World of Decay

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    It all happened in an instant. The explosions, the screams. Parents frantically looking for their children. The distant growls and clicks from some unknown threat. What were any of us to do? Simple, make a run for it. Some of us hid in groups and waited things out. As time passed, they soon began to realize that being in a group was becoming dangerous. Some became sick and died, while others, well they just went insane. We began to find that the more of us died out, the more of 'them' increased. The people that remained in groups, were turned on by their fallen comrades. The once dead body becoming reanimated. Those people were so foolish to think that they would survive. Oh how they were wrong. Now, the loners on the other hand, they were survivors. They are smart, cunning, and quick on their feet. While the others died off, they live on. Us, those survivors, we fight everyday just to survive. We have beaten the odds, and proved that we were capable. Not that it really matters. Times are getting tough, even more than it was. It's getting extremely difficult to take care of ourselves. The panic is rising. We try to shake the thought away, but soon enough we will have to group up, the thing we dread the most is becoming a reality. What choice do we have? Maybe we can survive, maybe all our abilities put together will make things a whole lot easier. Even so, what can we do in this world, this world of decay?


    Prologue: Maxine

    The air was cold and dry. Max didn't complain, she had a nice fire to keep the cold away. She had eaten a decent amount of food this morning. The only thing that kept her at her from getting comfortable was the infected. Of course, you never really could get comfortable with those things around. You always had to watch your back, and always be aware of your surroundings. Never know when you'll be surrounded by those ugly bastards. Max was always thinking ahead and was fully equipped to handle such situations. Max had a decent safe house; an old apartment that was free of infected. Well, most of the time. Max had to occasionally eliminate lone zombies wandering about. There were, on occasions, hordes that would pass through the area. They were pretty easy to avoid, as long as you laid low.

    Max let out a sigh as she sat by the fire, not a sigh of sadness, but one of relief. She had survived yet another day. It's rather depressing to think such a way, but that's how you have to live, day by day, if you want to survive. Max looked at her reflection in a shattered mirror in the room. The fire illuminated her face, but she stared at her reflection, expressionless. She saw herself as neither attractive or unattractive. Appearances didn't matter anymore. There was no longer courting, no dates, no love. None of that mattered. All that mattered was survival. Only a fool would fall for anyone now. All people were, were backstabbers and greedy after all.

    Max then turned her gaze to the window, it was going to get light soon. She needed sleep, but she couldn't. She couldn't bring herself to sleep. The paranoia was overwhelming, and it left her stressed. She knew eventually her body would give out from lack of sleep, but it was too late to try and sleep now. Dawn was approaching, and she had to go scavenging. Thus is the way of life is now. The same routine everyday. It was boring at first, but if it meant she was surviving, then entertainment didn't matter.

    There was always a thought in the back of her mind. She knew time would run out eventually, and she would die or be killed. A very morbid way of thinking, but also practical. Everyone dies eventually, right? But Max wanted to die kicking, not to seem like a total badass...but to prove to herself that she would fight to the bitter end.

    Mors certa, hora incerta.

    Death is certain, only the time is not certain.

  2. Natalia | London | Early Morning

    She swung from the uneven bars, twisting and turning, with strength and grace, flipping from bar to bar. Usually doing the exercises made her feel calm and focused; the world would seem to slow down as her senses sped up. Her eyesight sharpened, every nerve in her body tingled, and she tasted victory. It was her ears alone that rebelled, her whole world was silent. But she felt and unnerving itch reminding her of something unplesent and giving her a sense of urgantcy.

    Swoosh, swoosh swoosh.

    She swung from bar to bar. Suddenly the world slowed down way to much. She began to feel unnecessarily tired, though she had just begun the routine.

    Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh.

    Her body was growing heavier somehow. If she could just reach the next bar!

    Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh.

    She leaped into the air, reaching desperately...

    And she was falling, falling, falling, down toward the disheveled mob of human like demons.


    Natalia was suddenly jolted awake. She bolted upright gasping for air. Time once again stopped as she experienced 5 whole seconds of pure terror that seemed to last an infinity. Then reality washed back over her and the spell broke as her brain comprehended her surroundings. The horizon was painted with a thin streak of light and from her roof top vantage point Natalia could just see the sun beginning to peek out. She pulled her ragged cloths closer to her body and shivered in the crisp morning air of London. She began to breath normally again as she surveyed her seemingly safe rooftop nest: she was on top of a tall building.

