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  1. Oscar smiles as he walked throughthe town of the third gym leader Korrina and sat ona bench outside the gym smiling. he always loved this gym alot and most of his pokemon faught with her twice. So he decided to see if his roots where just as good before and walked into the gym greeted and told where to go. Oscar came in with his pokemon and sat down as another trainer seemed to be battling right now. hde watched the other trainer and smiles at least he had what it took to defeat the gym leader.

    As the battle was over the Champion of the region came forth smiling "that was a very nice battle there, nice to meet you" he smiles and his gramchomp grunted and nodded arms folded up and sniffed the air slightly. The Zororark stood beside him stareing at the two pokemon slightly and gave a friendly smile and then looked at its trainer and oscar looked at the gym leader that grinned "well i'll be dammned, Oscar what brings you here?" she asked walking over with her pokemon that where tired. the zoroark and the other gym leader pokemon greeted and said hello to one another happily. the gym leader smiles looking at the trainer "i see that you have had alot of trainign with your pokemon. remember do not allow your pokemon to faint or it will not trust you as much. But i am more then happy to present the gym badge" gave it to the trainer smiling gently. Oscar smiles proudly the kid got spunk that was for sure.

    "I was wondering if i could rebattle you actually Korrina" he smiles adn the girl giggled and nodded happily "Alright Oscar you are on"​
  2. The stray bead of sweat rolled down his forehead and continued down the side of his pale cheek, eyebrows furrowed in concentration. This was what he got for taking on this Gym Leader so early, despite the fact that his pokemon were way somewhat under-leveled, compared to Korrina's. Damn this Hawlucha... He breathed out sharply, almost wincing as his Trevenant took another hit from the large bird, it's HP falling low. Lucius muttered under his breathe, staring down at his Pokedex, before commanding Oren to move. "Oren, use Horn Leech and finish this battle!" The brunette ordered, eyes brightening as he watched the Hawlucha fall to the ground, before being returned to it's pokeball.

    The gentle vibration of the pokeball strapped to his hip was the only warning before the powerful fire pokemon freed it-self from the capsule. The Braxien looked at it's trainer with gleeful eyes, before leaping up and down on the spot, letting out triumphant noises. Trevenant simply turned around and nodded slightly, before returning to it's pokeball. Lucius grasped the ball tightly, smiling at it as if he was thanking Oren for his hard work.

    Before he had the time to even place away the red and white object, a masculine voice reached his ears. Blaze ceased his celebration, turning abruptly towards the man. After taking a moment to glance at the newcomer, his hues widened in surprise. It was the Champion.

    Feeling his breathe catch in his throat, Lucius somehow managed remain silent, even after the dark male had stopped speaking. Suddenly becoming aware of this, a light blush of embarrassment coloured his cheeks. "O-oh! Thank you. My name's Lucius, and the pleasure is all mine." The brunette eventually responded, suddenly shooting his free hand down and stroking Blaze's head, remembering that the pokemon had a habit of lashing out at strangers. The Braxien immediately leaned into the boy's touch, a light smile breaking it's monotone expression. Taking a moment to clear his throat, he turned to look at the blonde female who had made her way over.

    Standing silently and with a grin slowly forming on his lips, he listened to Korrina's words, re-strapping Oren's pokeball to his waist in order to receive the Rumble Badge. Happiness sparkled in his grey eyes as he examined the shiny object, before his figure suddenly crouched down to match the height of Blaze. "Look, Blaze! We've got another badge! And it's all red!" Lucius whispered, excitement laced in his voice as the pokemon made a squeal-like sound and clapped it's white hands, grinning wildly. Returning to his original height, he took a look at the two other trainers. "Uhm...Do you two mind if I watch your battle? I-I'm actually really worn out at the moment and I would love to see two trainers of such high standard face off..." Lucius questioned, smiling sheepishly with a faint red dusting his face.​
  3. Oscar laughed gently and nodded as the gym leader grinned "sure you can judge the match." the female smiles as she looked at the pokemon champion "How many pokemon we using ?" she asked slowly and oscar smiles "three will be fine for me" he smiles and the gym leader nodded and swicthed out her pokemon balls to higher leveled pokemon because she needed it to take on Oscar. She smiles as she stood back on her side smiling "hope your ready fr this challenge" she grinned gently eyes glowing with excitment. Oscar grinned gently "pleasure all mine hope your ready" he said as he got his best three pokemon.

