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  1. The strong orcish city of Orgrimmar was busy at work. Repairs were in order after full-scale assault that was launched while Garrosh was still in power, holed up deep within the hidden underground foundries he had created. The new Warchief Vol'jin ordered that new grunts be trained as well, as significant signs of corruption were seen in Garrosh's personal guard, the Kor'kron Elite. Orcs could be heard grunting throughout the Valley of Strength, coming from both peons, trainees, and trainers alike. The ones on break would always meet up at the Inn for a drink, and one Goblin saw this as an opportunity. It was the perfect place to recruit a task force of her own! In an Azeroth with Venture Company selling themselves out to the Iron Horde for a sack of gold, and the Trade Prince Gallywix throwing his riches around more often than a drunken Dwarf playing the auction house, she had to do something extraordinary to save the Goblin name.

    Unfortunately, she hadn't found much luck with any of the peons, and the Tauren she found herself with seemed more interested pleasure than business. The Goblin found herself mentally face-palming after every one of his numb-skulled responses.

    "Look, buddy, you wanna make some cash or not? There's so much to be found beneath Wintergrasp that those Everlook dorks are sitting on top of! We could be rich!" she exasperated. The Tauren just chuckled a reached a hand out.

    "They can have those ridiculous artifacts; I've got the one treasure I need right in front of me." spoke the calico Tauren. A slight smirk extended across his stout muzzle.

    The Gobiln quickly swatted his fat hand away with a huff. "Hey, cool the jets cow-boy! I already told you I ain't interested!" she shouted with a fold of her arms. "I'm not settling down with some Tauren I just met while there's gold to be made. Time is money!"
  2. Grom sighed deeply as he entered the Inn, his axe had felled many dummies and his arms ached slightly from the exertion
    Training warriors was an exhausting task, to say the least, and the smell of alcohol and smoke was very welcoming
    He could hear drunken laughter and a few punches being thrown, and in the background, the sound of Gamon, the local Tauren trying to flirt with someone...

    Someone with a high pitched voice and the mention of money to be made
    A goblin by all signs so far

    Little green lady seemed to be having a hard time with the, both figuratively and literally, horny man

    "Eh, Gamon, I think you've had one too many drinks friend...that's not an Orc, she's 3 feet tall..."

    All things considered...she was a rather fetching lass...

    But, as he'd said, she was a goblin...only interested in gold and tinkering, by nature they were simple things

    "So...I heard there was gold to be made" he says to the tiny green girl bluntly "Speak"
  3. As Grom stepped in and addressed him, Gamon turned his head around slowly to view the Orc. After his words set in, he looked towards the Goblin again, who now wore a smug grin. Gamon huffed while he stood, silently turning away and heading off to seat himself at another end of the Inn. The Goblin turned to look at Grom not long after Gamon had retreated.

    "Oh man, you're a lifesaver! Who-" she loudly praised him, even though she was cut short by his indirect questioning. She retained her smile nonetheless. "Ohhh, you were listenin' in were ya? Haha, well, I'm lookin' to hire a team to go digging around Azeroth. You know, magic artifacts, and all that jazz."
  4. "I'm all the 'Team' you need lass...I was head of Thrall's headhunters for years..." he says proudly, displaying his badge with honor "I'm basically a one man army...where are you planning on searching for relics anyway?" he asks with a slight look of curiosity

    He couldn't imagine where a goblin would go to seek wealth in magical artifacts "Some old gnome compound?" he asks, taking a stab in the dark
    He knew that there were others who used magic and technology, he'd seen proof of this in Nothrend plenty of times, but he never actually found out who had constructed these things...

    Maybe it was an ancient place, like Ulduar? Filled with ancient and advanced technology, like that he'd seen when there for his brief time?
  5. "Well...that's good! are the only team I have." she added; her grin softening into a sheepish smile. "But uh...oh, I was planning on searching alotta places!" The Goblin then pulled out a a good-sized list and began to read off of it. "Wintergrasp, Darkshore, Blackfathom Depths, Feralas, Scholomance, Stratholme, Tirisfal Glades, the Ghostlands, Uldaman, Karazhan...ooh, yeah, Ulduar sounds good too..." The Goblin soon stopped herself after listing off so many locations. "But, er, I'm sure we could make do with less. The name's Fizzy, by the way." she stated, extending her hand out towards him. "And you would be Mister...?"
  6. "Grom" he says rather bluntly "Pleasure" he adds, a moot gesture of respect, generally not afforded by orcs, even when referring to someone with a level of respect
    " listed off a lot of places there" he says with a slight nod "How you planning on moving from place to place...because I do not buy into that Wormhole Generator stuff..." he mutters "Some dangerous stuff goes into those...and I've been dumped into dragon nests by em...don't like...em not at all"

    He had grown to hate a lot of tech, Jumper Cables, Wormhole Generators, Jetpacks...all of them seemed to fail around him, and even using a zeppelin was a challenge for him sometimes
  7. "Grom, eh? Ain't that the name of Garrosh's dad?" Fizzy questioned, but she didn't dwell on her question long. She flicked her wrist while she dismissed the topic. "Ah, whatever, it's good to have ya aboard! And don't worry, I've never touched a wormhole in my life. I prefer flyin' alot more." she said with a smirk. "Hope you aren't afraid 'a heights, 'cause I got my own personal flying machine, and we might as well use it since there's only the two of us. No use in renting out a zepplin."