    The door to roof was barricaded with several large peices of furniture and an air conditioning unit. Then, laid out, there were all sorts of obsticals. Some old chairs, old bottles and broken glass. Anything that, if disturbed, would wake her from her slumber. Natalia was snuggled up in the corner of the wide roof, a corner that offered her several escape options should she need them. A very narrow, rickety fire escape that did not reach all the way to the ground; perfect for her, not accessible to the Monsters. The close neighboring rooftops, for seconds; her athletic prowess would allow her to jump to them. No half dead being could follow. And third, there was thick rods sticking out at uneven angles all along the side of the concrete brick building, the kind you see at a construction site. Lucky for her, this building had been in the midst of some sort of add on. Natalia carefully counted her escape routs again and felt safe once more...for the moment.

    Her stomach rumbled fiercely and her mouth and throat felt dry. But she had nothing to put in her stomach or anything to quench her thirst. She had to come by these things day by day and sometimes not at all. There was a semi low activity market she could hit up for today, but that was getting dangerously low on nonperishable. Natalia laid back down on the cold concrete and stayed their frozen for the time being: she would have to wait for the sun to rise further. Even at her high she could imaging she heard the mumbling and grumbling of the crowd below...
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    Duncan looked over the bitter sweet sun arising atop a sky that looked innocent to the touch, as if the end had never come. The days and nights kept on scrolling up and down, the birds chirped as much as they could, and the dead moaned. It wasn't really that the dead didn't have much to say: They had plenty to say, and once they began, they'd never shut up. They would keep you awake at night, crawl their way into the dark matter of your brain and force your sanity out of your own skull. He reached over to the side, and took ahold of a small piece of paper, entitled in red bold text: EVACUATIONS UNDERWAY, EVAC HAPPENS IN LONDON, NO WEAPONRY ARE ALLOWED, AND YOU MUST ALWAYS KEEP YOUR HANDS ABOVE YOUR HEAD ONCE YOU APPROACH THE EVACUATION POINT. The text itself could've been weeks, months or even years old for what little Duncan cared for. He thought it was a bit amusing that the military tried, but failed, to get most of those people out of this hellhole. London looked exactly like Glasgow, and Glasgow was a grim reminder never to settle down in one place at any given time. He looked down from the building that he sat upon, gazing in the morning light the festering corpses that were beneath him. It was pretty clear that the dead were brought there in hopes of an evacuation plan, but the small military tents that were set up there had been overrunned, gore and dried up blood scattered across the floor like snow during christmas.

    Duncan sat over the edge of the building, but realising that the cold were biting his shoulders and thighs, he pushed himself upwards from the ledge, walking over towards his more inbuilt camp. He had made a small fire pit with a few rocks forming a circle, some packaged cans of goods and foods still remaining neatly placed next to said fire pit. He took ahold of some magazines that were set beside the fire pit, tossing it inside all whilst taking ahold of a small lighter. He shook it somewhat, listening in on if it had any fuel left to spare. He decided, what the hell. He pressed the lighter close to the magazines, and flicked it a few times until a good spark came by, lightning up a small portion of the magazines until they were starting to form up a nice fire. It wouldn't really last that long, but it'd hopefully be long enough for him to gain his strengths and start his usual routine of running around the city in search of something.
  4. Zeke happily whistled as he walked across the rooftop of a large apartment buidling. A tackle box in one hand and a fishing pole in the other. He vaulted an A/C vent and looked over the side of the building. The street was littered with a few actual dead bodies and several zombies. He set down the tackle box, opened it and prepped the fishing reel. He then cast the fishing line over the side of the building into the street. The hook landed in the middle of the street. "Fishing for dead-os. What a pass time?" He said to himself. Slowly, he started reeling it in. The hook made a scraping sound on the pavement.

    He hoped it would attract a corpse and ensnare it. There was no practical reason for doing this. There was nothing to gain but entertainment. Zeke liked watching the dead squirm as they were reeled in across the pavement. Sometimes they were light enough that he could haul them up the side of the building, then cut the line and watch them splatter on the concrete. In a way, it was revenge for his friend. Incredibly cold hearted revenge.
  5. Baseball-Bat-Man.jpg
    Name: Damian Jordan (He's called DJ or Daymz, by people he trusts)
    Location: New York

