kijin cringed as she heard the thud. That must certainly be a rude awakening. Kijin felt guilty that she was so focused on gathering information that a potential friend got hurt. Though Kijin could not help but notice this girl too has armed with a bow, ultimately she felt responsible for her lack of attentiveness. Though, as Kijin looked down, she saw a very different sight than she expected. Although the fall had to hurt, the girl simply smiled back towards Kijin with beautiful green eyes, and a cheerful smile. In the first moment, Kijin simply felt stunned with how pretty this girl was. Then she transitioned to believing that the girl was tough, and wasn't even hurt by the fall. However as Kijin remembered how she felt looking at the white ceiling above her, she realized that she was the first thing in the world that this person was seeing. Even if she was in pain, that first sight, is it something special. Just the thought of it made Kijin's face turn crimson. Speaking with both concern and reservation, "Are you alright?
  12. Noisy.

    The snoring suit of armor was partially hanging off the bed, its limbs too large to be fully supported by the furniture. One arm leaped up and slapped the helmet's face, the metal fingers wriggling around to feel the shape of the armored helmet. The snoring faded and a heavy sigh escaped from helmet. After a moment of lying their motionlessly, the suit of armor sat up. The bed creaked under the armored giant's weight as he twisted himself around and firmly planted his metal boots on the floor. The helmet drooped down, then started turning and tilting in different directions. Heavy cracking sounds escaped from within the armor, and the large man groaned contently when he finished.

    Finally the armored head looked up and scanned the room, stretching his arms as he did and creating a few more brutish crackling noises. He looked at the various people and provisions left in this blank, white room. He listened to their talk and watched their expressions. Confident that he could guess at what was currently happening, he leaned back to produce the loudest crack yet from his back, then quickly straightened up, slapping his hands on his knees and pulling himself up off the bed. Standing up straight, even the tallest person in the room would only came up to his chin.

    “Oi, lads,” he bellowed, pausing a brief moment to take in his own voice before continuing, “Rummaging through a room you just found shouldn't be—”


    Anzo was cut short by a rather loud and unfamiliar voice. He understood his purpose and somehow felt a sense of familiarity with everyone around him despite knowing nothing about them. Even when he first heard their voices, he felt like he knew their voices from a long time ago. But this new voice elicited no such feelings. It did induce feelings of excitement however, as the voice—at least to Anzo—sounded like a boyish woman.

    This new person clambered up, one hand gingerly rubbing their upper back. A large amount of snow-white hair drooped over her face, but her gender was revealed by the noticeable volume of her chest. Her movements were lethargic and slow as if she being forced to do something she didn’t want to do, but such an aura existed only for a moment. She straightened her back, brushed the hair out of her face, and smiled lazily at the Vanguards.

    Anzo hesitated entering the bar for a moment. The golden eyes that danced between the numerous Vanguards had no pupils, and her smile seemed… off. She was attractive in an unexplainable way, but his gut cautioned him that she wasn’t as she seemed. He exhaled sharply, steeled himself, and walked into the bar, heading towards a barstool.

    “W-welcome to my home, the Haven of the Vanguards,” she nervously started before sliding into a more soothing tone. “I am Will. I can give you any drink you want on these shelves,” she cast a sharp glare—made even more uncomfortable by her lack of pupils and unchanging smile—at Iskandar and Darius before continuing, “as long as you ask. Some of these hold things that aren’t meant to be ingested by themselves.” Will raised her hand and gestured towards the entire back wall with a teasing smile on her face. The shelves on the back wall were filled with an uncountable amount of bottles, flasks, and containers. Her facade didn't last long though, and eventually she stared gravely at each Vanguard in the bar before casting a glance at the door they came through.

    “Is… Will more be coming?” she asked whimsically, but it wasn’t hard to sense the unease in her voice.
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  13. Arc watches the plethoric group amble from one room to the next. She looks over to the two young ladies then towards the other room. She briefly contemplates joining the other room. Arc scoots onto the bed and wraps her arms around her legs. The others continue to rotate about. Arc does naught but watch. Everyone looked different in some way. This amused her. Everyone was going about, interacting with each other for the first time since their 'birth'. It was too easy to pay attention to the sword swinging lad or boisterous brunette. Their loud actions demanded attention, even from a room away. Arc refuses to give it to them. Instead, she looks over to the pink-haired wallflower and the blonde-haired blushflower. Only a minute or so into existence and the two were giving each other googley eyes. She then looks over to the girl with the large metallic object. Arc smiles, amused. Thoughts raced through Arc's mind. This situation is special. She can't help but sit and think. She stays like this for several moments until, only a short distance away, a metal frame rises up. Arc could see no semblance of skin on this suit of armor. The suit clatters and clangs loudly into the other room. If the world had been made of something different, his boots undoubtedly would have rooted into the ground. Intrigued, she follows the suit into the less bright room. A pretty yet distressed face greets Arc's gaze. "There are nine of us, fair lady. Have we intruded?"
  14. Kaliya seemed to think a little upon hearing the question being asked... On instinct, she moved her arms around a little, then nodded a little "I'm okay!" she said, sounding a bit more confident, and in fact, a little less quiet about it, though, she did end up feeling a bit sore, and the back of her head throbbed a little. Was it just from laying on the floor for too long? Or, perhaps it was what had happened when she had fallen off that bed; come to think of it, she thought that such a thing was rather silly to do, but, somehow... She had managed it. Looking up at the girl in front of her, she realized she should probably ask for her name, for some reason, it felt like the right thing to do to start off a conversation or something along those lines. "So... What's your name?" She asked, sounding enthusiastic about it, albeit still a little quiet, she was definitely excited at the prospect of engaging in a conversation, but, some sort of instinct in her kept her a bit quieter than she usually would have been in this circumstance. Through all of this though, she seemed to keep up a rather sweet looking smile, and had possibly even forgotten she was smiling during the moment's excitement... Or, perhaps, that expression just felt natural for a meeting like this one.
  15. Kijin felt relieved that the mystery girl seemed to be ok despite her foul up. Though, all things considered, she probably was hurting, but was an optimistic person who didn't think it hurt enough to make a big deal about. Though, it was also a little weird. She isn't really saying or doing much, but she seems so energetic. Is she holding something back?

