PROJECT World Starter 1.3: The Jungle Planet

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  1. There are a few different ways to go about making a world. Some people start with an overall concept and work down. Some people just throw things together. Some start with one concept or place and build up from there. The last option is what we are going to be doing in this set of exercises. We will start with one small place and expand from there. I’m not expecting heavily detailed worlds out of this. Nor am I expecting the latter exercises in each set to be done quickly. But these will help you learn how to build quick worlds that can be expanded upon later by simply doing.

    This is the third part of the exercise related to the oasis on the desert moon. This week, you will be making the jungle planet around which the moon orbits. Take your time and paint with broad strokes. If you need to, utilize the Character of a World sheet to get you started. Focus on the planet, not the moon orbiting it. Make it as detailed or general as you wish. Be creative! Ready, set, go!