    "Run, Damian! You need to run!", Damian thought to himself. One of his bases was raided. Again... This was one of those times that the ones looting it wouldn't just leave him alone. Damian had no idea what they wanted from him, but he knew that there was a chance they wanted him dead. "I need to get to the city! I can take shelter in a building or something! The forest wasn't as smart as I thought, but I did build my base semi-close to the city. Let's now hope I don't run in to more people or those 'things'.", Damian thought, while trying his best to shake of his followers. He suddenly saw the forest's end and some buildings. "That must be the city. Okay, think. What's the best way to go? Run straight, and then go in random directions.", he thought. He got out of the forest and he entered the city. There where quite a lot of buildings. "Perfect! Straight, right, left, right. Keep something like that up. And look for a building to hide in!", he thought while running and taking turns in random directions. He suddenly saw a small store. "Bingo! Temporary shelter! Go there! Unless you hear one of those 'things' creeping around in there.", he thought. He ran to the store and opened the door of it. "Great! It's not locked!", He thought while entering. He hid himself, so if they did follow him, they wouldn't see him right away. To his relief, they lost him. He checked around for supplies. Specifically, he searched for food. He found some bread, which was still in relative good quality. "Is there anything else? Something to put on the bread? No? Dammit! Dry bread it is then... Bleh.", he thought while searching. He ate the bread. He prepared the store for the night, so he wouldn't get raided. He even found the keys to the store, so he could lock it. "You know what I miss? Gaming. Hopping online or going on a 20 hour quest in a RPG. Those were the good times. I even miss raging when something went wrong. That was at least fun, in a weird way.", Damian thought and with those thoughts, he went on one of those amazing 15 minute naps.
  6. Matthew passed slowly through the once busy city moving from alley to alley with his machete in hand ready for some seekers to start popping up. Spotting one crouching eating something or one, Matthew moved up behind it and aimed straight for the head, killing it with a nasty squelch. Matthew looked at the person the seeker got a hold of and smashed it's skull in with his boot not giving it a chance of getting up. Matthew left that alley and spotted a horde that covered a large area about some apartment buildings, looking up he spotted what looked like the silhouette of a person on top. He knew he couldn't reach them from the ground or at least he didn't spot away. He did see a building near enough to where they were and he might be able to talk with them.

    Matthew ran as quietly as he could hopping not to alert any seekers oh his way across. Matthew was glad to see the front door open and he proceeded inside and found a few seekers, not knowing what to do he tried to sneak past the group not wanting to be seen, he slowly made his way through not touching anything but as he made his way passed the door he knocked against a table and jingled the contents getting the attention of the seekers. Matthew began to speed up his sneak finding a small hiding place behind a counter, he was pretty much stuck there as he would get the attention of the Seekers if he moved around much more since they began to patrol the area. Looks like I'm stuck here for a bit might as well enjoy my time if it's going to be my last, he though to himself as he pulled out a small metal canister and took a swig of it's contents.
  7. After a fairly intense Nightmare, Alexia awakened, gasping for air as if she was startled. She had spent the night in an abandoned apartment. She chose the worst time to get pregnant too. Running wasn't an easy task anymore, so now...Stealth was everything. After rubbing her fairly swollen belly a bit, she looked outside. It was early in the morning and the sun seemed like it was just barely rising. What was the plan for today? More scavenging and the seek refuge at some random and probably safe area? Or actually team up with other survivors? A Nurse would be nice right now. The last thing she needed were pregnancy complications, especially in a time like this. While packing her rucksack, she checked to see how many bullets she had left. Her gun was still fully loaded and she had a whole box of ammo left. Using her Knife wasn't an option, but keeping it on hand was always a good thing, because who knows when Alexia will need it...

    Upon leaving the Apartment Building, Alexia began walking through the once-busy streets of the now-ruined New York. It used to be so...Lively...Active...Populated. But now...It was...Dead...Empty...Quiet... It was very disturbing. Besides a few Zombies gagging, growling or whatever the case may be...It can get disturbingly quiet. Traveling on foot was tough in her condition, but Alexia was athletic before she got pregnant, and even then she still exercised regularly, because it was supposed to make childbirth easier...At least from what she heard. Hell, she even kept a Pregnancy Guide Book on her for helpful advice. As she walked through the city, she made sure to stay clear of the streets and close to the alley, just in case she would need to make a stealthy getaway. However, she couldn't help but look at the Rooftops consistently. She had picked up this habit from her late Father, who was a Sniper in the Military. Who knows...Better safe then sorry.

    With her back starting to ache, Alexia made a stop at the closest grocery store, entering through the back because she feared that there were too many Zombies at the front and didn't want to attract their attention, let alone she didn't have enough bullets for all of them. Quietly, she went in through the back and into the Pharmacy, locking the door shut behind, she sat close to the floor, so that the Zombies would not see her. She started rubbing her belly, feeling around on the Material of the Dress that she currently wore. It was once as white as snow...But now there was blood that's not even hers...All over it...



    As the sun began to graze the sky, Duncan realised it'd be for the best to move now. He pushed himself up from the fire pit, tossing the lighter into the burning flames and turned around completley. He hopped up on the ledge above him, and quickly pulled himself up, he needed to move to that Super Market to pick up more canned goods. After an entire year, most non-canned foods would be as good as wasteful to pick up. He picked up his speed and hopped over to another rooftop, causing the moans of the dead from within the buildings to spark up. He'd be long gone once they'd actually bother themselves with checking what it was, but the feeling of being hunted struck him all the same. He looked above, noticing the construction site of somekind, obviously some form of project they had tried to finish pre-outbreak, but since it lacked some parts... it was obvious the workers abandoned it or up and died without a clue of what was going on. But he was more interested in the area below it as opposed to the building itself.

