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  1. Hey, I'm just wondering who would join a wow role-play if I made one..?
  2. I would, if there was a solid idea.
  3. Yeah, I'm still thinking it through and everything.. Do you know of any other people that would be interested in joining..?
  4. I'd be interested, want to do some world building/plot writing?
  5. I was thinking of using the modern map and rulers..? Or would you guys like it to be more modified and original?

    I actually have a few plots I can toss at you guys. But I think it might depend on what we plan to play, Alliance or Horde. Personally I'd like to try something that forces both sides to work together. That way we don't strict people to one side or the other.
  7. Actually, that's a really good idea.. I was thinking about making this a big deal and stuff. Does anyone else know of any wow players who would also be interested in joining..?

    And Zizi, what other plots and ideas did you have in mind?
  8. Well I have a few options.

    1) This takes place during Warcraft 3. We play a group that lives through those events. Or we at least use those as a back ground to our own adventure. Zombies adventure anyone?

    2) A traveling merchant comes across a dying traveler whom gives her/him and egg. Telling them to keep it safe at all costs. Dying man turns out to be a red dragon and the egg is the only true born black dragon to be born in since Death Wing went insane. The red dragon believes this hatchling will be the new aspect of Earth, aka replacing its father Death Wing. Mean while they are relentlessly hunted by both the black dragon flight and blue dragon flight, whom have sworn to kill every black dragon. (This was created before I found out that Thrall became the Earth Aspect and before I knew Wrathion existed. -_-)

    3) ANYTHING WITH OLD GODS. Because they seem to be the root of most evils in Azeroth. Maybe the group has to stop more crazed trolls from summoning Hakkar back to the world and find that he was only the beginning.

    ... I swear I had more plots but I lost the lil paper I had with all my various plot ideas.
  9. Or like.. Maybe the Dead Scar spreads and eventually passes through almost all of Azeroth..? And the sides have to combine to kill it off..? I dunno
  10. Actually both sides did have to work together! :D It's my favorite part of WoW lore because both sides put their differences down and worked together to defeat the scourge. The battle at Mount Hyjal being the epic end battle. ;_; SO MUCH FEELS.

    Is a quick run down of what happened in the game. Anyways I was thinking we'd either start on Strathholm or Lordaeron. Or maybe somewhere else... I donno haha. Then yes we'd end up in Quel'Thalas with Silvermoon being nearly destroyed. The Dead Scar isn't really a thing but where the scourge walked. Where ever the scourge walked turns to death and is corrupted. :C
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