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I'm new to this, so if it sucks, please bare with me!

Basically, what's going on is that there are two kingdoms:
Kingdom of Weres
Kingdom of Blood

The Kingdom of Blood is for Vampires, the long-time rival of Weres. You may be in either Kingdom.

So, what's going on is that the Kingdom of Blood wants to take over the other Kingdom. Their King also wants to marry the Queen of the Were Kingdom.

So, obviously there will be a war at some point.

Here are my characters (I'm playing multiple characters):

Kingdom of Weres

Matsuda (also known by Matty or Mat)
17 years old
black hair
dark grey eyes
Was orphaned at the age of five. She was raised by her older brother Fabio. After a great battle, the old king was killed. As reward for her great braver and strength in the battle, she was made the new queen. She has proven to be an effective leader, even at her young age.

22 years old
black hair
lighter grey eyes
Even though he was only ten when they were orphaned, he raised his sister. He joined the military, but disappeared for a while. He came back as a mercenary, although now he is Matsuda's strongest, most trusted warrior. No one knows what happened or why he disappeared, it's a secret he may take to his grave

Kingdom of Blood

18 years old
red hair
green eyes
He's the king of the Kingdom of Blood. A pampered palace brat, he rose to power through blood-line. Although and efficient leader, he is known to be quite cruel when things aren't done right.

18 years old
1/2 vampire 1/2 WereEagle
brown hair
brown eyes
Born from a forbidden relationship, he was raised by his father as a Vampire. Never having known his mother, he doesn't know of his Were side. He does, however, know that he is different from other Vampires. He is now Lavi's right-hand man.

Were Classifications

WereTigers are the rarest kind, but also one of the strongest. In battle they go right behind the front-line. (since they're rare we can't have too many of them)

WereEagles. Because WereEagles have the best sight, they are always trained as archers. They are also trained as sword-fighters, in case of close combat.

WereBears. Being the strongest sort of Were they go in the front-line during battle.

WereCheetahs. The fastes. They go behind the WereTigers, and when the enemy approaches they race forward and attack first.

All other Weres stand behind the WereCheetahs or, depending on their ability and the enemy, they may go near the front-line.

Other Info:

All Were's are trained to fight with swords, daggers, etc. In case they have to go into their human form during battle. Their battle gear is made to not tear off when they transform (or fall off, depends what you transform into).

Though smaller than most Weres (in were form) Vampires have the benefit of extreme speed and strength. They are a deadly enemy, and have killed many Weres before.

There is a dense forest in between the two Kingdom's.

If you want to make up a new kingdom for humans or so, ask me please :) You can be the leader of that kingdom and make an alliance with the other kingdom of your choice. what you need to do. Post character profiles, ask questions, think up more plot-lines (the only set plot we have is a war). And when we're ready, I'll make a thread in the Fantasy RP section. (Right? that's what we do?)
An excellent setup and idea! >:3 (Yes you're doing it right! XD)

I'll see about adverspamming and sending some players your way. >:3
I'm joining! It might be helpful to potential players if you had a Character sheet skeleton for them to copy-paste. Judging from the ones you have it would be like this, I think.


Alright, So you have some good conflict going on already. The Kingdom of Blood is pushing for a takeover of their rivals, The Kingdom of Weres. The ultimate battle for power is at hand, but wait...there is more! Lavi, The King of the Kingdom of Blood wants to marry the Queen, Matsuda of the Werewolves!? Think I got that right?

Anyway, here is an idea I had.

Lavi's love is a well kept secret? As Lavi would no doubt be outcast if he was found to be in love with the enemy, and the QUEEN no less! Possibly he is just madly in love with her, but she doesn't love him OR Maybe the queen doesn't know about it and is in love with him as well (Possibly both?) And Lavi wishes to decimate her Kingdom, in turn forcing her to marry him? (And possibly turning her into a Vamp in the process?) I think that would make a cool twist. Let me know what you think?

Also. My Were knowledge is a little less than my Vampire knowledge, so I'll play a Vampire : )

If there is a specific role you want filled, just let me know and I can re-do my sheet.

Name: Krom

Age: 23

Race: Vampire

Appearance: Dark auburn hair that appears black unless in direct sunlight. Grayish blue eyes set deep within blackened sockets. 6 foot even and weighing 175lbs. Krom had a skinny frame and medium well toned build. Over his left eye, just under the temple is a scar that runs to his chin. He got it just before he was turned to the darkness, so it stayed with him. He has a well formed set of teeth, but is rarely caught smiling. His dress is usually that of fine suits and pin-striped pants and coats. He likes to stay classy, even during battle.