    Kijin calms down for a bit, "My name is Kijin. I don't know why it is my name, but somehow I just know that is what I'm supposed to be called. I'm a vanguard, but, does that make you a vanguard too, or do you not even know what I'm talking about?"
  16. Oh, well, that was a thing. The moment Darius realized that what he had stepped on wasn't stable ground, he readjusted his feet and managed to balance on the back of the white-haired person for a few more seconds before their rising body forced him off. Standing before what appeared to be the bartender of this place, and no doubt another creation of the gods, the brunette reciprocated her smile with his own, cheekily showing off just how little he cared about her rules. After all, there was a certain degree of...confidence? arrogance? that came with how he was a vanguard, while this 'Will' was merely a memory.

    "Some of these things weren't meant to be ingested by themselves? Ohohoho, tell me more," Darius said, leaning against the counter, "But yeah, that's all of us. I'm curious, by the way. You have any memories? Or are you also a nobody?"
  17. Kaliya tilted her head, just a little, she seemed to understand "I'm Kaliya... And... Yes, I'm also a Vanguard." she said, an excited tone started to creep into her still quiet voice... This seemed to give way to the excitement she felt as she realized that she wasn't the only Vanguard here, though she was subconsciously trying her best not to raise her voice too much. It was still a mystery why she felt the need to keep her voice down, but, she did... A habbit she didn't even know she possessed, but, all the same, it was there to stick around. Perhaps she'd loosen up after she got to know her surroundings, and, Kijin a little more, she felt that they could become great friends, even if they had just recently met, who says it couldn't happen... Right?
  18. Iskander stood up from behind the bar and walked over to the doorway. It seemed like most of everyone was up already. That meant soon it would be time to mobilize and head out. He turned his attention to the one who spoke about the drinks. "The gods made this place and stocked it with booze. They can restock it after we all leave. If you wish to make sure all drinks are handled and consumed as you believe they should, then join us as we depart from this accursedly small place." He let out a sigh before turning to the door that had yet to be open. It plagued his mind on what he would find on the other side. It would be best to get to know their surroundings so they could figure out where they were and what to do next. He could go check things out while everyone else struggled to even get moving out of the first room. "I'm going to go get an idea of our location and surroundings. I want the vanguards here up so we can all be made aware of the situation." He made his way to the closed door, grabbing it cautiously. He knew not what kind of wonder or nightmare await him on the other side. With a deep breath, he turned the knob and threw open the door. "I shall not stay here and be a puppet for childish gods!"
  19. [BCOLOR=transparent] endless-bummer.regular.png [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Sato awoke with a gasp of air. The oxygen felt clear and clean as it flowed through his lungs. He was laid down on top of a bed of some sort. The rest of the room looked pure white. Although others seemed to be up and walking, from what Sato could see, he was the last to wake up. Sato swung his legs over the side of the bed and adjusted the bandages that wrapped around his mouth. The group seemed to be doing introductions while few others went into the bar from the single door in the room. Sato patted the bag at his side and opened it to check its contents. A few scrolls, loose sleeves of paper, pen and pencil, bloody hand.[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Everything is there,”[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] he thought to himself as he pushed his weight off of the bed, glancing around the room again. Sato, as quietly as possible, walked by the few people standing in the white room and entered the bar. He blocked out as much sound as possible, only focusing on his footsteps and the few creeks of the floorboards. Sato listened in as the one named Will said about her home and of his area. He raised his hand slightly to signal the bartender over hoping to get her attention while leaning on the counter. “Uh. Hello. Can I get a small bottle of…” Sato opens and reaches into his bag and hunches over it. He pulls out a scroll, pushing away the rainbow colored rat and placing the paper on the table. Sato reads the scroll, but to his dismay he has nothing of what is required. He puts the scroll back into his bag and closes it tightly again. “Can I get a bottle of Whiskey? A small one like I said before,” Sato says in a soft tone. “Oh! Can I also see that long, slender bottle on the wall there?” He points to the object before placing his arms lightly on the table, “Please?”[/BCOLOR]​
  20. Kijin offers Kaliya a hand up. "A vanguard huh..?" Kijin thinks for a moment about the significance of this, but in the end realized it didn't really change the situation at all. The room had provisions for everyone, probably enough to last them 3 days, but that didn't at all mean that they could afford to stay here that long. If the world has yet to exist out there, then there is no telling how long it will be before they will find another source of food. Rather than risk becoming dependant on Will's food Kijin would rather have some way to feed herself. This is not because Kijin was a distrustful person, but instead because she somehow understood what it was like to be at the mercy of a stranger.

    However, Kijin shook, not wanting to continue on this line of thought. After all, even if Kijin didn't ever have to leave the white room, she'd want to see the outside world. We have a promise from the Gods that if we continue exploring, the world will get bigger and bigger. In a weird way, it seems kind of amazing, knowing that every sight we see beyond the horizon will be new and unexplored territory. Kijin wanted to talk about this. Bashfully, "Kaliya, what do you think... about being a vanguard I mean?"
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