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    The world has been mostly unchanged, cars have died out and planes never existed. Cities are little more then glorified train stations or farming communities and that the majority of people just live and work on trains themselves. Tracks span the world over, plunging under oceans through massive tunnels, over long bridges etc.

    The majority of the story will be split between travelogue where the trains would stop in different cities and would allow for slice of life moments and will consist of a group of people living on one of the largest train cities out there: Train Setagaya, one of the 23 trains created by Tokyo Train Manufacturing Corporation. The city trains are gigantic taking up multiple tracks (three for an average sized city-train and up to five for the largest city-trains including the Setagaya.)


    In recent news there have been reports of terrorists bombing tracks of trains and trying to destroy different train cities but have oddly been leaving the station towns alone. They use outdated vehicles (preferring motorcycles) to carry out their missions. The World Manufacturing Company (Which are now the acting Government from their secret city hidden somewhere that only Justice Runner Tracks can go.) have dispatched their own military police called the Justice Runners. The Justice Runners specialized trains that use magnets that allow their trains from track to track. They also have their own special tracks that only their trains can access and fit on. They are usually silent and are only dispatched for problems that would affect the government however the city trains typically have their own security personnel.


    This game is open for joining! Next posts will be for bios and cast list! (Feel free to ask questions!)
  2. Bio Sheets!


    Character Name:
    Birthplace/World: (Most people would probably be born on the Setagaya but basically take any ward of Tokyo and that'll be a train on the same lines OR take any city in the real world (unless it's huge) and turn it into a train. If you have a question about this just ask me and I'll let you know!)


    General Appearance:


    Current Goal/Purpose:
    General Personality:
    Inner Personality:


    General History:

    Present Life:

    Special Historic Notes:


    Cast List

    Reiko Suzuki - Zypher

    Character Name: Reiko Suzuki

    Gender: Female

    Species/Race: Human/Japanese

    Age: 19

    Birthplace/World: Reiko was originally born on the Chuo Train, which was part of the Tokyo Train System but moved to Setagaya when she was little.

    Occupation: Reiko works odd tasks around the city train, a good chunk of the time she likes to help out the security group and can sometimes be found at various cafes or diners. Her most common job, however, is running notes, mail and packages to various places.


    General Appearance: Reiko stands just at the five foot mark. She dresses rather conservatively in pants and button-up blouses with her trademark jacket around her shoulders. When she does dress up she likes to wear skirts and short sleeved shirts.

    Strengths: Reiko is well versed in various firearms and lightly trained in martial arts. She has a very basic understanding of how the train works, so if something goes wrong she can usually tell what general area is broken. She has a knack for getting into tight or small places due to her size.

    Weaknesses: Being of small stature her martial arts are fairly useless on anyone too much bigger than her, so she tends to rely on her guns a lot more. Being so short she's also mistaken for a child and gets ignored when she needs something at times, which she tries to make up for with her loud personality.


    Current Goal/Purpose: She is concerned about the terrorists so her main concerns are keeping the Setagaya safe.

    Talents: In addition to her strengths she is also a skilled karaoke singer, frequently being found in the entertainment car when she isn't doing an odd task. She's also quite good at pickpocketing thanks to her small size, but those days are behind her....she promises!

    Inabilities: For her small stature she isn't very useful in keeping watch over crowds of people, reaching high shelves and various other things. She's also rather light which means she's easily picked up and thrown about or tossed to the side.

    Fears: Reiko is terrified of thunder and lightning, she knows that being struck by lightning is a rare occurrence but it still scares her whenever she's outside in a thunderstorm. Reiko is also mildly clausterphobic, not so much as to completely shut down but she will freak out in cramped spaces.

    General Personality: Reiko tends to come off as stern and serious when in a business setting. If she's working she's focused on that, and will be pleasant but tends to be straight to the point and doesn't waste time doing what needs to be done. However when someone meets her outside of her various odd jobs she's perky and boisterous, she feels that she needs to be loud in order to be heard. She's not afraid of being pushy and in-your-face when she needs to be.

    Inner Personality: Inquisitive is the name of the game. She's curious about everything! That's why she does a little bit of everything, making sure to keep her options open, however it's hard to peg where she'll be at any given time because she could be following anything her interest is at the moment.

    Secret: She is afraid that she'll never find her calling and will be forced to wander about the world, eventually changing trains constantly and never finding a reason to stay.


    General History: When Reiko was little her parents raised her on the Chuo Train and spent the first couple years of her life there. The Chuo Train was commonly visited by people looking for the height of Tokyo Train Line shopping. Her parents and her spent about a year of her life in a little station town near the Kyoto-Tokyo Train Lines juncture where she played outside mostly. It wasn't long before she was on the Setagaya with her parents (who eventually moved on to the Manhattan Train which is part of the New York Train Line when she turned 16, saying she could handle herself.) She's lived on the Setagaya ever since.

    Present Life: Reiko enjoys running odd jobs around the city-train, making friends with all sorts of people but never settling down into a regular job. She knows a wide group of people in the city and tries to frequent certain establishments. She at any time can be found running from place to place, car to car either carrying a parcel or heading to her next job or even heading to her favorite karaoke bar!
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  5. Species?
  6. Humans. It's still "real world" just, all train-ified.