    As the trainer said the opening Korrian pulled out her pokemon ball "Go Gogoat" she said as the green grass goat came out snorting and gave astrong bellow. Oscar smiles and took out his pokemon ball "Marco go for it" he said as the pokemon ball split open and out came a Zororark it snarled deeply and roared sharply fangs bared at the gogoat.

    "lets start this up, Gogoat use bulk up and be ready" she said and the goat eyes glowed deeply as well as its body. Oscar smiles gently as his eyes shifted "Marco use screech" he said calmly and the Zororark used a ear pericing screech witch blew the goat backwards slightly and it bellowed right back at them. Korrina knew this was going to happen "Alright Go goat razor leaf now" said slowly and the goat bellows as it threw alot of sharp leaves toward zoroark. Oscar smiles gently "Marco use Night Daze" smiles,

    Night Daze [​IMG]

    Korrina eyes widened "brace yourself" she said to her pokemon. Marco's eyes glowed deep blue and raised its hands up and smashed into the ground creating a massive forcefeild of dark energy and smashed the goat pokemon backwards sharply and the goat fainted. Korrina gasped "well done my pokemon rest up" returns her pokemon to the pokeball. She thinks about it and smiles taking out her next pokemon "Noivern come out" she said as the flying and dragon type pokemon flew in growling at the Challenger ready for a fight. Oscar called back his pokemon and smiles "Teshi come on out" grinned gently as his serviper came out hissed deeply fangs bared ready to go.
  4. Bowing his head respectfully as a response to the two trainers' kindness, the dull eyed male reached down once more. He allowed his hand to linger a small distance in-front of the fire type, who eventually reached up slightly and grasped Lucius's fingers with his noticeably smaller hand. "Thank you." He called out softly, the sound of his voice fading away as quickly as it had appeared. Leading the somewhat short creature away from the battle that was about to happen, he only stopped when they reached a spot which he would deem as safe.

    Sitting down upon the reasonably clean ground that glowed a bright florescent blue, he breathed out a chuckle as Blaze plopped down on his lap not even moments after he had settled down. Shrugging off his grey backpack, he placed to his side as he began to rummage around it, not before he had placed his newly earned badge into a detached compartment. The curious pokemon leaned towards the open item, about to stick it's petite arm into it before Lucius pulled out a container. Blaze had been about to lunge for the plastic item, before remembering the rules he had been taught about not stealing or grabbing things out of his trainer's hands. It sat patiently on the man's lap, waiting for the present that awaited it.

    Bringing out a frosted Mocha Pokepuff, Lucius placed the tub of treats next to his bag. He smiled softly as the Braxien immediately grinned at the sight of the sweet, leaning his head towards it as an indication that he wanted the male to feed it to him. The brunette chuckled quietly, holding the pokepuff close enough to his pokemon so it could bite it. As the small human-like fox devoured the mini meal, Lucius focused on the battle that was currently happening.

    His hand clutched onto Blaze's arm lightly, shutting his eyes as the Zoroark preformed it's move, shielding the sensitive organs from any debris that may have been launched out. Fluttering his hues back open, he realised that his Braxien didn't even seem to have noticed the powerful attack, as it had probably been too interested in scoffing down the coffee flavoured treat.​
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  5. The Champion smiles as he said " Tashi, use Posion fang" he said swiftly and the snake shot forward "Dage and counter with air cutter" said the gym leader swiftly. the two pokemon lashed out at each other and the snake coiled around the dragon flying pokemon biting into it and released and jumped away hissing deeply but the bat pokemon grabbed the snake and flung it sharply and the snake crashed on the ground and got up and fangs bared deeply.

