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World of Decay [Revamp]

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Melon, Feb 2, 2016.

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  1. It all happened in an instant. The explosions, the screams. Parents frantically looking for their children. The distant growls and clicks from some unknown threat. What were any of us to do? Simple, make a run for it. Some of us hid in groups and waited things out. As time passed, they soon began to realize that being in a group was becoming dangerous. Some became sick and died, while others, well they just went insane. We began to find that the more of us died out, the more of 'them' increased. The people that remained in groups, were turned on by their fallen comrades. The once dead body becoming reanimated. Those people were so foolish to think that they would survive. Oh how they were wrong. Now, the loners on the other hand, they were survivors. They are smart, cunning, and quick on their feet. While the others died off, they live on. Us, those survivors, we fight everyday just to survive. We have beaten the odds, and proved that we were capable. Not that it really matters. Times are getting tough, even more than it was. It's getting extremely difficult to take care of ourselves. The panic is rising. We try to shake the thought away, but soon enough we will have to group up, the thing we dread the most is becoming a reality. What choice do we have? Maybe we can survive, maybe all our abilities put together will make things a whole lot easier. Even so, what can we do in this world, this world of decay?

    It is the 'zombie' apocalypse, and you are one of the few who have survived this hell on earth. You are what they call a loner, the ones that have chosen to live by themselves during all of this. You are the ones that have excelled above the rest in this test against humanity. Sadly, you will soon have to leave your life of solitude and join a group of fellow loners. What other choice do you have? The zombies are becoming stronger and are starting to stay in large hordes. Either die and become reanimated, or keep fighting, with others by your side. It is your decision, your move on this chess board of life.

    I need A LOT of people for this RP so feel free to give it a look, and hopefully you will be interested in joining!

    More RP info and Sign-Ups:
    World of Decay
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