World Peace

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  1. I believe it can happen.

    It's not human nature to ALWAYS fight and ALWAYS kill because we're natural douchebags, like I'm sure some of you are gonna tell me in this thread.

    Humans are AMAZING.

    With the birth of the internet the Global Oversoul is returning as the new Gaia, and we are communing with it like the Shamans of old, taking avatar forms and walking with spirits. We have successfully passed the interlude of COMMUNAL suppression brought on by Organised Religion.

    Now, with an unregulated freedom of thought, we have attained a complexity from which simple ideas can blossom. Simple ideas like "we are better than this" and "fuck the biologists, we can make it work" and "if we will it, so shall it be".

    Power is coming into our hands - the hands of those who long to be different, and the power of ideas will always, inevitably and eventually, triumph over the force of arms and institution.

    We can harness new technologies. We can make new breakthroughs. We can reach out to more and more of our global brothers and sisters. We can beat global warming; we can save the environment; we can agree to come together under the common banners that unite us regardless of age, gender and ethnicity.

    And we can do all this because WE'RE HUMANS, BITCH!

  2. A'Llara Petrresi, The Nurse - Pyrrhus Med-bay

    Still munching on the grainy bar Lara observed the Chief Doc diagnose the problem all the while answering the Duty Manager's question. She offered the robot a cheery smile then approached the curled up Kah'Saun. "We'll have him up in no time." Flicking the holodisplay once more she brought up his Central Nervous System readout and indeed it showed a pattern consistent with REM State dreaming. Clicking her tongue she smiled and nodded at the Doctor understandingly. Power bar between her lips she went over to the side of the Med-Bay and started opening drawers and cabinets until she found a pair of black fibre-mesh gloves with some form of rectangular device attached to the back of the palm. Putting them on one by one and power bar still in her mouth she extended out and clenched her digits until she was comfortable. There were exposed wires going along the back of the gloves connecting the device on the back to the fingertips.

    The Impulse Gloves served to help stimulate nerves and muscles in thick-skinned species, ones that needed all the benefits of a massage but had medical staff who was too weak for that. Taking the bar out of her mouth and placing it down on the table nearby Lara powered on the gloves creating a whirring sound at first then turning into a slight hum only she could hear as the impulse travelled through her skin and nerves. Her hands felt like they were vibrating and oscillating at high frequency. "Give him a slight stimulant, it should be enough to break the hibernation, I saw it being done on some giant mammals back home at the Zoo. They didn't want them hibernating during the winter." Putting on a visor she clicked the side and held the frame of the glasses until she saw an overlay of Kah'Saun nerve clusters and muscle structure across Sev's body. Adjusting the setting on the gloves she went to work.

    It may have appeared odd to the onlooker but through her vision she tracked the ElectroMagnetic Impulses go through his scale and muscles rousing his nerves. To others, it looked like she was tracing some invisible lines with her hands occasionally making circular motions or poking at his scales like the worst massage imaginable. She started from his back and worked up towards his shoulders and neck then traced it down across the spine and around his tail and buttocks. The tail was one of the more important parts as it was an extension of the spine, however, his curled up form made it look a bit odd. For Lara at the very least, she never worked with a Kah'Saun so this was a first which made her a bit unsure and awkward. Thankfully the visor's augmented reality was more than enough to tell her she was on the right track.

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  3. [​IMG]
    Location: Unity Fighters HQ
    Time: Late Afternoon
    Interactions: Clo
    Walking through the halls of the hall, Allie remained largely quiet as her and Clo walked with determination. The Heads weren't going to be happy with the news and a swelling of discomfort was lodged in Allie's gut. It was obvious what to do - at least in her mind. They should storm the ceremony with as much force as possible and hopefully intimidate them into revealing the true extent of their schemes. However, she got the damning feeling the Heads would not want to be so heavy handed. She had faith in Clo, at least.

    "Seems they're already in a meeting," Allie said, puffing her cheeks out as she stood in front a door which led to a large chamber room used for meetings of importance. "You wanna knock or should I?" Allie asked, further.
  4. No we can't achieve world peace. Not while people like Castro, Chavez, Gadaffi and that dude who's president of Iran whom I can't spell his name are still alive.

    People ARE pricks. No, not all of us, some humans are great, those humans aren't politicians and hold no power over anyone, nice people don't count.

    And FYI people kill each other more now, all that nasty wars stuff, like in Gaza and Kirgistan, FARC kidnapping kids in Colombia for the past 50 years and the mexican drug wars, since I don't feel like making this short by saying "lol wuts ethnic cleansin rite???? africa is full of lions!"

    Oh and crimes aren't getting any lower, at least not in here, or, the rest of the world.

    Also, we're better here because we have time to think what we're going to say, and we don't need to look at someone else, so we don't account for the way they look and think and everything. Also, there's no edit buttons in real life, no care for how it comes out because we can change it, and we don't get judged by petty reasons besides how verbose you are.
  5. Simply not possible given the current state of things; the extreme (social and/or economic) inequality that exists in the world - even in the world of the 21st century - would have to be wiped out, which would involve far too many powerful (socially and/or economically) people losing far too much of said (social and/or economic) power for that to be even considered feasible.
  6. Not So Cold Blooded...

