World of Destruction

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    Ristona is a quiet little city. That is, if you consider Mech manufacturing, and loud machinery at all hours of the day quiet. The world is in ruins, and despite being on the brink of it's own destruction, humanity continues to fight. Everyday, Mechs are made and destroyed, fighting against one another. All factions have their own ideals and goals. Everyone is fighting for control. You help guide the Restoration, the people who want to see peace and civility return to daily life.

    This cannot come without sacrifice and fighting back against those who wish to see the world destroyed, or those who wish to lock everyone down under maximum security, and to govern the daily lives of all inhabitants of the world. You are the fighters that battle those forces, and you are the people who have decided to give your life to the cause.
    This is your story.
  2. Yuki headed down to the barracks to get her weaponry from her locker. coming into the room she shared with her squad, she flicked the lights on. "Rise and shine ladies. Today we're scheduled for infantry combat scenarios." She said, walking over and slinging the pillow out from under Harvey's head. "Looks like you dropped something, Harvey. Lieutenant Polinski will be here in a few. He's the new drill instructor since the last one was KIA, and he's not as forgiving. Let's not start his day off on the wrong foot, Squad!" Yuki demanded, with a stern stomp of her foot, standing at attention almost as if she knew the Lieutenant was soon to be at the door.
  3. Feeling his head slam against the not-so-comfy mattress of his bed, Harvey let out a surprised gasp and awoke from his peaceful sleep almost instantly. Infantry scenarios? New Lieutenant? Harvey thought to himself, quizzing the rather odd wake up. Yuki seemed in a very demanding mood, maybe even more so than usual - but maybe that was pushing it. Clambering from his bed, he stretched his arms and back with a relieved groan.

    "Let's not start his day off on the wrong foot, Squad!" Yuki demanded.

    "Yes, ma'am!" he said with a strained voice which almost instantly broke into a yawn. He ruffled his hair slightly and gave himself a light slap on the cheek to try and wake him up a bit. Lining up next to Yuki, he brought his feet together with a brisk snap and straightened his back, arms perfectly at his side. Standing to attention wasn't a strange concept for him, having past military experience and all. It was just being woken up so rudely that he never got used to on account of him being a deep sleeper. Sometimes I wish I'd stayed a civ, he lamented to himself, Ah well, new day, new lieutenant. Let's see if this one stays alive any longer than the last.
  4. Rinna C. - Barracks

    "Rise and shine ladies. Today we're scheduled for infantry combat scenarios."

    Rinna only let out a heavy breath as the lights and loud voice of her squad leader stirred her up. She was usually a light sleeper, most of her squad was as well, but training had taken a toll on their bodies. It always amazed the redhead that the leader could still shout and rule them under her thumb as well as she did every day. It was the perfect type of leadership that the redhead had hoped that she'd be placed under. Someone strong, strict ... well, it was still a little early to make a concrete judgement, but then again, once they were out in live combat, she'd know soon enough. Most bonds, the strongest ones, are formed with spilled blood anyway.

    "Looks like you dropped something, Harvey. Lieutenant Polinski will be here in a few. He's the new drill instructor since the last one was KIA, and he's not as forgiving. Let's not start his day off on the wrong foot, Squad!"

    As Yuki went on to harass Harvey, Rinna sat up slowly in her own bed. Raising both arms up and tilting her head to the side in a silent stretch, she took a moment to remain in that position before she threw the covers to the side to swing her feet off the bed and onto the cold floor below. Oh ... the cold certainly jolted most of her nerves, but at least it guaranteed that she wouldn't be sleepwalking to training this morning.

    "Yes ma'am~" Rinna replied, a few moments after Harvey initially started, this formality was new to her. Best she get used to addressing people as such though.

    "Do we need to be in uniform?" She asked as she headed towards her own locker, inside only her secondary firearm was hidden, with it's two batteries charging quietly. The other was held up in a bigger equipment room, as it simply wouldn't do to fit such a delicate thing inside her locker. "Anything we need to bring? How much time do we have?" She asked her leader as a second thought, did they even have time for breakfast?

