World of Warcraft Style (Looking for M/ Mostly Plot)

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  1. Those of you who I have peaked some interest I want to clarify that when I say World of Warcraft I do not mean directly from the game itself. I just want a good fantasy based as I role-play an elf. Now you can be whomever you want. Either an evil overlord who captures my character or a fellow elf, or whatever you decide to create. Let your imagination run wild.

    No One-liners
    Proper grammar and English
    Use your imagination- we are partners we are both developing this together if you have an idea run with it. I'm not a GM
    This isn't closed to the first so all who are interested feel free to post to this thread or message me.
    More plot than sex- Sex gets boring if that's all there is cause in reality there's only so much you can do when writing it

    My character:
    Name: Citrine Callon
    Age: 23
    Personality: Citrine is a very independent woman. She was the daughter of the Clan leader. In respect to her birthright she always cared and watched over others with a soft heart. She always yearned to learn new things which meant she knew many languages and various ways to create or destroy things.

    Citrine was once betrothed to the Healer's son, but the night before they were to be wed he was killed in a hunting accident. This caused Citrine to make sure everyone was properly trained before leaving the clan grounds trained.

    Abilities- Adept at languages and knowledge, can tell the difference between poisons and healing properties, teacher for future hunters

  2. I'm a sap for generic fantasy settings.

    Feel free to holler at me while I come up with something~.
  3. I think the title you might use is 'high fantasy' to describe the genre you are looking for. Or even just 'Fantasy'. Using WoW is Misleading and it looks like your just trying to get traffic. :) As someone that is looking for WoW RP, this was more than just misleading, it was disappointing to click the thread and see another Anime styled Fantasy pop up. :)

    "Those of you who I have peaked some interest I want to clarify that when I say World of Warcraft I do not mean directly from the game itself..." Makes it look like you were misleading, on purpose to get traffic. :)
  4. No it means I couldn't think of the words to use so went with the closest thing possible. Regardless its a very similar style which if you look at the title I did say style otherwise I would have left that word off. I don't need a lesson I want rpers. If you are not interested walk away from the rp it's not hard. So thanks for the "lesson" and judgement call but it is unwarranted and unwanted. thank you have a wonderful day.
  5. Wow, someone very hostile. Point is here, You'd get more traffic with using Fantasy. There really aren't that many WoW Rp'ers on this site. Most RP via in-game. And Styled, it's still misleading. There are WoW Styled RP's that DO deal with WoW lore and take place at some point in WoW lore. I'm sorry if you didn't know that. So for me, it WAS misleading. So please before getting on your 'hostile' horse, and thinking I'm trying to give you a 'lesson' maybe you should have asked why would someone find the title misleading rather than assuming everyone is trying piss on your parade. :)

    Hope you find that RP partner! Happy RP'ing!
  6. Wouldn't have been hostile except someone thought the only reason to post was to play teacher. I have been roleplaying for years the post is already up and I am stubborn maybe you should wise up a bit because I know people who have used the word style and they knew it was a mere representation. I don't think fantasy is a good enough word for it covers more than just this style. I personally have nothing to do with WOW and hate the game but I do know what I'm looking for is rather similar rather than saying hey I want fantasy which could cover everything from pirates to Harry Potter. I'm happy with my post I am getting rpers out of it and unless you really have anything to say about playing part in the rp I woul;d leave well enough alone and just leave it be.
  7. Maybe High Elven Fantasy? Jus' sayin'! :)
  8. Ladies, ladies.

    This is silly.

    Okay, that is kinda silly to have the title with it then.
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  9. I don't hate the game for the fantasy which is why I chose it. I hate the game for its game play and thats merely it. Look the post is up it doesn't matter what suggestions you have and it still seems to serve its purpose. Now leave it alone and walk away
  10. This so much.

    Okay so I'm done. Have fun folks! Please someone Make sure they jump in on this RP. I would, But I'm full up on High Elven styled Fantasy at the moment!
  11. I was going to roleplay with you, but seeing how you've behaved to some very good advice, not anymore.

    Misleading title, that misdirects some of us that were actually interested in something to do with the warcraft setting, good job, so yea it seems like for someone who's been 'roleplaying for years' you can't come up with anything other then a misleading title to get traffic on your thread, as opposed to a decent plot that can attract attention on it's own merits, and an insanely bad attitude.

    Good luck getting anyone to want to roleplay with you, you're going to desperately need it
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  12. Someone could take both the advice and the attitude she gave as bad as well. I'm not using trafficking I mean seriously what could I gain from that. I asked her to butt out in the first place thanked her for the unneeded advice and was then accused of being hostile, but that's ok because if you really would rather use this ROLEPLAY REQUEST FORM as a means to attack another roleplayer then I wouldn't want to rp with you either.
  13. That's not why I 'attacked' you at all, I was going to give you a chance despite your misleading title, but then you reacted to someone giving you advice on not annoying people by misleading them, with a bad attitude

    I came in this willing to roleplay with you, despite my irritation at being misled, and then saw how you reacted to advice, naturally, that kind of turned me off
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  14. And jumping to conclusions. she came in here with means to attack. Thank you kind sir have a wonderful day
  15. Not to mention neither one of you gave anyone a chance. I will defend myself when being attacked. Any normal person would sure I could have ignored her but then I would look like the puppy with my tail tucked between my legs. You want to give someone a chance you actually try a sample rp. The defending myself does not reflect my rp and it is poor taste for you to say that it was. But that's ok I have a roleplayer already so whomever can delete this damn thing and it can stop insulting you poor souls who get offended by a simple descriptor title.
  16. No one is attacking you. I merely pointed out you would do better at getting traffic if you called your RP what it is. High Fantasy. Because there are going to be folks that will misunderstand your title. I wasn't the only one. So far I know few besides myself and Shadow. If you felt attacked, then I'm sorry that you took it that way. But I don't feel like I was attacking you. I was calling it as I saw it. Misleading to those that are purposely looking for World of Warcraft RP. It's not our fault we can't 'wise up' and deal with your 'stubborn' attitude toward simple advice that wasn't meant to hurt or harm you.

    You claimed that you couldn't find anything better, and yet I gave you something better that would introduce the type of player you are looking for and to those that would have interest. I in no way or shape 'attacked' you or your RP. No one expects you to act like a 'puppy with your tail tucked between yours legs'. But a non-hostile explanation would have gone so much further than acting like an angry child that was being told no.

    The adage you get more with honey than with vinegar even applies to being online and there is a sense of decorum that you failed on that really just makes you look far sillier than you really see yourself. Because If I'm guessing your right, you're always in the belief that your opinion is correct and are unable to see any the problems your title DOES incite on others. It shows a pure lack of maturity upon you and no other.

    I'm very happy that you indeed found what you were hoping to get. Happy RP'ing. :)
  17. Thank you for your apology
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