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  1. (Is it okay if I join?)
    Name: Rascal
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: I made a exact image of my Character but she won't load. Here is something close along with a description.
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    [​IMG] Hair color is a dark blue. Eye color is purple. Same body type. Her hair is the same length and style. Her cat features such as her tail and ears are purple but her tail has a white tip. The inside of her ears are pink with a little white from fluff sticking out.

    Personality: Curious, outgoing, loves making friends, and could talk someones head off if you let her. Oh and she can be very random and doesn't have the best grammar or spelling in the world. she's a really kind person unless you make her mad then you learn of a darker side.
    Race: Neko
    Verse they hail from(if Original Char based on a fandom what fandom?): based on no fandom just the name of race.
    Sexuality(for those of you libertine lovers.): Straight
    Background(highly optional): She doesn't consider having much of one. She is an orphan who was taken in by a necromancer mage named Vecular Crow, and has been learning things of the dark arts ever since but he doesn't understand how she seems to be good along with evil at times.
    Other:She doesn't like when someone ask her about her past especially if it may involve her parents.
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  2. Welcome! I needed more people to join this. so of course you can join. uwu ))
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  3. (Okay I can see if any of my friends might wanna join if you would like.)
  4. Yeah, that would be great. Also i haven't really made a thing for people to jump in yet. wow.. so..just jump in however. the setting is a city in japan or whatever. )
  5. (Okay I'll let them know.
    Oh okay.
    I could try I'm not always the best with introductions though but I could maybe come up with something)
  6. i'll try to think of something. if nothing comes to mind then you just go on with a start up. )
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  7. (Okay oh and you might want a OOC as we progress)
  8. ooc for my multiverse thread. ))
  9. Okay quick question would it be cool if I fix the race? I was informed that I put down the wrong thing and I need to change Rascal to a neko. *Curse you school having me do five things at once* If yes I'll make sure to do so ASAP. If no could I add a picture so I don't feel like a disgraces to all lombax fans and (kajiit fans of skyrim) *this includes myself*?
  10. haha go ahead. you probably should have just edited it and i assumed it was a neko in the first place. yes, i know what a lombax and khajit are, and yes, that's a neko so yeah. I just assumed you typo'd it. You should probably bookmark your form post too in case you want to go back and edit it in case your char dies through some reason or another. ))
  11. Okay that sounds great thanks. I guess you could call it like a typo. I was also working with an essay and math when I did it.
  12. haha yeah, school sucks. uwu
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