  5. Yuki looked at Rinna, and calmly spoke. "Look out the room, and see for yourself, Miss Cilfier." She said, knowing that if he wasn't walking down the hall, or at the door already, he would be more than soon enough. "Will someone create some wakefullness in Miss Creation over there?"

    Yuki walked over and pulled her weapons out of her locker, closed the door, and stood back at attention at her original place. "Harvey, you slept in your uniform pants, and do not have a shirt on. Please tend to that quickly" She said, shooting him a glare for the third time this week.
  6. "Harvey, you slept in your uniform pants, and do not have a shirt on. Please tend to that quickly." What was she... she was right! Loosing from his ready stance, he turned away from Yuki and headed towards the locker. Opening the door, he craned his head around to look at his leader once more.

    "You shouldn't have been looking, ma'am," Harvey cited with a coy smile. Pulling his BDU from the locker, he slid his undershirt over his torso and got fully geared up and ready for training. As he clipped his belt around his waist, a repetitive thought struck him once more. He couldn't place why but it seemed as if Yuki enjoyed picking on him in particular. Maybe he was being paranoid as the only male in the squad but still the feeling was there. He felt a nostalgic pang shoot through him as the whole concept flicked his mind back to a time already passed. Is Violet not awake yet? The thought was a nice distraction from his wistful reminiscing. He moved over to the side of her bed where she still lay fast asleep, crouching down so that his eyes were level with hers. She seemed peaceful enough. "Well, we can't have this now, can we?" he spoke as if to himself before briskly flicking her on her forehead. "Wakey, wakey!" he said in a mock cheery tone, a big Cheshire grin on his lips.
  7. Violet could over hear Yuri say "Will someone create some wakefullness in Miss Creation over there?" barely over her sleepiness.
    Only a few seconds later Violet heard Harvey walk over to her and said "Well, we can't have this now, can we?" but only a few second she felt a flick on her head and "Wakey, wakey!" She Woke fully up and reacted without thinking and grabbed her knife under her pillow and tackled Harvey to the ground with the knife to his through. She stared into her eyes for a moment realizing what she had done. "Sorry about that." She then got up and looked at Yuri "So what's so important that you needed him to wake me up?" She then walked over to her locker and took out her mask And a small phone then she realized she had gotten a "email" and opened it realizing they had been reasoned a new drill Sargent. "Oh That's why." Then she goes over to her bed and takes out a light nano jacket from under her bed and puts it on. And grabs her guns that were laying beside her bed. Then her stomach rumbled a little and she looked at yuri. "Do we have time to have Breakfast?"

    (If need to change. I can did this fast to resume the rping again.)
  8. "Oh for the love of.." Yuki said with a slight sigh. "Fine, let's head down to the mess hall ladies. I even know how you all live if you're constantly hungry." She chuckled a bit as the opened the door, and walked out to the middle of the hall, stopping and turning to her left. She motioned for all of her squad to come on out. "C'mon, you know the drill. Single file, right beside me. Doesn't matter who takes point here in the base." Yuki pointed out. She didn't much care for eating every morning, but if everyone was apparently hungry, she might as well go ahead and take them.

    Just then, as the first made their way out of the doorway, the Lieutenant turned the corner, walking in their direction. Yuki stopped talking and stood at attention, with one hand behind her back, and one hand saluting. "Attention! Superior on site!" She called out, signalling that their breakfast was probably about to be cancelled.
  9. "Sorry about that," Violet uttered, her knife only just moving away from Harvey's throat. As she lifted herself from atop him, he ran his fingers around his neck to check for any slight incisions and twisted his head slightly.

    "It's fine," he said in a sarcastically chipper voice, "Here I thought I was going to go through life without ever having a woman atop me!" When Violet asked Yuki if they could have breakfast, a subtle growl from Harvey's stomach served as a thank you for her practically elated reply. Harvey never used to be a morning eater but his time in combat taught him to eat whenever there was a free moment - you never knew when it might be your last meal for a couple of days or forever. He took the third position in the file as they headed out for the mess hall and because of that didn't see the lieutenant turn the corner, merely the loud call from Yuki. With robotic efficiency, he slammed his feet together and brought himself into a saluting stance. I wonder what the new lieutenant is like, he thought to himself idly as he heard the officer's footsteps approaching.
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