    Did this Goblin like the sound of her voice or what? Not even a Priest could silence this loudmouth. "So, I suggest you pack your things. We shove off at dawn tomorrow!"

    "Be sure to bring a weapon or two."
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  8. Grom nodded a little in regard to her question, it was where his dad had gotten the name from, after all, but he was no Mag'har, and certainly not some traitorous Hellscream. He had honor, and integrity, and above all, loyalty to Thrall. He never wanted to serve under Garrosh, nor did he like serving under this new troll...but he would tolerate it for now
    He had time to take part in these treasure he couldn't complain too much about this stuff

    He chuckles a little at her comments and nods "I'll bring enough weapons" he says, ignoring her comment about a flying machine. He had no will to ride one but eh...if he had to, he would
    He'd have prefered a windrider, but at this point, the gold and company of a lady like her would be appreciated
  9. Fizzy grinned at his answer and clapped her hands together. "That's the spirit! Say, we got lotsa time to kill, how 'bout we grab a couple drinks to celebrate? I'll pay!"
  10. "Sounds like a long as you allow me to repay you in some way" he says with a small chuckle "Be it with a drink at a later date, favors of the nature Gamon was offering, or something else...I owe you one" he says with a smile, taking a seat at the bar and waiting for the smaller green woman to join him
  11. Fizzy chuckled while she pat Grom's forearm and walked past him, hopping up onto one of the bar-stools afterwards. "You got it champ."
  12. He smiles a little and turns to her with a slight chuckle "You's rare to see a goblin spending money on someone willingly...something wrong?"
    He'd never seen a goblin offer to buy drinks before...he'd seen them stealing money from drunks, and half expected her to get him drunk and steal his gold...

    But it was a risk he just had to take, he had enough gold in the vault back in the bank anyway
  13. "Aww, c'mon, give a gal some slack here. I ain't some two-timin' backstabber like them beggars in the slums, honest." she pleaded. Fizzy seemed to be of sound morals, though, so do all goblins before they cheat you out of a deal.

    <Time-skip time>
  14. <Early in the morning, the next day>

    The goblin and her beefy colleague trudged down the dusty path that connected Orgrimmar to Azshara, their eyes hazily looking ahead in their drowsy state. They had only woken up naught half an hour ago, and packed up all their things before heading off to the zepplin station sitting atop the spires of the brutish dwelling. They had just come from her humble piece of Azshara. After the naga and their sea giants had been cleared out by her relatives, both close and far, the place had been named goblin territory, and many received a patch of it.

    Grom was stuck with all of the luggage, as Fizzy had made some last-minute persuading, saying that he was much more fit to carry it all around than she was. Due to her size, and his muscle-mass, it was a tough proposition to argue against. The promise of a little extra pay never hurt, either. They soon both stepped into the clockwork elevator as it came down before them. It wasn't long before they were sliding slowly upwards.

    "So..." Fizzy yawned, with her speech slurred. Clearly, she wasn't a morning person. "You ready to pay sweet ol' Lordaeron a visit?"
  15. Grom manages a small grunt in response, being the man of few words he was, he didn't like to waffle on when he didn't need to, he said what needed to be said, and left the small talk for later
    He wasn't at all afraid of what they'd face out in the places where they were heading, he was more scared of his partner's crazy machines and habit of tinkering
    "And...just to be'e not gonna try and...fix...anything when we head out to Ulduar and the surrounding Titan machines...right? I don't wanna go back to the Engine of the Makers, just so you can fiddle with the damn tech down there..."
  16. "Pff...puh-lease, I can leave that to those bignose gnomes and dwarves. I'm lookin' for stuff to sell, not reclaim." she answered. "All that jazz comes after I make the money." The elevator came to a stop shortly, and the goblin stepped off. Many of the other denizens went about their daily routines throughout the zeppelin station, and Orgrimmar's many thorned barricades. The men and women who worked the day shift were still shuffling into their positions, and the zeppelin crews had to work double-time to cater to those who worked out of the city. The goblin criers called out each zeppelin's arrival and departure, and as the two were making their way up to the docking stations, their ride was called.

    "The Thundercaller has just arrived! All aboard for smooth sailing all the way to Tirisfal Glades!"

