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  1. Ten years have passed since the planes were forcefully merged together by the god and goddess counsel deciding to become one ultimate world. The merging has been successful and some people even have happier lives since the merge. Others have become extremely secluded and try to avoid others from outside their original world as much as possible. Netherworlds can be found underground if you drill down enough, or take the nether elevator in subways. The angelic worlds of celestia can be accessed through the escalators to the floating lands. The magical worlds have merged with earth as well and the entirety of earth has been expanded ten fold, as twenty or so new continents have been made. (for the sake of this roleplay, and my sanity, everyone will be on the same continent in the same city however, until i have found a better form of thing to keep everyone together and such.) Often angels and demons get into squabbles again here and there, fighting in the middle ground that is earth, but they are encouraged not to. Half-ling monsters like lamia and centaur are also much more common now than ever in writings and reality. Everyone has learned to live with the merge for the most part. What will your life with this merge entail? Will you study magic now that magical beings exist? Do whatever idgaf it's your life. (wow this plot is so bad i'm sorry you wasted time reading this.)

    rules. Gotta have em. (open)

    1. Don't kill another person's char unless given permission
    2. Yes, all verses, you can be anything you want. Wanna be reimu while studying philosophy about pickles? Go ahead.
    3. This roleplay is bad and i know it, please give me ideas on how it could be better.
    4. As a rule i'm gonna state now, the physical power matches are as follows: most fish/animals in general from before merge<Human and any humanized animals like sharks<=Gijinkas/pokemon will be either physically stronger or mentally stronger than humans sometimes.<Demons/angels<Seraphs/High demons<Gods/Demonic overlords. Now while this in terms of power means that yes, gods are stronger than humans and any subspecies of human, it does not say that humans can not still hurt the living shit out of a god. They have weapons for that now, such as the god killing Einherjar spear. So still don't pick on the lower ranks too much.
    5. Please keep your smut in PM's. I love romance, don't get me wrong, but the smut and libertine can stay in the PM.
    6. Iwaku rules apply.
    7. Yes, you can be a god, no you can not god mod. Your char can still get fucked up by a human because I say so. Got it? Good.
    8. Have fun i guess. Wow i'm surprised you went this far and still think of joining possibly.
    9. Thank you for your time you wonderful person, one more rule left.
    10. One char per person, i'm so sorry to limit it to this but i don't want my brains splattered trying to keep up with everything at once. So one char per person.

    Character skele (open)

    Verse they hail from(if Original Char based on a fandom what fandom?):
    Sexuality(for those of you libertine lovers.):
    Background(highly optional):

    My char (open)

    Name: Roxis Rosenkrantz
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: (Read the bottom paragraph of the photo for his personality.)
    Race: Human
    Verse they hail from: Mana Khemia
    Sexuality: Straight
    Background: too lazy to put it all in. Just know he hailed from a family of famous alchemists.
    Other: He does tarot readings at cafes on friday mid days for free.
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