World of Decay

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  1. It all happened in an instant. The explosions, the screams. Parents frantically looking for their children. The distant growls and clicks from some unknown threat. What were any of us to do? Simple, make a run for it. Some of us hid in groups and waited things out. As time passed, they soon began to realize that being in a group was becoming dangerous. Some became sick and died, while others, well they just went insane. We began to find that the more of us died out, the more of 'them' increased. The people that remained in groups, were turned on by their fallen comrades. The once dead body becoming reanimated. Those people were so foolish to think that they would survive. Oh how they were wrong. Now, the loners on the other hand, they were survivors. They are smart, cunning, and quick on their feet. While the others died off, they live on. Us, those survivors, we fight everyday just to survive. Soon enough we will have to group up, the thing we dread the most is becoming a reality. Maybe we can survive, maybe all our abilities put together will make things a whole lot easier. Even so, what can we do in this world, this world of decay?


    It is the 'zombie' apocalypse, and you are one of the few who have survived this hell on earth. You are what they call a 'loner', the ones that have chosen to live by themselves during all of this. You are the ones that have excelled above the rest in this test against humanity. Sadly, you will soon have to leave your life of solitude and join a group of fellow loners. What other choice do you have, the zombies are becoming stronger and are starting to stay in large hordes. What other choice do you have? Either die and become reanimated, or keep fighting, with others by your side. It is your decision, your move on this chess board of life.

    1. Please be somewhat descriptive. ^^
    2. Language is allowed, just please don't drop the f-bomb every sentence.
    3. Romance is ok, just don't allow it to become the main focus.
    4. Do not exclude anyone.
    5. Maintain within the stated rules of this site.
    6. Do not make an over-powered character, it is rather annoying to others.
    7. Remain Active.


    Character Sheet (Optional)

    Appearance: Good description or photo
    Weapons: Guns,bows,knives,etc
    Other: Any other information that you would like to state.
  2. Name: Hanna

    Age: nineteen

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Hanna has brown hair that she keeps bound tightly in a braid to avoid it being grabbed. She is not a good fighter, which is why she sticks to traveling via the rooftops and scavenging. Were she to try and fight hand to hand, she'd fail rather quickly, but she is very dexterous and her small frame makes moving quietly and unseen a simple matter.

    Personality: Hanna is a withdrawn person, not very trusting. She'd rather be alone than with others, and she doesn't trust those she is with to watch her back. Because of this, she is always on edge and trying to keep her eyes open at all times.

    History: Hanna has been on her own since almost the beginning of the whole ordeal. For a little while she was with a small group of about six, and she'd actually started to trust them and feel like they might make it. That's when things went wrong. In one night, her six friends were dead and she was on her own again. She'd barely survived herself, and is only recently recovering from her injuries.

    Weapons: The only weapon Hanna has a a knife that she always keeps nearby. She'd had other weapons, but they'd been lost on the night she'd fled her camp.


    Hanna hoisted her pack a little higher on her shoulders and took one last look around the abandoned house that had been her resting place for the last couple days. She felt nothing about leaving, it was just a temporary resting place and nothing else. There was no sense of home here. She took stock one more time to be sure she had everything before starting out. She'd need to find some supplies soon, she only had a little left. The housing complex had already been picked clean before she got there, so she'd have to go further into the city.

    She took a careful look around before starting towards the city. As always, she was on high alert. Her eyes and ears were open, and at the slightest sound she'd be running. She chuckled a bit to herself as she thought back to before this all started. She wasn't this high strung, she never thought she'd be on her own like this for so long. She looked up at the morning sun, shading her eyes as she tried to judge her location and how long it would take to reach someplace with food and water.
  3. 7084012083453810122.jpg Name: Jason Thorn
    Age 19
    Gender Male
    Personality: he keeps to himself and Will do anything to survive he doesn't talk much since he was alone from the beginning of his life. He can be very harsh and straight forward and doesn't like to be apart of arguments since to him it's pointless

    History: his parents died in a very horrible car accident when he was just two years old. He's been living at the orphanage since then since his other relatives wanted nothing to do with him.. he never got along with any of the other kids and no one wanted to adopt him.. when he started high school he had to fend for himself.. finally being a senior a zombie apocalypse happened and Been surviving ever since..