    Fizzy made no attempt to hurry Grom up, as the morning rides never departed shortly after arriving, since the amount of passengers they received always kept them docked awhile longer. As such, once they reached the top, their zeppelin was waiting for them. They had to wait through the other passengers first; many of whom had an air of ambiguity about them. Many of them were hooded, and some of them clearly armed. They were all Forsaken, and the ones who weren't, were dressed in the Knights of the Ebon Blade's standard plate uniform. There was the odd Blood Elf, and Orc; both of whom shared Fizzy's current sense of anxiety. The Thundercaller's crew was no exception. The Forsaken were common passengers of the Thundercaller, though this many death knights in one place was bound to raise a few eyebrows.

    The ship's captain, Cloudkicker, ordered the vessel's departure regardless. "Alright, let's bring this baby off the docks Mr. Copperpot!"

    The other female goblin aboard responded. She was dressed in similar attire to Cloudkicker's; a flat blue vest over a simple linen shirt. "Can do. And, for the tenth time, it's Mrs. Coppernut, sir."

    "Yeah, yeah, whatever Mrs. Brassbolts."

    Coppernut sighed and brought the orders below deck, and before long, they were soaring far away from Durotar.
  17. "Lot of Ebon about today" Grom mutters to his partner, not wishing to bring his current state of alertness to their attention, he didn't like to see large clusters of anyone in one place, be it Ebon Blade, Argent Dawn or even Laughing Skull, he didn't like to see clusters of any group, be they good or evil, there was always some room for a group of defectors to break away from a well meaning faction, wear their colors and commit horrible atrocities
    He'd seen it done before, but that was a story for another time

    He shuffled a little, keeping his hand on the hilt of his sword as he stood, about as casually as an 8 foot tall mountain of green muscle could stand, next to his tiny goblin companion "So...Fizzy, may I ask what makes you think that we'll be finding anything even remotely valuable in these places...they've all been cleaned out by raiding parties by now...everything not bolted down was gone within a few days, the stuff that was followed within the next few weeks...we're not stealing chunks of cement now, are we?"
  18. " said it..." she responded. None of the lifeless passengers aboard turned their heads in response to their quick swapping of thoughts. The only other two living patrons glanced towards them though, as if to silently tell them the same thing. The orc was taking it better than the elf, however. One could practically see the sweat beading down her face. After all, they had been one of the nations to be hit hardest by the Scourge. Fizzy realigned herself after gawking at everyone across the zeppelin. The presence of the goblin crew kept her calm enough.

    Her large ears perked up as Grom spoke up again. She chuckled and tapped her head. "Goblin intuition, Grom. All the dunderheads that've run through those places don't know where the good stuff's at. We ain't leaving a single expedition empty-handed, I can assure you."

    One of the hooded Forsaken grumbled out a laugh. Another one shut him up with a swift blow to the head. Sure enough, there wasn't another peep out of him for the rest of the trip.
  19. "'re telling me...I'm risking my neck on your gut feeling?" he asks, chuckling a little "Then I guess your guts had better be right about all this, it's not gonna be cheap to feed and arm myself through these expeditions...I'd better be getting something out of it all" he grumbles with a wide smile
    He trusted her enough to be bringing in something at the end of this all, even if it was only a little money, it was almost assured to be making him a profit
    He smiles a little at the elf and nods a small greeting "How's that Dead Scar treating ya?" he asks with a smirk, looking over to the undead as if to let them in on the joke "I'm sure that once your island gets its beauty sleep, that it'll be quite alright"

    He had to stop himself from taunting the male further, he didn't need a fight to break out, after all
  20. The Blood Elf turned her head to ogle at Grom during his blatant insult. She huffed and folded her metal-bound arms, looking off into the sky, just so she wouldn't have to look at him. Her attire was stained two shades of red; the colour of paint, and the colour of blood. It was clear that she held a high rank within the Sin'dorei military, as the initiates often wore green instead. This was punctuated by her ornate greatsword, with a cross-guard in the form of two golden wings outspread proudly, and a glimmering crystal planted into the end of the blade which glowed with holy power. After Kael'Thas had formed the Blood Knights and departed for Outland, it was rare to see a Blood Elf who held onto his or her virtues long enough to remain a paladin to this day. They were a true testament to how unimaginable willpower had kept even a portion of their nation from succumbing to the Legion's embrace.

    Hers wasn't the only head that turned at Grom's quip, either. One of the hooded knights, the tallest, and the one the rest followed behind, glanced at him from beneath his cowl. Although the knight didn't hold his gaze long, it was enough to let Grom know. One of the other death knights laughed at his joke, however. From the looks of him, it was a troll who laughed. The leader swiftly knocked the sense into him as well. Fizzy nudged Grom and whispered to him. "I'd keep any jokes to myself if I were you..."
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