    Sev also had a focused, analytical way of judging things... though he cheated. Didn't need to see faces to judge reactions. A person's "ghost" never hid anything. And he had all three eyes open. So he couldn't help but see what Doctor C'eira felt about his snot. However, to also give him credit, he didn't tar himself, either. Simply made a mental note not to sneeze on the ship's doctor again, then just gave her a slight grin, without added sheep, as she looked into his eyes. Also quite glad it hadn't come out the other end, though it probably would, some time in the next twenty or so minutes. If lucky, closer to an hour. He'd at least made sure not to eat a big meal just before the techs at Euphrates Station induced his hibernation state...

    ... then mistakenly froze him.

    Fortunately, his hibernation state had kept the cryo from causing... well, Sev thought of more pleasant things. Possibilities now just "water under the bridge". No harm done. He'd feel grody for a bit, yes. Till everything was expunged, including the detritus from his hiber-exfoliation.

    Nothing more refreshing than a hot shower!

    Hot water and lather, very good at removing dead skin. Hopefully, with a couple of heavy duty lufas. And a bath brush. Hopefully.......

    ....... yes, very glad to be alive. And warm-blooded. And not...

    ... Hnnnnnrrrrr!

    Sev had just wiped the end of his muzzle with the offered towel. Followed instructions to "lean down". So now, yes, under the tender ministrations of the recovery bed, he couldn't help but feel quite... gooooood. And quite conversational...

    ... "Hnnnnn... strange word, that... if you... you've gotten rid of your bed, it would be very hard to lie in it." His own words, his conversational bend, triggered by the end of his therapy. By the "afterglow" he always felt after going through this recovery process...

    ... "Yes, I feel quite well done. A dash of salt and pepper, a bottle of white wine... candle light... a single red rose... perfect." He gave Lara a toothy grin as he almost melted off the recovery bed, down on all fours, sub-arms tucked to chest. A few steps, then he shook himself, stretched in languid cat-fashion, then gave himself a look-over, mane and quills ruffled, ears down and back, tail a-twitch as his tongue stuck out for the third time...

    ... "At least it will be, soon as I bathe off this old birthday suit."

    His grin subdued, quills down as ears perked forwards, bright, intense eyes locked on hers...

    ... "I could use some help..."

    Indeed so. Even after displaying such remarkable flexibility during his stretch, there would be spots quite difficult to reach.

  7. There will always be those who wish to rattle sabers and the march of thousands of boots has always, and will always stir the blood but when two people RATIONAL talk its will always be, "Hey they're just like us. We don't need to listen to those that tell us to kill, we don't need to take their shit." Militaries will never disappear BUT I believe it was Washington the believed that a militia would be enough to defend a country while standing armies are to tempting to use. We have a global culture forming as people on opposite ends on the earth share ideas ans pieces of themselves now while I do believe the star trek style space hippie communist federation will never come to be something a lot like it may emerge. Just as TV ended the romanticism of war so too may the internet show us we're all just people.
  8. I think at the end of the day this does kinda depend on what we define as war. There will always be people rattling the cages, and humanity will always have an antagonist, we seem to like that. I mean do a few rebels count as war? I guess it's hard to ask this sort of thing without really being able to set too many boundaries.

    Personally I believe humans are capable of this. However whether we'll achieve it is a different matter.

    Then again some scientists think that in 50 years time we'll be able to download people's consciousnesses into computers.. so we'll all be living in giant MMORPG. I'll set up the Iwaku World server and will be jumping around it. so you know. ;D
  9. And 50 years ago scientists said that we'd all be lounging around on hoverchairs served my robots on mars.
  10. Yeah but noone saw the internet coming =P

  11. World Peace won't turn out the way we see it as, now. Think of all the science journals back then, and the prospects of future wonders through naive eyes. I don't think World Peace = utopia, just yet. >:J

    Humans are just... like that.
  12. Arthur smiled* “I’d put some wards on the child but it isn’t exactly healthy for death to be so close to an unborn child.”

    Alexander bit on her ear lightly as his hands caressed her thighs*
  13. In my life, violence has always been a symptom of fear.

    If I understand people, I love them. Hatred is just a lazy way to assume the worst in people and thus make yourself feel better.

    If I was braver, I wouldn't hide behind hatred and self-righteousness.

    And to remove the fear from my life, all I need is a little love and a little reassurance of my purpose.

    The bottom line, as far as I see it, is that we are ALL born with a fundamental goodness, and if that can be isolated and reinforced then utopia is possible.
  14. Communism failed because power corrupts....

    What we're talking about here is a peaceful serge from the masses, not any one man. Men are corruptible, entire races, much more difficultly so.
  15. Hey guys, hows about we have a culture where everyone takes care of themselves and we only take from the earth what we REALLY need while always leaving behind enough so that it can multiply for others to use for when THEY need it :D

    ...OH RIGHT.


    To me, world peace seems like a really creepy concept. I think it wouldn't come without some really serious costs...But then again, I come from a people whose major identifying trait was to make war and do battle. So, yeah.

  16. then you're not talking sense vay-brah.

    a peaceful surge from the masses has been tried before, they get met by gun lines from those in power, or ignored and ridiculed.

    and i am faamiliar with your wuote
    "power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely" and it is indeed true.
  17. we rely need world peace
  18. Never happened on a global scale before. Though yes, if history has taught us anything its that those in power never give it up easily.

    One of the saddest and truest lines ever written.
  19. world peace is possible. but it is also possible that we're in the wrong world.

    *edits out the long explanation and leaves the post like this*