    Weapons: twin blades.. on his side and a 357 magnum revolver 6 shots holster ed on his right leg
  4. Jason would be walking down a road slowly with both his blades in his hands.. the fresh blood of the infected dripping from his blades a cold look on his face not even fazed by the events.. he didn't care the only thing he cared about was surviving.. He had silver spike hair and red eyes with a scar on his right eye.. he had on a black scarf that was blowing in the wind and had on a long sleeve black shirt With black baggy pant and black leather boots. He would stop at a building with a huge hole in the wall and started to slowly walk inside seeing a truck inside completely totaled and burnt.. he saw a burnt corpse and shook his head seeing it was clear for now sitting down
  5. Name: Avalon (Ava) Smith
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18

    Personality: Ava is a quiet girl, and likes to keep to herself. She is also very manipulative and sometimes finds herself enjoying all the 'tricking' she does. She does not like to make friends, as she sees everyone as a potential threat. She hides her emotions most of the time, and is very blunt.
    History: Ava watched as her parents were murdered about a week after the outbreak started. She immediately ran to a nearby grocery store and is there to this day. At first, several people were taking refuge, but after a couple weeks. Most of the people had left, or had died. Ava is now currently alone, and hopes to remain that way.
    Weapons: Ava has a .308 sniper rifle and a large machete.

    Ava walked silently as she sneaked through the alley. She had her machete raised in defense. Her eyes were set on one thing...her target. A large and rather fat zombie stood in front of her. It was crouched down; it was feasting on a stray dog. Ava cringed at the sight and at the horrible stench. She took in a deep breath as she inched closer to the infected. Once she was in striking range, she raised her machete high, then swung down at the zombie's skull. She heard a satisfying pop, then a loud crunch. She had sliced through its skull, and into its brain. She sighed in relief as the zombie crumpled over. The horrid creature was dead. She sheathed her machete and continued onward.
  6. Name: Shaun Smith

    Age: 39

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality: A gentle soul, compassionate, kind, fiercely loyal and strong willed. He doesn't trust easily and doesn't lend aid to others on a whim.

    History: Not much is to be said about Shaun. Before the outbreak, he spent most of his time hunting and fishing on his private ranch that he inherited from his father. Having been raised on the property, he has always been self sufficient, rarely asking anyone for anything. He didn't often spend time with others, even when the world was safe, and has no family of his own. He is a bit of a mysterious fellow, and prefers to keep it that way.

    Weapons: A single longbow that he crafted when he was a child. Having been mentored in all sorts of crafts by his family, he can create many improvised tools and weapons on the fly.

    The sound of walkers could be vaguely heard throughout the forest. Birds fluttered overhead, chirping loudly. Moans, groans and other noises indicated that a small grouping of the flesh-eaters were close by. Gripping his bow tightly, Shaun readjusted himself into a more comfortable position. He was currently perched high above the forest floor, nestled on a sturdy branch. He had been tracking a small party of zombies through the forest for some time now. They had discovered his property, and were beginning to become a threat. Notching an arrow, Shaun inhaled slowly. A walker had just entered his line of sight. It shambled aimlessly, mouth agape and quivering. His eyes narrowed. The soft vibration of his bow string releasing tension reverberated in his ears. With a sharp rapport, the arrow flew swiftly through the air and embedded itself into the walkers skull, causing the beast to convulse violently. After a moment of shaking, it collapsed heavily to the ground.

    With a sigh, Shaun pulled another arrow out of his quiver. He was running low now, and couldn't keep up this pursuit much longer. Night was rapidly approaching.
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  7. Name: Samantha (Sam) Micheals

    Age: 24

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Sam has dirty blonde hair to her mid shoulder blades. Her eyes are blue and she stands at 5'9 with an athletic build due to her love of sports. She has freckles dotting her nose and wears glasses most of the time.

    Personality: Sarcastic, witty, but very kind and very sweet when she wants to be. Likes helping others.