    "lets get him, use Dragon breath" said the girl grinning as the pokemon spews out green flames and Oscar grinned "twirl now and use sludge wave" he said sharply and the snake short forward twisting into the air and released large gas like that turned liquid smashing into the other pokemon. the other pokemon however didn't fall as hopped and smashed into the serviper using dragon breath then slamming the snake pokemon into the ground slowly and smirks gently landing. Oscar had to think then smiles " use screech, fallow it up with Sludge wave" he said and the snake nodded and did as commanded. Korrina sighed gently as her pokemon fell to the ground fainted and was on her last legs and then smirks gently "don't be so cocky yet oscar" said said and pulled out her last pokemon.

    "Houndoom" she said as the dog demon pokemon came forth and howled deeply and flames ignited in its mouth. Oscar smiles returning his pokemon and took out his lowest level pokemon ,Riolu "Alright Luna ready for this?" he asked the entire time keeping his cool and keeping his eyes on the target. The fighting and steel pokemon nodded happily and made a fist ready.

    "houndoom smoke screen" she yelled as the hound made the entire place around them smoky and hard to see. "Luna careful" Oscar said warningly and loving caring deeply for his pokemon. the Arua pokemon eyes glowed as it saw the houndoom arua and used a Arua sphere sharply and the houndoom fell back and used a flame thrower and the roilu nimbly dodged it and used a extreme speed to catch the pokemon dog by surpise and used arua sphere once more and the houndoom was knocked out cold. Oscar smiles calmly and kelt down beside his pokemon "you did amazing my friend absulately amazing" said happily hugging the pokemon and the gym leader smiles returning her pokemon and smiles "never could beat you, should have seen you still got tricks up your sleeves" said happily. Oscar laughed and nodded "always my dear friend" he said happily before he calmly left to go to the pokemon center to have his pokemon healed.
  6. For the rest of the battle, the young trainer had managed to keep his usually hyperactive Braxien at bay, by either idly stroking it's silky fur or making silly faces at it. Some may look down upon such a close bond between a Trainer and their Pokemon, as there are some people in this world that believe the wonderful creatures are only used as weapons / sources of power. Though, Lucius loved his Blaze with all his heart, as he treat him as a little brother, which can be seen when the brunette holds the other's hand or plays silly games with him.

    Once the fighting between the two trainers had ceased, Lucius gently nudged the creature off of his lap, before rising to his full feet and taking the backpack up with him, just in case Blaze had any ideas of nicking a pokepuff. He flashed a small smile towards the Gym Leader before taking his leave with Braxien right by his side.

    Having crisp air enter his lungs once again brought a sense of freshness to his body, something that pleased the boy. Before he even had a chance to walk towards the Pokemon Centre to heal up his buddies and stock up on supplies, two small hands grasped onto his own. Lucious glanced down at Blaze, seeing the pokemon frowning at something to their left. After taking a moment to examine what was troubling the fire type, he had concluded that it had been a particularly large Blastoise, standing outside of a shop, most likely waiting for it's owner. "Don't worry, Blaze. Blastoise won't hurt you, not when I'm here to protect you. Because if I care for you, you'll care for me, right?" Lucious stated, feeling his heart warm up as the creature nodded frantically at his question.