Born to blood at the age of 23, Krom took on the life of a dark-one and adapted to it quicker than most. He is a bit sadistic, often times playing the humans he kills before sucking them dry. Krom has allegiance to the Kingdom of Blood, but at the same time keeps himself at arms length from everyone, including the King. He has no immediate family, and is believed to be the bastard son of a fisherman who died many years ago. Krom despises Weres, this is the only things that keeps him so loyal to the Kingdom of Blood. He would gladly die if given the chance to kill those "wretched, glorified dogs".
That's a good idea you have there, I believe the only one who should know Lavi's secret is Gwizdo. Of course Gwizdo won't tell. Turning her into a vampire would be an epic twist.

Thanks for joining, and the ideas :)
NP, man. I enjoy any RP that has 'Epic War' on the horizon!

Glad you could use the Idea, too.
Haha, who doesn't love an epic war? XD
I'll join up. It might be a little while before I can get a character up.
I need stuff that leads up to the war: evil-plotting, training, etc.
Also, I haven't thought of what happened to Fabio when he disappeared.
If you have ideas, just throw them out there :)
Well, you could have the two tie in? That would make for some interesting drama/ war build-up. Possibly the Vamps have something to do with his disappearance? Maybe they killed him? Maybe they turned him and he is too ashamed to return home? Maybe he was caught spying and is being held prisoner?

Just some thoughts.

As for the war. You could have it be a territorial thing, seems to be a popular reason for war.
*peers through the window*

I... may actually have an idea or two for this.

What's the system of rule in the Kingdom of Weres? Is it a clan-like system, with different tribes/groups with their own leaders who serve the Queen? Plenty of room for clan politics and intrigue if this is the case.

I imagine the Kingdom of Blood works like the feudal system; king on top with authority moving down a pyramid chain. There's a lot of room in there for court politics and backstabbing plot-lines; hell, Game of Thrones is a TV series built on that concept.
I think the Weres work like...the US Queen=President and rather than a governor for each state, a governor for each different type of Were. The governors respond directly to the Queen, I believe it is as you say, Grumpy, only I put it in different words :)

As for Fabio, maybe he could be caught spying, brainwashed, and returned? Being brainwashed, he's secretly working for the vampires to look for any weaknesses. Later during war, it would be dramatic, they could "trigger" him, and he'd start fighting for the vamps.
Name: Relmok Snipe

Age: 19

Race: Were-crow (Sub-species of Were-Eagle).

Appearance: Wings as black as a lightless night and hair just as dark sets this man apart from other Weres. His skin is pale but his dark eyes are sharp, able to spot a coin miles away. Or pinpoint the apple that was to be shot off of Old Guard Mel's head as he slept at his post. Long limbs, and a skinny frame, as well as fingers which seem perfect for picking a pocket, tells that he should not be trusted around open bags of money.

Bio: The Snipe, a near mythical outlaw whose tales are spread in protortion with the ammount of wine and ale consumed. It is said that he is a master of magick, able to stop time in order to steal gems of great value from guarded vaults. It is said he carries twenty four arrows, and his quiver holes twenty five men's lives. It is said that he once even stole the Queen's heart at a young age but left, with sorrow in his heart in order to remove a corrupt governer.

Which of course, is just poppy-cock. Well, all except for the bare idea of the last, and it was more in reverse than anything else. In reality, the man who would be called the Snipe, was just a street rat, a war orphan of the last conflict between the Weres and the humans. That particular human kingdom fell, though it nearly wiped out the Were-Crows, close relatives to the Were-Eagles, leaving only a few left, ammoung them a boy who went by the name Relmok.

The true details, or even the grand plot, that drove Relmok on the path to becoming the Snipe is one that not even he is sure about. One thing is for sure, he had met the future Queen and was instantly enamored. That isn't to say he was sucessful, no. The first time he tried to approach her, a guard mistook him for a vampire and let loose a crossbow bolt, causing him to be grounded for a few days while the hole in his wing healed. Eventually though, he managed to approach the queen and (by not rambleing on like an idiot,) becames friends with her, a friendship that helped form the Snipe.

How? Well, thats another story.
*takes a running jump and breaks through the window*

Alright, I think I have something for this.