    History: Samantha was a teacher where she lived just recently having gotten the job. Sam lived by herself and her family lives all the way across the country, it was just her and her dog who ran away. She's unsure of what happened to the pup. She has been on the run ever since just trying to stay alive.

    Weapons: She's okay with a gun and can throw a knife with pretty good accuracy. Took karate as a kid so knows how to defend herself that way.


    With each step Sam stood on her tiptoes as to not crunch the dead leaves and the sticks that were beneath her. The walkers could hear almost anything and she had come this far in her survival, she was not planning on becoming lunch. She gripped the knife she had shoved into her belt and took it out when she heard a familiar groaning. Then all of a sudden it stopped. She noticed the walker fall to the ground with an arrow embedded in its skull. Someone was close. She narrowed her eyes and hid behind a bush, blue eyes scanning the clearing ahead.
  8. Jason would then hear groaning and an evil grin came across his face.. he would turn around seeing two zombies walking towards him. He then charge at them cutting them both down. He swung his left blade horizontally across the rotting neck of one of the zombies decapitating it's head from its body.. and lunged his right bad straight through the other zombies head and the kick it off his blade with his right leg launching hit into the truck.. he would hear more groaning nearby and sighed has a horde was heading his way.. he would then head towards the back entrance into the alleyway.. he opened a door and entered the alleyway seeing it's clear and ran down it while fire escapes hanged above his head
  9. As he fitted his sinewy bowstring into the notch of his goose-feather arrow, Shaun caught the vague sound of footsteps. He reacted to the sound immediately. With a trained arm, he drew his bow, searching for the source. His longbow uttered a soft creak as the tension being applied bent the supple wood. A few more scattered crunches were heard before they ceased all together. Shaun gritted his teeth. What he just heard was far too calculated, and quick, to be the movements of another walker. Thoughts began racing through his head. Was it another survivor? Some bloke from the city, trying to seek refuge on Shaun's property? Mercenaries, perhaps, lawlessly seeking supplies and the deaths of those who they plan to steal them from?

    The moans were growing closer. The faint outline of the walkers he had been tracking could be seen now, shuffling ever closer towards the Smith ranch. With a muffled sound, Shaun grunted in frustration. This was the last dilemma he needed to face. Killing walkers was simple. The possibility of meeting another human? Not so much. Nonetheless, whatever he decided to do, he was going to have to come down from his perch. So, keeping his bow drawn, Shaun leapt down from the tree. The sound of his landing caused more noise than he would have liked.
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  10. Sam flinched when she heard a loud thud hit the ground. Maybe a walker that had been killed again and had fallen. She peered out from where she was in her little clump of bushes and noticed a man with a bow. She stared at him for a moment wondering if he had heard or even seen here in the woods and was coming to investigate. She slipped out from behind the bushes and raised a hand up. "Um.... hi..." She wasn't quite sure what else to say so she kept it simple, her eyes wide as she eyed the bow he was holding.
  11. The whisper of a human voice caused Shaun to start violently. Adrenaline rushed through his body, preparing him for the possibility of a fight to the death. With a cold and calculated motion, he swung his bow around to face the speaker. He was not taking any chances until he'd gotten a good look at them. At first glance, he was able to discern a few things about this stranger. It was a female. Though she was obviously a survivor, she did not strike him as a cold-blooded killer. She was also fairly young. Taking all of these things into consideration, Shaun lowered his bow, but kept it drawn.