    It was whilst he hoppled over a chimney when he felt his feet snag something, causing him to topple over on the rooftop. He turned over to look at his feet, looking as a undead with it's torso slit open gnawed on his boot. He was quick to pull it towards him to get a better aim, and kicked with all his might towards it's jaw with his other foot freely available: dislocating the jaw of the beast swiftly. He pushed himself up in a panic, and reached over for his hip as the creature began to crawl towards him. He took out what appeared to be a sub machinegun, quickly cocked it and aimed it straight towards the creature's forehead.

    "Nighty nighty, Miss London." He heard the words leave his lips as the creature gasped, a round squeezed out of the barrel firing through the air, before piercing the undead's skull, the sound giving off a huge exclamation mark. The hair on the beast quickly enveloped it's face, covering the gore and brain splatter that had come up as a direct result. Duncan quickly turned around and began to run at full throttle, knowing that he had awoken the beasts of the night. He felt his mind tremple, his thighs weaken and his gut churning as what felt like a violin playing in the background began to sing it's song of death.

    The adrenaline pumping through his vein was good enough to fuel on his sprinting, until he was at the very edge of the building: forcing him to hop down to a catwalk under him. He sprinted along it, until he spotted a door infront of him. He braced himself for impact, before hopping straight into the door: busting it off it's rotting hinges and kept on running inside. It seems that he had stumbled upon a small apartment block, as numerous bodies were scattered around the hallway: but it didn't stop Duncan from running. He hopped over the legs and limbs of the dead, as if he was dancing, grazing through the corpses with finesse. He turned to the right swiftly, noticing a vent attached to the wall: the screws already having been plucked out of it.

    He leaped out towards the wall as he began hearing the thuds of the undead closing in behind him, tearing the cover of the vent off the wall and leaping inside, being sure to put the cover back in place. It was about this time Duncan saw the undead crash through the hallway, some had their eyes sunk into their skulls, whilst others had arms and legs hanging off their body... Duncan didn't feel like eyeing them for long, and by thus he began to crawl through the vent, being rather quiet about it. He reached the end of the vent, another un-done cover infront of him. He crawled forward, and nudged the cover off, and to his delight: he had reached his destination. Duncan looked infront of him as mall-like gates were covering the windows and doors: also looking like they had been reinforced. He tossed his backpack infront of him, and crawled out of the vent, gun in hand as he inspected his surroundings.

    Duncan saw numerous canned goods behind the counter. It looked as if someone had previously bee-

    It was at this sense where he turned his head slightly, noticing a corpse laying next to the goods, his head missing. He approached the headless-corpse with a calm attitude about it, a 12g Sawn-Off Shotgun laying next to him, a smashed in TV right beside the guy, and a suicide letter in his hands. Out of sick curiousity, Duncan bent the rotting corpse's hand back slightly, and took ahold of the note. He began to read off it:

    "To whoever reads this, I'm so freaking sorry.

    It seems that the infection spreads through bites, and I just got a real nasty one on my hand... atleast the media says it's spread through bites. I only have minutes before I turn into one of them... and I'd rather go out
    like a damn man than becoming a fucking walking braindead asshole. If you can find any of my surviving family members- last name, Andersson, they live in the apartment block right through the vent... tell them what happened to me.
    And help yourself to some goods, they won't do me any form of good anymore.

    Goodbye world, Johnathan Andersson."

    As of the moment, Duncan felt pity for the man, having already met some of his family members in person. He could only sigh as the sound of the undead amassed through the vents, the noise clearly going on for a kilometer or so, as Duncan tossed the note aside. He had to get to work, now. He opened up his backpack, and began to dump whatever canned goods that he could find into his backpack, being sure to not look behind the numerous aisles as they'd probably only be filled with the Decaying smell of vegetables and meats. The canned atleast had a chance of remaining fresh, but by the looks of it: it would only be atleast twelve or so cans of goods.​

  9. Natalia | London | Morning

    When the sun's warm fingers reached out to caress her face and the monsters' moans had subsided somewhat, Natalia knew it was time. She groaned in dread, not looking foward to the task. It could take to the middle of the day to get her small haul of goods, with her style of silent sneaking. But it was the only way she knew how to survive, and it had kept her alive so far. After packing up her things and daring to look down into the street below, (she wasbeing suddenly reminded of her dream of falling) she tensed her muscles like a cat and leaped into the air, somersaulting onto the next building rooftop. The exercise focused her mind and helped her calm down somewhat as she began her task. It was a path she was very familiar with. Jump across one block of buildings, sneak through the alleyway on Parkhurst St. and hop the the dumpsters, scale the Amtrack track, jump over the Amtrack, land on the market roof and slip through the skylight.