The Spire, a vast, twisting mountain that reaches high up into the sky of the world, it's peak hidden in the clouds and rarely visible from the lands below. From it's peak it is said one can almost touch the moon. Covered in ice and snow all year round, it has a vicious reputation; the cold weather has claimed many a life over the years, as have the wild creatures who inhabit parts of it.

Only one group of shapeshifters choose to inhabit this inhospitable mountain; the White Spire Dancers. The werewolves of the world, or 'Uratha' in their own tongue, are an elusive group, with their own customs and traditions that keep them very separate from the rest of the kingdom. Though commonly distrustful of outsiders and other shifters, some of other species do come to live amongst them due to the old faiths they follow; many a werebear calls their caves in the Spire home.

The White Spire Dancers are essentially a religious fundamentalist order; they follow an ancient faith that still survives from long ago. From the peak of the Spire they worship Mother Moon, who gave birth to the world and created the shapeshifters (known as 'Gaorou' in their language) to guard it. They carry out rituals during the various stages of the moon as it moves across the sky; for example they hold a ceremony on Half-Moon and another on Full-Moon, each involving intricate dances of war from which the clan gets it's name.

As well as Mother Moon, the Dancers in White believe in another God, this one the Moon's antithesis; the Lurker in Blackness, buried deep below the Earth and who schemes to steal the world from Mother Moon and plunge it into chaos and turmoil. They believe the vampires of the Kingdom of Blood are the servants of the Lurker, and thus hate the creatures of the night with a fiery passion.

The rest of the Shapeshifter kingdom sees the White Spire Dancers as elusive and dangerous cultists and have little to do with the clan, which suits the Dancers just fine.

Secretly, however, they have begun a plot to assist in triggering a war between the shapeshifters and the Kingdom of Blood, hoping to bring about a great crusade to destroy the servants of the Lurker in Blackness.[/size]

[size=+1][size=+2]Name:[/size] Jormungandir (meaning 'Father White' in the old tongue)
[size=+2]Age:[/size] 56
[size=+2]Role:[/size] Clan-leader of the White Spire Dancers
[size=+2]Race:[/size] Werewolf
[size=+2]Biography:[/size] Jormungandir is a warrior through and through; born from a proud line he was raised to carry out great deeds in the name of Mother Moon. With the passing of the old clan-leader more than two decades ago, he was chosen to lead the White Spire Dancers.

Father White views much of his fellow shapeshifters poorly, believing that they have forsaken their God by turning away from the worship of Mother Moon over the years. That they treat with the envoys of the Kingdom of Blood fills him with outright disgust. Reading the scriptures of Mother Moon he believes that the 'Time of Darkness', when the Lurker will rise from the earth to devour the sun and plunge the world into eternal night, is soon at hand, and plans to manipulate the Shapeshifter Kingdom against the vampires.[/size]

[size=+1][size=+2]Name:[/size] Melisandre
[size=+2]Age:[/size] 23
[size=+2]Role:[/size] Seeress of the White Spire Dancers
[size=+2]Race:[/size] Werewolf
[size=+2]Biography:[/size] If Jormungandir is the tactical and political leader of the White Spire Dancers, then Melisandre is the religious and spiritual leader. The current seeress of the clan, she leads the religious ceremonies that worship Mother Moon as she progresses across the sky and serves as a religious figurehead for the old faith.

Daughter of Father White, Melisandre has been raised for the role of seeress her entire life and has taken to it with great enthusiasm. No-one, not even her father, predicted her innate ability in the political theater, however. Wielding her faith like a weapon to beat down those who would stand against the Dancers in White, she has left a fearful and lasting impression amongst the rest of the Kingdom for her ruthless political maneuvering.

Like her father, the Seeress believes that the time when the Lurker shall return is coming soon; unlike her father, however, she believes that His return can be stopped if His earthly servants, the vampires, are destroyed.[/size]

So, that's about it. In essence, these are the werewolves of the world, a bunch of xenophobic religious fundamentalists who worship the moon from the peak of a stupidly tall mountain and who believe vampires to be the agents of a dark Cthonic God.

I'll flesh this out more as time goes on, but I think I've got the jist of it all across. Let me know if this is okay or not.
That sounds awesome!

It sounds epic and...I dunno any other words

But yeah, epic and awesome! :D

Glad you like.

Another character up; will probably only add one other, some sort of military lieutenant figure to Father White.