    Eyes unreadable, he spat on the ground and gave her a hard look. "Follow me." he said simply, trudging off towards the direction of his ranch house, eyes ever watching for more walkers.
  12. Jason continued down the alleyway quietly walking by old dumpsters still filled with old trash.. he finally got to the other side seeing a road leading deeper into the city. He decided to head back to his camp.. he turned to his right and started to walk down the road walking past old shops, cafes, and businesses completely in ruin he finally got to a tall building that was about a hundred feet tall he looked up seeing the tarp he placed on the rooftop to prevent rain from getting him wet.. he then started to walk to the side of the building and jumped up onto the fire escape and started to climb on it quietly he finally reached the top. He would then walk to a area where he gathered everything he could and shook his head " looks like I have to find a new camp this place has nothing anymore " he whispered to himself
  13. Sam gulped when she was told to follow the man. He didn't seem like a threat to her but the woman was too trusting as it was and decided to follow him. That's when she noticed the house. Was this his home? She didn't really want to ask any questions for fear of making the stranger annoyed with her so she followed a few steps behind him making sure never to get to close to him. She did keep one hand on the knife in her belt just in case a walker decided to appear out of nowhere.
  14. Name: Jordan Bolt
    Age: 28
    Gender: male
    Appearance: When he is in full gear, and his face
    Personality: Troubled and Silent
    History: Was a soldier in Afghanistan but was sent home after a bullet came within an inch of his heart. He gets sudden chest pains after long amounts of cardio but nothing that he can't force himself to overcome. He stationed with a local militia where he stayed after the infection, helping anyone who needed it. However, food ran out. The well went dry. The people started turning on the soldiers. A large group went north for the end of the year, hoping to catch some deer running from old man winter. The others dispersed, six going with Jordan but not returning. Most of them killed by zombies, one by drowning and another by breaking his neck from a terrible fall off of a cliff. Jordan is potentially the last soldier in the state, a fact he knows deep in his heart but suppresses with the expenditure of ammunition.
    Weapon: M4A4 Carbine, 5.56mm chambered, foregrip w/flashlight and EOTech optic, Carbine and a Spas-12, 12 gauge chambered, M16 stock shotgun
    Other: He pulls a face mask up to protect from infection. He is in top healthy condition, despite his chest pains he gets from an old bullet wound. He is decently strong and knows how to perform close quarters combat very efficiently. He has dealt with infected before, and those suspected to be infected. This means when dealing with any infection pertaining to the infected, he is ruthless and cold.


    Jordan was walking down I69, his weapon was currently holstered to his chest strap. This let him free his hands a little, which were getting calluses from holding his gun for too long. Everyone was dead. His friends. His family. Dead and dead. Thankfully, he didn't have a wife or any children, so at least he could be happy knowing his imaginary family was safe. He hadn't seen another human in a week or so, but had seen a zombie no less than an hour ago. The infected creature was very rotten, probably one of the earlier to be infected. It was rotten enough that it's knees gave out before it could give pursuit. Every night, he would climb in a tree, secure himself with an aircraft suspender and sleep in a tree. However, out around here there were just a lot of plains and old farm land...odds are he wouldn't even sleep tonight...he would just keep on walking to the next town. That would give him something to do, at least. Gotta give myself a mission to keep me awake and non-insane. Was that a word? non-insane? Who gives a shit. It isn't like Oxford was still around. he thought to himself, scanning the horizon before noticing a red paste on the road. A fractured human skull strewn across the area....someone hit that zombie in a car and then ran over it multiple times. Just once would be enough, or at least to Jordan. Waste of gas, otherwise.
    Suddenly, he saw something blink over the horizon. It was a down transformer. However, power lines means humans. Dead or alive, humans at one time needed food. Lots of food means a grocery store or a house. Score. The only question was, how far away was this house, store or town?
    He didn't know. But it was something to start with.
  15. The soft sound of his hunting boots treading over dead leaves was all that could be heard as Shaun led his newfound companion through the heavily wooded area that he had grown up in. With all the discretion of a tracker, he guided them as quietly as possible past fallen logs, rotten underbrush and rows of trees, making his way slowly towards a nearby clearing. With each step he took, Shaun was beginning to regret taking this girl along. He couldn't help but think of how incredibly easy it would be for her to run him through, once they got to his property. He sighed. And yet, just as soon as this thought had entered his mind, another did as well. Why not try to trust for once in your life? There are still good people in this world, albeit not many. Yet, they are there. This girl could be a godsend. A much needed partner in this unforgiving world of death and decay. Sniffing quietly, Shaun quieted his thoughts and pressed on at a quicker pace.

