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  1. This is a thread I like to do.
    Will anyone like to join?
    I am open to any and all ideas.


    name: Firestream
    element: fire
    description: fire red, long horns
    personality: heard headed, but caring.
  2. character sheets? You do know this is Jump In right?
  3. Is it dragons + dragon riders or just Dragons...?
  4. it could be anything, really. I am a flexible person
  5. -Greycrest
    - An old, proud male dragon. Respected and strong. Enormous, and mottled shades gray and silver. Eyes a deep ancient brown. I'll draw him and post the image. Prominently spiked and crested head.
    - Proud, intelligent, impatient with pointless, meaningless chatter. Not easily manipulated or swayed. Strong-willed. Yet open-minded. Good temperament but if you do manage to make him angry, it's spectacular. Can be distant and avoids growing attached to most others. Can be lonely at times, and accordingly goes into reclusive moods, sometimes. Values innocence but not ignorance or naivety. Intolerant of corruption, and merciless when need be. Doesn't (at least admittedly) regret his actions in any way. Strong sense of conviction. Not one for second chances, and rather judgmental, but gives everyone a chance from the start.
    - Fire in all its forms- that includes air (a sort of mist), liquid, and currents within the earth. He's had much time to develop and control these skills, after all.
    - Quirks: Occasionally cooks his food, generally to a char. Irregular sleeping habits. Goes off on his own, sometimes. Will sleep for extended periods of time, usually a bit away from camp.