    It took an extra 30 minutes because she had to bypass the dumpsters. A group of the monsters had found something or someone to snack on there. The sight and sound of it was so sicking she had to fight the urge to vomit. Seeing them made her freeze in terror and she only just got away by scaling the wall and seeking refuge on a rooftop so she could recalabrate. Natalia bent foward and put her hands on her knees panting not from her exertion, but from the terror and painful memories those things insited within her. She remembered very clearly the first time they appeared, ending the life she knew and taking everything she most loved. They were monsters.

    She was finely able to find her way and when she alighted upon her chosen skylight, the third from the left, she silently opened it. Not that it mattered. The gates on the doors and windows had kept the monsters out so far but she wouldn't put it past them to try and attack if they noticed her. So, she moved swiftly and silently among the isles and put what she needed in her makeshift bag. She was correct in her assumptions that there was not much left. It would really be pointless to come back here again, once she had taken the last of the canned goods. She was just shoving the last of the jerky into her pack when she heard something. Natalia froze. There was no way there was one of those things in here with her, was there? Then she heard it again, louder this time. the sound of canned goods being disturbed.

    "ebat' kopat'* " She swore quietly to herself.

    Natalia ducked down behind the isle and shoved her back up against it forcefully. She thought she made something squeek, but no time to think about that. She squeezed her eyes shut and tried to steady her breathing. She needed to focus on getting back to the skylight but the adrenaline coursing through her was making her see spots and feel woozy. In the sudden silence the blood pounding in her ears sounded abnormally loud. She would have to make a break for it before one of those things found her.

    * Oh sh*t.
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  10. After a while of picking up a can after another, he realised he had had enough of the share of cans. He zipped up his backpack, took ahold of the 12g Sawn-Off and began to inspect it's condition. He pushed aside the piece keeping the barrel inplace, just to see the whole barrel piece fall down on the ground. The gun was broken beyond usage, so Duncan merely tossed it aside. He turned his attention back over to the vent, although he could still hear the rastling and moans coming from over there. It was evident that they weren't going to leave that vent alone, so Duncan would have to find another place to leave through. The windows and doors would've been an option, but he realised it probably wasn't for the best to take to the streets, he had no idea how to reach the rooftops from there. He took ahold of the note once more from the man, before saying in a thick scottish accent "Well ladï, yer talkin' pish abut tha'. I be' tha boits don' do much othe than hurt. See ya ar'und, Johnathan." before looking around the store once more for a possible escape route. He walked around the counter, and began to make his way down the aisles, looking contently for something, and that was when he spotted it. One of the sky lights that were in place a moment ago, had been moved: clear as day. He gasped quickly, yelping out "Get tae fuck!" as he reached over for his gun, pointing it towards the aisle. Just as he was about to run around the corner to look at the intruder, he heard noises coming out from the vents, this time the banging inside the vent indicating something. "Ah shite!" he yelled out and began to run towards the vent, hopping over to quickly cover it. He looked left and right to see a few screws laying around, along with a screwdriver. He couldn't hold the vent AND screw them on at the same time, so he yelled out "Person! C'mere if yu' want some of da goods left! Da de' are comin to shag us otherwise!"
  11. Natalia

    "Get tae fuck!"

    Natalia leaped up in a standing position, posed to spring. The voice scared her more than anything. She was expecting moans and groans of the dead. Then there was a very, very large firearm pointed right at her face. Instinctively Natalia raised her hands in the air although there was nothing in them. All she had was her makeshift satchel, which was sparse with non-perishable goods, slung over her torso from shoulder to hip. Not much to bother mugging someone for. But what if he wasn't going to mug her what if he was going to kill her or worse? Her heart was pounding so violently she could barely think about anything else but she managed to flick her eyes up toward her skylight and plan her retreat.

    But the man did not attack her. In fact, he ran away in the opposite direction. Natalia heard a dull clank and then the familiar moans and groans that frequented her nightmares. But this time, she was awake. The man blabbered something at her loudly but she did not register it. It was hard enough understanding basic English, let alone one of the dialects this one was speaking in. Besides, she was still to panicked to think about anything besides what she was currently engaged in; running, jumping, and leaping into the air and grabbing onto the edge of the skylight. She hoisted herself up onto the roof with ease and then turned around to look down into the store below; and the strange man. It looked like he was trying to cover a vent to stop the monsters from coming in.