    The moon had begun to show, and the last vestiges of sunlight were beginning to sink behind the mountains in the distance. Time was now very much of the essence. "Come on. We need to hurry." he said, a slight bit of urgency coloring his tone. He broke into a jog. As they picked up the pace, a nightmarish scene met their eyes. Stopping on the edge of the clearing he had intended for them to cross, Shaun gasped. Scattered throughout said clearing was roughly 90 to 100 walkers, milling about hungrily. Shaun cursed his luck, punching a nearby tree. Just beyond this death trap was his home, and there was no way he would be able to prevail against that many walkers.

    Looking back to the girl, he grimaced, motioning towards the walkers. "Any bright ideas...erm..." He faltered, realizing he didn't know her name. "What's your name?"
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  16. "Oh no...." She mumbled and looked at the walkers that were scattered across the clearing. "Erm what...? Oh, my name is Sam. It's a pleasure to meet you sir." She replied out of habit and continued to stare at the sight before them. "Is there another way we can go to avoid all of them?" Sam questioned and looked over at the man. She didn't know the territory and at the moment no brilliant ideas were appearing in her mind so she was forcing herself to think bog picture here. Two of them and a hundred of them... In no way would this thing turn out well.
  17. As Jordan turned the corner of the interstate, which the previous left side had been blocked by hills and a corn field, but he corner revealed humans. The zombies not yet in his sight due to the forests sprawling out of sections of the road and through the field and the edge of the clearing.
    "HANDS UP MOTHER FUCKERS!!" He shouted, his carbine raised at the two people crouched down. Suddenly he heard the groan of the infected who had a curiosity peak at the sudden noise.
    "Okay, you all don't shoot me, I won't shoot you or take your stuff. Just follow me, nice and quiet. My way. If you don't want to get out of here friendly with me, I'll kill both of you and use your bodies as bait for the zed so I can skip through that legion up ahead"
    Well this sucks. Now I'm stuck with two humans and a load of zombies. I'll be dead in T-minus fifteen if these idiots are as dumb as they look Jordan said, his eyes narrowed at the man and woman. But he hoped his outfit would solidify the truth of him being a soldier and there for non-aggresive purposes. He had his rifle aimed at the mans head, and started walking in reverse, motioning for both of them to follow him.

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  18. Sam's brows shot up when she say the other man who was holding his weapon towards her and her new companion. What the hell was his problem...? She sighed and slowly stood up her eyes rolling up towards the sky as she let out a soft sigh. Could he also be any louder? She wasn't sure and she certainly did not want to go with him so she waited for Shaun to see what his next move was. If he stayed she would stay and if he went with the man then Sam would also go with the man.
  19. Shaun gave the military man a cold glare. There was obviously something the brazen bastard didn't understand about survival. Make friends, not enemies. It pays more to have people working with you, rather than against you. Shifting very slightly, bow still drawn, Shaun cocked an eyebrow. "You can go ahead and wave your gun around and act all macho there bud. Whatever helps you sleep better at night. That being said, I have a newsflash for you. Neither myself, or my friend here, have any intention on following you while you've got that rifle aimed anywhere within our general direction. So!"

    Shaun shrugged his shoulders. "You can either kill us, or go on your merry way. I couldn't care less." To emphasize his point, Shaun placed his arrow back into his quiver and slung his bow over his back, holding his arms out and welcoming an incoming bullet. The walkers had begun shuffling rapidly towards them.
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  20. "I'm not here to hurt anyone. Some of my friends got killed by some roadsters, so pardon my lack of hospitality" Jordan said, starting to notice that there were more than a few zed around that corner.
    "Before we had to leave our base there was a rumor going around from some survivors we rescued that people are hiding out at the dam and have got the thing running and chugging out electricity. That's my overall objective now, since everyone I know is dead" he made the first gesture to ease down the situation, lowering his rifle first and then raising it nearly immediately afterwords, but not at the other survivors.
    "I'm Officer Bolt, Afghanistan veteran. I was sent home and have been with a militia ever since. Not that my background should give you reason to trust me, but at the moment I think we can talk about getting to know eachother a mile westward. There's some taller trees that direction, and I have gear to sleep in said trees"
    He said, his eyes never moving away from the EOTech's target reticle that was firmly layered over an undead's head.

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