    Letting out a light sigh, he gave a mini grin towards the Nurse as she handed back his pokeballs with a gentle; "Come again.". It had taken about five minutes to convince Blaze to return to it's pokeball in the first place and that was one of the downfalls of having that specific Braxien. He patted the head of the said pokemon as it returned to the male's side, with a happy cheer, indicating that it was full of enegry once again.​
  7. The other male was out and about in the park near the area of the Gym. he smiles allowing his pokemon to run free and streach their legs and have fun doing what they do. Oscar smiles as he watched his pokemon play tag and Luna sat beside him happily though to keep him content and comfy. Oscar smiles as he laid in the shade his eyes closed bag behind him to keep things from getting stolen and smiles as he watched the pokemon play around and battle with themselves to grow up to be stronger. his Zoroark and Serivper attacked each other playfully. The Champion kept an eye on them to make sure his zoroark wasn't getting into trouble or stealing anything.

    He closed his eyes for a momment and hears an explosion and eyes shot wide and saw that zoroark used his night daze to keep him safe from two large pokemon that where wild and laughed petting the zoroark head "thanks Marco"
  8. Falling backwards onto the lush grass, he leant against the old wooden fence that separated the grass from the pavement. Releasing Oren from his pokeball with a simply push of the button, the grass type took a quick scan of it's surroundings before beginning to move around, keeping a small distance away from the long grass. Blaze watched the Trevenant stroll for a couple of seconds before chasing after it, pulling the stick out it's tail and sparking a small flame. This sudden action caught the wandering pokemon's attention, provoking it to playfully move faster, engaging the fire type in a game of chase.

    Lifting a folded piece of paper out of his backpack, Lucius glanced at the map, figuring out which route he should take next. Maybe he could catch another pokemon along to way to the next gym. His mind racked through different water types, knowing it would be an advantage if he had the three main types on his team. Due to the fact that he was spending most of his concentration on the paths he would need to take to arrive in the next town, he hadn't noticed the surprisingly quiet pokemon approaching before it let out a low growl.

    The brunette whipped his head up, just in time for a large shadow to fall over his entire form. The rock snake stood at 8 metres tall, towering over him and sending shivers down his spine. Lucius hastily shoved the map back into his backpack, trembling as he pushed himself onto his feet with the bag swung over his shoulder. "B-Blaze! Oren!" He shouted, a hand pressing against the top part of the fence to steady himself. The Onix made another sound, shifting closer to the young trainer. The grey eyed male attempted to look past the gigantic creature, in hope that he would see his pokemon running back. Though, it seemed like that the two had ran off somewhere, somewhere that was too far away.

    "Blaze!" The boy screamed, his voice unintentionally rising a couple of octaves. Every move the Onix made caused his shaking to grow worse, to the point where Lucius thought his legs would give in and his entire body would collapse. The rock type was over 7 times his own height, and with no pokemon to fight it with, he was doomed.​
  9. Oscar hears the boy in trouble and ran that way "serviper Sludge way, Luna close combat" he said running over grabbing the young trainer and puleld him up and away swiftly as his pokemon started their large attack on the rock snake and kept the trainer behind him " Marco use Night Daze" he said as his moves were not effective and knew that the Night daze would weaken the Onx easily. He watched as his Zoroark did the move blowing the rock snake pokemon aside. The champion watched the pokemon slither off and smiles weakly "are you alright?" he asked as his zoroark ran over and looked at the trainer carefully.
  10. His lips had parted once more, about to shout for his pokemon one more time before something grabbed onto him and dragged him away from the fence. It had taken him a little while to register what was going on, which was the result of his shock, and when he finally did, the Onix had already disappeared back into the long grass.

    "Uh...I-I'm fine. Thank you." Lucius responded, his heart beating immensely fast in his chest, so loud that he swore the other male could hear the thumping. His hands shook ever so slightly, though the fact that he continued to feel light-headed meant that the boy had still not fully regained his senses. After a couple of seconds of complete silence, a small figure suddenly collided into his legs and weeping sounds became evident. The trainer glanced down at the creature, only to see his beloved Blaze sobbing into the fabric of his trousers, small arms hooked around his leg. "B-Blaze." Lucius muttered softly, gently removing his arm from the Champion's grip and kneeling down, just as Oren arrived by his side. The Trevenant's eye was drooped ever so slightly, it's arms hanging down by it's sides. It was as these actions were the pokemons' ways of apologizing for their absence, and even if it wasn't, Lucius had already forgiven them.