    Natalia couldn't afford to stand around. Once those things got riled up they tended to flock in a frenzy. But...Natalia looked down again. She couldn't just leave him there like that, could she? She didn't know him from Adam, weather he ment her harm or not. She didn't have the time or resources to bother with him. That wasn't wrong, was it? She wasn't evil. If she had stopped to bother with every person who needed the least bit of help...she wouldn't have survived this long. Natalia thought all this while looking down through the skylight with a blank expression.
  12. He glanced up towards the roof, noticing the figure escaping into the skylight. "Lass! You da-" he quickly shot a glance towards the vent as he heard the noises of the undead closing in. He quickly unholstered his submachine gun, firing off two rounds towards two heads that popped around the corner, immediately causing them to stay still. With the vent being quite small, he thought he had bought himself some time. He reached down for the screwdriver and the screws, and quickly began to screw one of the suckers on, until he looked with eyes wide open as the corpses were easily pushed aside, and more undead began to take their place. He yelled out "Ach fuuk it!" and reached over for his backpack. He began to make haste towards the skylight, whilst yelling "Get tae fuck in, or I'll maek room fo' meself!" as the vent was easily forced open by the undead. They lunged towards him as he began to scoot-hop upwards, jumping over on one of the aisles and tried to grasp onto the skylight- only to be dragged down by an undead. He quickly turned over to face the creature, and as it leaned in to bite at him, Duncan responded with throwing a punch towards the creature's jaw, the rotten part of it easily breaking the jaw off the undead. He forced it off him, pushing it aside as he began to quickly get back on his feet. He looked back up into the skylight, and yelped out "Get rady! I'll be bach for 'nother round!" as the moans began to become clearer and clearer. He turned over on his heels and jogged down the aisles, the undead persuing him.

    He made another dash towards another aisle, the bread section just to be greeted by two undead already trying to track him down. He rushed forward, and took ahold of a loaf of bread. As one of them charged forward, maw open to take a bite of flesh off Duncan- he forced the molded loaf of bread into it's mouth, and threw another punch towards the other assailant, knocking it off his feet. He dashed down the aisle, ensuring to avoid the other creatures as he went along, the shop turning into a party of moans and flesh dripping. Duncan quickly dashed for Natalia's sky light once more, and this time leaped up with finesse, grappling onto it and pulling himself all the way up- of course he seemed rather vulnerable as he focused on getting a good, solid grip in.
  13. Matthew leaned his back against the counter breathing as silently as he could to not call any seekers to his position, the moans and grunts of the seekers thankfully where not super close to him. He took another swig of the metal canister and found nothing inside, and I thought this couldn't get any worse. With the drink off his mind he had to think of a plan to get out of their and thought of a way to get out, he threw the canister towards the run he came in and moved the other way. The screeches of the seekers let him know he was home free as he reached the stair well moving up as fast as he could towards the roof.

    The way up was fine until he got to the 4th floor as there were a few seekers on that floor as well with one on the stairs that was the real challenge, sneaking up behind it he grabbed it and stabbed the machete through the think's temple and into it's brain. As Matthew was holding it, it didn't make any noise on the way down and Matthew laid it down on the ground and moved up the stairs. After a few more floors of nothing to see Matthew found the stairs were blocked off on the 7th floor and he had to venture into the 7th floor to find a way up. As Matthew was walking around the dark area he spotted a seeker and as he went to kill it another one spotted him from behind and screamed alerting a few of them. Running towards the one he was going to kill anyway he sliced it's head off and ran further into the apartment complex.
  14. Natalia | London | The Market Rooftop

    The man leaped for the skylight...and was dragged down by the monsters. Natalia screamed, sure it was the end for him. Time seemed to slow and she could almost see the rotten teeth sinking into bloody flesh.

    "No!" She yelled, as if there was anything she could do from this height. She had nothing, no weapons no skills nothing but gymnastics. Without even thinking Natalia felt her hand reach into her bag and grasp around a can of goods. She threw it with force at the offending monsters, but her aim was way off. The can spiraled away down the isle. Her attempted interventions, however, were unnecessary. In one swift moment the man dropped down and punched one of the things. Natalia bent over and fought the urge to vomit at the sound.

    "Get rady! I'll be bach for 'nother round!" She might actually have understood his meaning that time. When she was done feeling dizzy, she looked back down to see the man feeding the monsters what looked like rock stale bread. Then he cut it's head off before Natalia could look away. Natalia spun away from the scene, her hands on her knees, breathing heavy. She vomited. Spots flashed in front of her eyes.

    "Vot der'mo," She swore again when she had caught her breath. By the time she came back to reality the man was hauling himself through the skylight and onto the roof. As soon as he was clear Natalia slammed the cover back down over the skylight. Then, without a word, she darted away across the roof and jumped down onto the Amtrack below. She had no time to wait for the strange man and no idea if he was safe or not. In her experience others just slowed her down anyway. No matter what it would be safer to go it alone. She couldn't afford to form any attachments, nor did she want to. Natalia hopped on top of the stationary train and ran with ease across it's top before jumping down on the narrow track and continuing on her way.



