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  1. It all happened in an instant. The explosions, the screams. Parents frantically looking for their children. The distant growls and clicks from some unknown threat. What were any of us to do? Simple, make a run for it. Some of us hid in groups and waited things out. As time passed, they soon began to realize that being in a group was becoming dangerous. Some became sick and died, while others, well they just went insane. We began to find that the more of us died out, the more of 'them' increased. The people that remained in groups, were turned on by their fallen comrades. The once dead body becoming reanimated. Those people were so foolish to think that they would survive. Oh how they were wrong. Now, the loners on the other hand, they were survivors. They are smart, cunning, and quick on their feet. While the others died off, they live on. Us, those survivors, we fight everyday just to survive. We have beaten the odds, and proved that we were capable. Not that it really matters. Times are getting tough, even more than it was. It's getting extremely difficult to take care of ourselves. The panic is rising. We try to shake the thought away, but soon enough we will have to group up, the thing we dread the most is becoming a reality. What choice do we have? Maybe we can survive, maybe all our abilities put together will make things a whole lot easier. Even so, what can we do in this world, this world of decay?

    It is the 'zombie' apocalypse, and you are one of the few who have survived this hell on earth. You are what they call a loner, the ones that have chosen to live by themselves during all of this. You are the ones that have excelled above the rest in this test against humanity. Sadly, you will soon have to leave your life of solitude and join a group of fellow loners. What other choice do you have? The zombies are becoming stronger and are starting to stay in large hordes. Either die and become reanimated, or keep fighting, with others by your side. It is your decision, your move on this chess board of life.

    This is a roleplay I had previously created, and sadly, had to abandon due to irl issues. I would like to thank to the several people that kept this RP going on for as long as it did while I was gone. I appreciate you all! I unfortunately, could not find all of you that were in the RP so I am crossing my fingers that you guys will see this.

    Now on to some basic information. The story will take place in two different locations; London and New York. Different area, different things to do. Also, you can have multiple characters, as long as you can handle them of course. I would like to have, somewhat, of an even amount of characters in each location.

    I am also willing to hear any ideas you have, or answer any questions. In this RP, you guys can help form part of the plot.

    Character Sheet



    Appearance: (Give a good description or use a REAL photo)





    Which location are you at?: London or New York



    • Please follow all the Iwaku rules
    • Please be somewhat descriptive in your posts. I don't require too much but I would like to be able to picture, in detail, what is happening
    • I am the GM, and in the end, my word is final. I am a flexible person, however, so don't worry too much about me being a 'mean' GM
    • In your character sheets...PLEASE PLEASE use a real picture. No anime.
    • Be nice to your fellow rpers. We don't want people dropping out just because there is some drama going on outside of the roleplay.
    • No godmodding
    • I don't expect much in a post. I usually prefer at least a paragraph, but as long as you do more than a couple sentences that is fine. Quality over quantity.
    • Last but not least, just have fun! I'm not going to pressure you to post ALL the time. As long as you make a post when it's needed, that is fine. ^^

  2. I'm interested in joining, if: 1) Other people also join or show interest in joining, or 2) you are willing to play it as a 1x1 if nobody joins. Basically, the character I have in mind is fairly "involved," and I'd rather not invest a lot of time into writing up a bio if there's not going to be a game. :) But, if there are any other lurkers waiting to see if there's interest before joining with a bio, please join or signal interest. :D

    BTW, where is everybody? I thought they were having to do the update thing because there were so many players signed up (in the thousands IIRC), but I've been having trouble finding active games.
  3. I'm interested, and working on a cs =^.^=
  4. Yaaay people! =D

    And on where everyone is, well, I think a lot of people are slowing down since update day is coming up soon. No one will lose their RP's or anything, but a lot of people, from what I've experienced, either speed up to get to a certain point in their RP or put it to a halt when updates are coming.

    That also can depend on your interests. Certain genres are more 'active' than others. Like Fandoms, those are typically very active roleplays.

    There could be several reasons behind it, but those are the ones that came to mind. ^^
  5. I have a question: how far along in the apocalypse is this? =^.^= wouldn't want to accidentally make an unrealistic character that's been around in the apocalypse for a few months if everyone else has been in it for only a couple weeks, or an entire year.
  6. Forgot to add that bit, my bad!

    It has been around for 6 months.

  7. Name:
    Capri Holloway
    image. (open)

    Description. (open)
    Capri has fair skin, slightly pale but not too pale, hazel eyes, long, straight, dyed pink hair, though it is naturally blonde. For her outfit she tends to wear whatever is comfortable, which usually consists of a t-shirt and mini-skirt, though always in black. She has a her needles attached to her right thigh at most times, through use of a specialized sheath, her bolts are in a similar contraption on her left thigh.