    Planting a light kiss on Blaze's forehead, he reached over took hold of Oren's rough hand, smiling at the two of them to show that he was not angry. Staying in that position for a couple moments longer, he broke it by returning to his feet and glancing at Oscar with a weary grin. "Thank you so much for your help." Lucius stated, his voice soft and barely audible. Blaze had stopped crying and was now nuzzling the boy's leg and Oren simply stayed by the brunette's side and examined Zoroark.​
  11. "don't mention it, its no biggy" said slowly as his zoroark nodded gently and arms crossed. Oscar smiles "well keep yourself please safer, its not safe always to roam alone " He said smiling touching his Zoroark head gently and it smiles and nuzzled the trainer happily. The other pokemon return to its pokeball and he smiles and kept them on his belt he had around his waist. He smiles as his zoroark stole his hat and ran away running happily and he smirks gently and shook his head "marco" he said and the illusion fox pokemon cackled gently and hummed happily coming back wareing the hat. it looked at the fire pokemon eyes glow and turned into a relucation of Blaze and smiles.

    Oscar smiles "I must go, please keep safe its not always safe" he said smiling starting to walk away a smile on his face as his zoroark dashed after his trainer happily to the pokemon center to get out his other pokemon, a legendary pokemon he caught that he never used alot but was powerful and used for easy traveling around the place. The pokemon Entie as he withdrew his pokemon and held the ball in his hands smiling whispering to it and it cried happily in the ball.
  12. Nodding sternly at the instructions he was he given, the dull eyed trainer turned and kept his smile upon his face as Oren made a soft sound before returning to it's pokeball. The Trevenant was one of the most calm and quiet pokemons Lucius had seen, and was almost the complete opposite of Blaze. The fire type loved to "talk" to the brunette and hated remaining in the pokeball even for a short period of time.

    A soft chuckle escaped his pale lips as the Zoroark ran off before deciding to return with the item of clothing placed upon it's head. He took a moment to wonder how Blaze will be like when he eventually evolves into Delphox, a creature that would almost match his height. Speaking of Blaze, the said stared with a confused expression once he witnessed the other pokemon morph into a figure that was identical to it's own. It had just been about to walk forward and poke it with it's stick, before Lucius reached down and held his hand in-front of it's face, indicating that it was not to move any further.

    "..Okay, goodbye." Lucius responded, lightly waving at the other's retreating form before strolling back to the gate in the fence. He took one last glance at the Champion before pushing unlocking the latch that kept it closed and pushing it open, just enough so he and Blaze could get out. Once the fire type had skipped out, he moved and locked the gate once more, before taking a look at the path in-front of him. His next stop would be Coumarine City, where another Gym Leader would be. Looking down at his Braxien, who stared straight back up when it noticed his gaze. "Are you ready, Blaze?" Lucius asked, receiving a nod and playful yip as an answer. He patted the creature's head, before taking off in a steady jog, only to be followed closely by the fox-like creature.​
  13. However that young trainer was not alone as the onix and some of its friends where back seeing the champion was not there. It blocked their path using rock stealth making rocks move around itself and the two other pokemon that was teamed up with it. A serpieor and a Rapiddash that snorted darkly as the pokemon started attacking the rapidash attacking the fox pokemon sharply with extreme speed and the Onxy dropping rocks around the trainer. The Serieor smashed into the tree like pokemon and coils around it sharply flipping it into the air and smashing it into the ground. The onxy eyes turned toward the young trainer and roared angrily using a sharp sand storm knocking the trainer away sharply and used iorn tail on the two pokemon of the trainer not letting up.

