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  1. Ok so here is the idea I think its pretty complex but I will make it as simple as I can

    The meteorite that crashed into the earth wiping out the dinosaurs was in fact a giant gem that would come to be known as the Altimer Aura Diamond. Over the years the world developed without knowing its effects but little did we know that when it crashed its particles scattered all across the earth due to it being the cause for Pangea breaking apart into the current world and after thousands of years in the year 30XX the world has been split between five ruling countries who each have discovered the power of the Aura Diamonds and want to control the Altimer Aura Diamond. What is this power that five countries are willing to go to war for that is the power of Garud.

    Garuds: A basic Introduction
    1. Basic Information
    2. Types
    3. Kingdoms

    Garud: Basic Information
    A Garud is the manifestation of the user's personality, inner strength and the power of the scattered Aura diamonds brought together to form a physical creation that obeys the user to the fullest degree no matter the command. These creations are one of a kind but can have their opposites just as people do and their diversity knows no limits. They were first discovered in the year 25XX when a young boy caught a fever and from the very air appeared a small being who created a cure for him and disappeared. Since then people have learned to consciously control the Garuds to use for personal and economical purposes. After this discovery the world began to divide into the current five kingdoms that they are today.

    EDIT: A bit of world building information
    The species who live on earth are for the majority human but due to the effects of the aura diamond some have morphed into anthro creatures and even full blown animal people but this world does not have a sense of racism for that rather the conflict is generally only between the other kingdoms during the time of claiming. All players will be their own OCs and fill out an application as such
    Garud Type:
    Garud Name:
    Garud Ability:
    and then any other effects they wanna add such as hair/eye color, height, weight etc.

    Garud: Types
    There are 4 types of Garuds that are currently known to the world

    Type 1: Shards- The Shard category of Garud are weapon types. Basically these Garuds come in the form of weapons. They can be living but will reflect the unconscious mind of the user and can be either a defensive or offensive weapon or both.

    Type 2: Live- Live Garuds are Garuds that take the form of living creatures or beings that resemble living creatures (Such as Living Armor). Though they have a sentience they are usually unable to act beyond the orders given to them by their handlers.

    Type 3: Naturas- Naturas are Garuds that act in essence to elemental magic they come in the five basic elements (Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, and Void) Void Naturas being able to act as Netural not being affected by anything to heavily of other Naturas. Naturas can be defeated by the Natura of a stronger type (Fire is weak to water, Water is weak to Wind, Wind is weak to Earth, Earth is weak to Fire and Void is neutral).

    Type 4: Aurora- These are the rarest form of Garuds said to only be formed when around the Altimer Aura Diamond. It is said that Aurora Garud can encompass the abilities of all the Garud types and be unstoppable but some say they are a curse and drive their users mad with power. It is said each of the rulers of the five kingdoms have Aurora Garuds which is why they are forbidden from fighting.

    Garud: The Five Kingdoms
    These five great nations were formed after the discovery of Garuds and fight over control of the Altimer Aura Diamond Mine for a separate reason each

    The Lapiz Kingdom
    Culture Basis: Feudal Japan
    Area of Development: Weapons Technology
    Ruler: Emperor Sai Guron
    Elite Guard: The Aoi Group
    Money type: Yen

    The Topaz Empire
    Culture Basis: Ancient Rome
    Area of Development: Fine Arts
    Ruler: Emperor Tiberius
    Elite Guard: Olympian Vanguards
    Money Type: Dracs

    The Emerald Heirocracy
    Culture Basis: Arthurian England
    Area of Development: Garud Enhancing Magic
    Ruler: King Roland
    Elite Guard: Knights of the Forest
    Money Type: Euro

    The Amethyst Theocracy
    Culture Basis: Ancient Mayans
    Area of Development: Religion
    Ruler: High Priest Sola
    Elite Guard: Templar of the Sun
    Money type: Gold Coins (Undetermined name)

    The Garnet Mercantilism
    Culture Basis: Ancient Sumarian
    Area of Development: Trading
    Ruler: Head of the Merchant's Council Zabala
    Elite Guard: Mercenary Guild
    Money type: Barter system (Trade for Trade)
  2. This is a cool concept, do you have any specific plot ideas?
  3. Seems like a pretty interesting idea to me!
  4. Uh not as of yet but if you want we can bounce some ideas back and forth ^^
  5. Thanks that means alot ^^
  6. I have a few character ideas in my head for this. But before I PM them to you, is there other information you'd like to add? It will ultimately decide which character idea I go with.
  7. Uh no all the information is there and its an open idea so more ideas can be added later on