    "Hey- thank la-" He looked over to find that she... was running away from him? He looked on as she ran off, in shock at her sudden fear against him. He jogged after her, yelling out "Wait op!"- she was the first person he had seen in years that didn't want to eat him, and he wasn't going to let her go. He swaggered up the backpack on him, tightened the ties on it and began to run after her. He hopped down to the Amtrrack below, doing a swift roll and with the gained momentum, chased on after her. He was definently being a creep, and she wouldn't trust him one single bit: but he had to keep up the chase, to try and explain things- give her what she should get and ensure that some form of human contact is given. Duncan looked on over as she hopped onto the stationary train, running across it with practiced finesse. He leaped down to the ground level instead- rolling over once more as his body began to work on double time, some undead ghouls coming over underneath, trying to grasp for him. Duncan was able to dodge most of them with finesse, only properly bumping into one by a complete freak accident- but was able to keep up his pace. As he looked on, he saw she had hopped off, and in response forced himself up the steps on the train, and down the other side, catching glimpses of her.

    He forced his legs to work over-time, even though they were growing soar from the excessive gym-like behavior. In the old world he would've probably been thought of as a maniac, but right now: he was a proper survivor. As he gave chase, his mind began going over numerous things. Why did she run away anyway? Did he really smell that bad? At that thought, Duncan leaned over to his shoulder and took a deep breath: definently not something you'd slap on a perfume bottle. Was his looks off? He glanced towards the windows on the train, seeing himself just as normal as possible. Couldn't have been that. Did she... he looked down at his legs, and quickly shook the thought out of his mind.

    "Come on! No need t'run!" he yelled out amidst his panting, but still felt the adrenaline rushing into his veins, pumping him with new energy to keep up his running. He definently felt however a bit dissapointed she didn't help him earlier- as that would've net them some very good things from that store, but... he couldn't really pin it entirely on her- he did wave a gun in her general direction. He simply kept on tracking her, ensuring she wouldn't get too far out of his line of sight.
  16. Natalia | London | Amtrack » Parkhurst Ally

    "Come on! No need t'run!"

    Natalia looked back just in time to see the man jump down from the Amtrack and run on the ground along side the rail she was on. He was...keeping pace with her! Natalia's eyes widened in surprise. How was he doing that?! Well, she supposed he couldn't have gotten this far if he didn't have skills -- just like her. She wasn't sure if this was encouraging or terrifying. Either way, she picked up the pace. She sprinted even faster down the track, glancing back at her follower every few seconds. He was dogged by the monsters but seemed to keep pace anyway. Natalia winced. It was the second time in so many seconds that she had almost gotten him killed. If he kept up this irratic behavior he was going to make her an accecory to murder against her will. Natalia looked back at him again then looked foward.

    Just in time to see that the dumpsters were right in front of her. She couldn't stop. She was going way to fast. She tried to stop anyway. But that only made it worse. The kinetic energy in her body vaulted her foward over the dumpsters where she landed smack on her back...right in the middle of the horde of monsters that had been there earler. They looked mildy surprised to have their meal fall out of the sky. How convenient for them. But they weren't as surprised as Natalia who lay there, head spinning, eyes unfocused, back acheing as she tried to catch her breath. It had been nocked right out of her. As she looked up at the spinning sky she saw gruesome faces start foward and stare down at her, getting closer and closer, moaning and salavating. Oh shit. Move. She had to move. Natalia didn't know how but her brain managed to sent the signal to her limbs. MOVE!

    The monsters were gathered all around her now, groping for her as she bolted foward, trying to get the jump on them and escape before they could pen her in. Gross hands reached for her, grabbing for her arms, her hair, her face. Natalia heard screaming and was suddenly awere that the scream was coming from her own mouth. Hands grasped at her and she shook them off. She dropped to the ground and began crawling though a forest of dirty leggs. This seemed to throw the monsters off momentairly and gave Natalia enough time to get a few feet away, crawling on all fours. But then they were there again, swarmed around her. She felt hands around her arms, leggs, and head as dozens of bodies pressed all around her.

    "No! Noooooo!" She thrashed and writhed feircly and was dropped to the ground. She crawled a few feet further away...and found her path blocked by the wall. She was at the end of the ally, cornered. She turned and pounded her fists against the wall, looking for an escape route. Natalia was still screaming and now also crying, an annoying habit that plagued her when she was angry.

    There was no escape route.
  17. Matthew continued through the apartments unsure where to go, he looked back to see the large group now behind him reaching for him, he took oout his pistol and fired a few rounds into the group hitting a few bodies but not hitting any heads. Well fuck my life, he thought to himself running towards a door and knocked against a door with his boot, the door's hinges where a bit loose and broke to the floor. Matthew ran towards the balcony smashing through the glass door and hopping over the balcony and hopped down to the balcony below and rolled into the door.