    There was a massive beam of fire like from a legendary pokemon, Entie it roared jumping over the trainer and its hurt pokemon and used smoke screen and fire blast knocking the pokemon away sharply. The champion grabbed the trainer and returned the pokemon to their poke ball and put them onto the entie and dash back toward the pokemon center getting nurse joy to heal the pokemon and the trainer. The champion came over when the boy was back to normal "I am going with you to make sure you stay safe" he said voice firm. His entie made sure the fire fox pokemon was ok as it was a fire type as well.
  14. The boy had only taken a brief glimpse at his companion, before the presence of three powerful creatures suddenly appeared, surrounding the two of them. His hand immediately reached for Oren's ball, calling out the grass type within a couple of seconds. Even before the three wild creatures had done anything, his body had already began to sweat, trembling faintly at the shadows that cast over him. Blaze and Oren stood close to their trainer, snarling and frowning at the taller pokemon.

    "Blaze, F-Flame Charge on Serperior! Oren, Horn Leech on Rapidash!" Lucius ordered, his pokemon barely managing to move the others suddenly charged forward and rammed the fire and grass types. He gasped loudly, taking a step towards his two creatures, despite the fact that two very strong pokemon were in that direction as well. Blaze attempted to fight back against the Rapidash, only to fall unconscious after two of it's attacks. The same applied to Oren, who was still being bashed against the hard ground. Fear filled the male's body to the brim, about to flee when the storm suddenly hit his figure, knocking it a couple of metres back. Lucius rolled across the dirt, the dust entering his lungs and forcing him to cough violently. His limbs ached as he attempted to push himself up, anger beginning to form within him. at the sight of his limp friends being kicked around as if they were stones.

    Before the male had the chance to do anything stupid, a sudden beam of flames shot out from behind him, the heat giving him an uncomfortable sensation. His eyes caught sight of the legendary creature, pinpointing his guesses on who's pokemon it was. Lucius fell face first into the ground, panting softly into the hard surface. He felt the man pick his body up though didn't react. His joints felt like they were burning.

    After about an hour of laying on a bed, Lucius sat up abruptly, despite the protest of his aching body, he glanced around the room in search of his two most valued partners. Blaze was sitting upon a couch, with Entei close by it. Oren was sitting upon the ground next to his trainer, it's arms resting upon the bed sheets. The boy took a look at his hands, only to find out that they were heavily bandaged, as well as his torso, due to the fact that there was something constricting around it. He glanced up at Oscar, and after hearing his words, Lucius frowned ever so slightly as he turned his head back down. "If you insist..."​
  15. The champion nodded "good" then fainted, the enti jumped up running over seeing his training took a massive hit to the back witha rock and was wounded and nurse joy came in and her pokemon tented to the champions wounds and the eneti sat beside him happily eyes deeply glowing red color. The champion woke up and streached his back "ugh that snake pokemon is tough little dude eh?" asked playfully to his entei that barked and nodded and he got up with the entie's help and then they yawned and smiling nodded slowly "So we can leave once you are better, I can tell you are not so rest" said slowly.

    His entie barked and vanished into its pokeball and the Zoroark turned into a copy of eneti and it giggled and chuckled gently and then shifted back to his regular form and sat beside its trainer.
  16. Only noticing the lack of the other's consciousness when his body hit the ground, Lucius turned his head to look at the source of the sound, eyes widening once he figured out what it had been. He had began pulling off the covers that kept him bound to the white bed, before the nurses rushed in. One of them directed their attention towards him, telling the young man not to try and escape from the room any time soon or his injuries would not heal but only ache more.

    After finding out the Champion was fine but simply knocked out, the brunette lied back down, heading falling against the fluffy pillow. It only was a couple of minutes before the bed tipped slightly to the left, informing him that someone was climbing onto the mattress. After his eyes reopened, the boy concluded that the certain someone was Blaze, who now sat directly next to his head, making small noises as a way of speaking to his trainer.

    The last thing he remembered doing before falling into a light slumber was nodding at the dark haired male's words and saying something in return.