PROJECT World Starter 1: Oasis

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  1. There are a few different ways to go about making a world. Some people start with an overall concept and work down. Some people just throw things together. Some start with one concept or place and build up from there. The last option is what we are going to be doing in this set of exercises. We will start with one small place and expand from there. I’m not expecting heavily detailed worlds out of this. Nor am I expecting the latter exercises in each set to be done quickly. But these will help you learn how to build quick worlds that can be expanded upon later by simply doing.

    The first exercise in set 1 is to create an oasis on a desert planet. Simple as that. You can make this as simple or detailed as you like. Don’t make any other part of the world that doesn’t pertain directly to your oasis. Got that? Okay! Go!
  2. A vast body of water lay on the center of the world, it's existence a boon for the various small countries found at it's shore. The is not much greenery here beyond a few bushes bearing fruit that drank their fill on the underground source of water. Great cliffs with even greater walls of bleached and solidified sand border most of the oasis, the great citadels reflecting on the surface of tranquil water. Fishes are in abundance in these waters, coming from the oasis' source spanning the entire planet. The sun is blinding here, reflected on the mirror-like surface, and is dangerous to any unprepared travellers. Great mirage often dazzle those who pass here and often end them by drowning.
  3. Velispa is the blooming jewel of the otherwise inhospitable desert planet of Sevik. A large body of glistening water, deep enough that the bottom is not visible to the naked eye. Underground channels in the deepest water circulate the water continuously to differing areas of the planet. A small ring of vegetation wraps around its edge, sprouting a few red leafed *Trelliber trees, bearing their sweet fruit all year round. While the oasis is not large enough to support a large supply of fish, there are a few colonies of crustaceans that cling to its shallow depths during the bitterly cold nights, the water and sand warmed during the day by Sevik's two suns. Velispa is encased by the walls of the Viuli's temple, a place of worship to Lish'Tar, their deity of life and light. Velispa's small ecosystem is enough to sustain the three Marked who care for the temple.