World of Dreams

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  1. If you pass the moons of Vodor, and you fly by the rings of Yumerportia, it's just to the right of Cerelia, the great red planet.
    It's the city world of Crystim.
    Crystim is the sort of world where people go to make a new life. Not a spot on the planet is forested. It's stark concrete and city layers all around. All the oxygen on the planet is created artificially, by the engines mounted in the city's upper dome.
    It's upper layer, the city in the sky, is the playground of the rich and famous, opulent and simply the height of luxury.
    The lower layers, on the planet's surface, are often seedy and crime-ridden, but truly the great melting-pot of the galaxy. Maybe even the universe. There are people and creatures of all shapes and sizes, from telempathic Cerelians, to the dual-minded Starks; and of all walks of life, from Mercenaries, to Bounty-Hunters, from Settlers, to O2 Engineers.
    Crystim even houses a secret academy, which the Grove Mystics use for training recruits, as well as a militia training compound, for the Anarchists of Crystim, who are always trying to shake the rigid class structure.
    This is Crystim. This is your story.

    When creating a character for World of Dreams, just jump in and start rp'ing! You can be any of the suggestions above, or create a species/group/vocation of your own. In thinking about Crystim, it helps to think about Star War's Coruscant, meets Las Vegas, meets Chicago Illinois.

    But most of all, have fun!
  2. Cryo Shikistsi sat at the back of the casino, watching his opponent tear their hair out. He had won another game of Hacker, and had just stripped this mans' bank accounts of every cent this man had. "That," he said to the Asian looking man, "Is why you don't challenge a man at his own game. Particularly not one computer based, when your opponent is a Kodei." He leaned back, his face hidden by the shadows in the corner of the establishment. He chuckled devilishly as the man broke into tears. He was the cause of many, many broken bank accounts and ruined lives. Particularly of the arrogant, rich computer geeks who live in the Sky City, far above the hell like Vegas of the planet. He once Hacked a man out of so much money, he bought the man's house in that sector, just to blow off the connections and send it hurtling to the 'ground', along with three other city blocks. He was not only a computer god, but also an anarchist, using the system as a weapon against itself. As security dragged the man away, he looked up at the small crowd that had gathered to watch the match. "Anyone else want to try?" he asked, and everyone took a step back. Good, he thought, they fear my talent.

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  3. Meanwhile, in the dark shadows of the bar-section, A tall brunette woman watched as the Kodei won another round of Hacker, chuckling to herself as she sipped a Crystimian whiskey.

    Already, she'd scouted a potential recruit, if- (and that was a big if) she could ever get him away from that fracked Nogi Maasti.
  4. He got up and walked over to the bar, and waved to the bartender, who turned and began to make a drink. He handed Cryo a glowing blue drink, from which a spark would occasionally fly. He downed the drink and jittered a little. He had invented that drink in his college days, when he was about 14. Using what knowledge he had of his own people's anatomy and chemistry, he created a drink specifically for his race to give them an energy boost, which he dubbed 'The Cheat Code'. He slid the glass back over to the bartender and walked back to the Hacker table. A rather portly, green-skinned man wearing a Maasti uniform suit walked up and whispered something in his ear. Cryo nodded and gave the man a hug, after which the fat fellow fell over, bleeding from his gut. He had informed the young Kodei that he was 'disowned', meaning the Maasti crime family would now try to kill him. Cryo supposed that word of his secret plan to kill Nogi had leaked. It was probably Jit-Mo, the Kinta mind-reader. He would have to pay him a visit later. For now, he would just wait for a worthy opponent to show up to battle him in another game of Hacker.
  5. A suited, toad-like man walked into a bar, followed by a much larger man in a black, heavy suit of armor. As the suit one sat down, he asked for a drink. Just before He took the drink, the armored one snatched the glass from his hand. "My word Metalenium, what is the meaning of this?" He demanded. The armored man only waved to the bartender for another drink. He took both glasses under the table and switched them a few times, before putting them back on them table, and motioning for the bartender to drink one.

    Hesitating for a moment, he took one, and drank it. Finnally, he fainted. Nobody else had noticed. Processing it, he finally said "...H-he tried to poison me!" He said nervously. "Thank you Metalenium, without you, I'd be dead on multiple occasions!"
  6. The brunette, seeing the Kodei's encounter, decided to take a chance as she walked over to the hacker table. Perhaps her organization had just found the break they needed.
  7. Cryo had just ordered another Cheat Code when he saw a brunette woman approaching him. She didn't look like a computer geek, possibly a human, maybe even a Hargathiod. Not a challenge for him, it would be child's play. Unless she wasn't interested in playing. "Hello, miss." he said, playing off his anxiety, as usual. "Come to play me a game? Or are you here on... other business?" he asked. He would find out this woman's intentions, one way or another. He didn't really care that she was doing anything, he just liked to know why. To him, an act with a justification is acceptable. Without justification, you are doing wrong. Always know what you're doing. He did. Now he needed to know if she did.
  8. The automatic doors slid open, and a green mountain walked or stumbled through. It was big, bigger than the doorframe itself, but not so big as to touch the ceiling, thankfully. The green hillock lumbered over to one of the chrome-titanium alloy couches and plopped itself down, the couch groaning under the weight.

    The green hill in question had eyes, small and beady. It also had a nose, jutting tusks protruding from a large mouth, and pointy green ears. It stunk of various forms of fungi. And what sort of giant would be complete without long, ape-like arms that are wider than most species' heads?

    Its beady, red eyes scanned the establishment, as if looking for someone. Clearly, that someone must've really annoyed someone if an Orkoid was looking for him. And this Orkoid certainly wasn't letting that someone get away this time. Not after all those near misses and narrow avoidances.