    Matthew took a few breaths as he got over the fear of what he just did, turning around he looked over into the alley below he readied to go down the next few ones giving up on the idea of the roof. He hopped over and landed on the next balcony barely holding onto the railing below causing him to think why he was doing his. He let go again dropping down and he caught on the next one a bit better and dropping down to the next railing once again. He finally made it to the second to last a after few more leaps and he heard a scream below him.

    Matthew looked down to see someone below him being crowded by seekers, he hopped down to the last balcony and opened the glass door and found some sheets and tied them together quickly while running back out. "Over here!" he shouted to her while tying the final knot on the railing and threw it towards her. He held onto the sheets to make sure it didn't put too much pressure on the railing.
  18. After that amazing 15 minute "power" nap, or in other words: the worst way to nap ever, Damian woke up by sound in the back of the store. " What was that? Wait, it came from the back. How? Was there a back entrance? Think, you just went through to check and make sure everything was secured. Wait, there was a back door, by the Pharmacy! Damn, that was careless. I must be glad that whatever entered hasn't killed me yet.", Damian thought. "I can either look for whatever has entered or pay attention to look if I can just quietly sneak away", were Damian's thoughts right before he heard a couple of knocks on the door and the window, without rhythm. "You've got to be kidding me right?! Ugh... I guess this is my luck changing against me. Damn, so whatever is out there, I'll need to encounter it. Let's hope it's semi-friendly and not a walking corpse.", he thought. With a sigh, he started to walk to the back.

    He looked through the window into the Pharmacy. "Now I remember! I only locked the door leading into the grocery store, not the door from outside the Pharmacy! Wow, I'm a dumbass...", Damian thought, not really focused. He saw a woman inside, pregnant. She sat close to the door. "How to do this? I want to talk to her, but suddenly going in isn't smart too. She could be startled and shoot or hit me. I don't see any weapons on her, but that doesn't mean she isn't armed. I need to be careful, I got to stay alive for her... Well, if I ever get the courage to tell her how I feel, I need to stay alive in this hellhole.", Damian thought. Being lost in thought, he just kinda stood there like a dumbass.
  19. Duncan had finally ensured that she wouldn't be able to get somewhere, and quickly hopped up the dumpster after her, but instead of leaping ahead- he stopped at the sound of moaning. Oh no, she didn't... Panic struck through his mind as he was close to taking the conclusion she got grabbed, before hopping on over the wall and down the pit- eyeing the undead that were after her. He reached over to his side, and quickly unslung his rifle- it was going to make a lot more noise than his SMG, that much he knew. He raised the rifle and pressed it against his shoulder as he took aim against the closest undead to Natalia, and slowly squeezed the trigger- firing off a round that penetrated the neck of the creature, forcing it's body down and collapsed without a second noise. Now getting the attention of most of the beast, he yelled out "C'moon you dum' fooks! Dunkie's he'e with a flavur o' beef!" to which most of the infected that couldn't reach Natalia turned on their heels, clearly interested by the sound of another survivor close by.

    Duncan however couldn't let them get close enough for such confrontation, especially with his limited amount of ammunition. He turned over on his heels to look back at the wall he had just crossed over- and after lowering his upper body downwards, he shot up like a rocket- grasping the edge of the wall and quickly pulling himself upwards, escaping the grasp of the undead moaning below. He looked about, and reached over for his backpack- rustling it to provide more sound for the undead below to keep their attention to him- as he had yet to notice the man above him.
  20. Natalia | London | Parkurst Ally » Matthew's balcony

    The first thing Natalia heard was an ear shattering BANG! That echoed through her head and the streets of London. Instincticly Natalia ducked and covered her ringing ears. A monster fell dead at her feet leaving a gap which Natalia now looked through to see the one who had been running after her. Did he just...? Save her? Prevent her from being a meal? The next thing Natalia noticed was something soft brushing against her head. She looked up and followed a cotton white rope all the up to the balcony above. Her eyes crossed. Then she saw another person. She was being saved again. That made her feel both grumpy and grateful.

    "Over here!" the person spoke. She really had no other choice. Natalia tried to grasp the (was that a cotton sheet?) rope but she was so penned in by the monsters she couldn't move an inch. She saw an open mouth and rotted teeth just an inch away from her hand that was on the rope. Then another voice spoke.

    "C'moon you dum' fooks!"

    The crowed of monsters lessened around her somewhat and she knew it was now or never. Natalia kicked out at the monsters closest to her and used their bodies to vault herself into the air and grab the makeshift rope. She hoped it would hold. Natalia began to inch her way up it, kicking out at any who dared grap her feet.
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