    Capri is distrusting of others, and doesn't often feel connections to anyone, as she has since developed a feeling that everyone will eventually betray her. She can be hyper at times, especially over candy.
    Capri grew up in a small town, with her mother. Life was pretty standard, she went to school, came home, got a part-time job when she was fifteen. Around this time, she also died her hair pink, solely because she had heard her mother complaining about some random kid who had died theirs. When she turned seventeen she went to live with her father in New York, where she obtained a part-time job working at a spa as a receptionist. From there she went to college to get a degree in the art of massage therapy. There she learned many things that would be useful for more than just a career, however she was unaware of this.

    After apocalypse (open)

    When everything first began Capri was sitting at home watching the news with her father and his girlfriend when there was a sound at the door. Her father went to check what the sound was, and when he opened the door a homeless looking person attacked and bit him. In self defense, he smashed a nearby lamp into the attackers head, and then called the police. Though he was unable to get through, which is when an emergency report came on, saying that the same was happening everywhere. The three barricaded the house, with plans to just 'wait it out'.

    However this plan was not to last, as the next day Capri's father began to grow sickly. It didn't take much longer after that for him to turn into one of the undead, and when he did he attacked his girlfriend first. Capri, though extremely scared pushed a sewing needle into his neck, paralyzing him from the neck down. She then packed up her stuff and left.

    At some point she met up with a group who welcomed her openly, they took her obvious weapons, saying that they would give them back when they knew she could be trusted. This sent warning signals to Capri's survival instinct, however she shrugged it off, giving them the benefit of the doubt. After being given the 'grand tour' of their small base Capri noticed something off, there wasn't a single female in this group, however she once again shrugged it off as a coincidence. Later that day, one of them tried to take advantage of her, saying she had to 'earn her place' within the group, however still having her needles she easily defended herself, and reclaimed her gear before leaving and deciding that people weren't worth it, that it was better to be alone.

    Capri's main ranged weapon is a crossbow, though ranged isn't a great term seeings as it's only effective at about 10ft minimum. For dispatching the undead that have gotten too close, or simple tasks such as cutting ropes, she has a simple pocket knife. Her specialty however, are the small needles most people look past assuming them to be simple sewing needles, however if one were too look close enough they would notice that the needles are missing the 'eye', and some have blood stains on them.
    Weapon Details (open)

    Crossbow, pistol style, 80lb draw weight (6 bolts)
    Pocket knife
    Combat needles. Lollipop stick length, sharp point to puncture skin, total width is 1.5 mm, just slightly bigger than a sewing needle. (8 needles)

    Pressure Points~ Capri knows pressure points that can disable, and pressure points that can kill, when paired with her needles this makes for a deadly combination to those who underestimate her.
    Acrobatics~ She is not at professional level, however she does have some knowledge
    Accuracy~ Capri actually has horrid accuracy, and even if she had a bigger crossbow or a gun, likely wouldn't be able to hit anything.
    CQC~ Her knowledge for close quarters relies mostly upon her knowledge of pressure points, so with her needles she can be a deadly adversary up close, but with her knife or hands her skill is dramatically reduced.
    New York
    I didn't go into much detail for her personality because I prefer to let it show during the roleplay, if needed I can expand however.
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  8. Name: Tatterdemalion (was Clary Demarko)

    Age: 25

    Gender: Female



    Tatterdemalion is a whimsical free spirit. She loves nature and considers herself a part of the wild. She is curious and loves to learn new skills; she "collects" them. They're "trade goods" that no one can steal. She loves mythology and folklore, to the point that she has decided to live it fully. She is not an American struggling to survive in a zombie apocalypse; she is a Ranger/Druid and Guardian of the Wild, passing through the alchemical transformation of the world from walking death to a future rebirth of life.

    Tatterdemalion speaks with an adopted Irish lilt in medieval cadence. She hates guns, to the point that she refuses to consider trying to get and use one, even if it makes life more dangerous for her. She suffers from something akin to a mental allergy to ugliness (such as Brutalist architecture, sloppy 'normal' clothes, and the aggressive design of most cars and SUV's). For her, walking through a modern urban or suburban landscape is like being forced to listen to fingernails on chalkboard, loud, and on a constant loop. One of her biggest fears is that she'll end up becoming just one more ragged survivor in a ruined crapsack world that was hideous (in her opinion) even at its height.

    She is very artistic and creative. In her spare time, she tries to make her surroundings more magical, beautiful, and whimsical. She's built little faerie houses in the woods and hung dreamcatchers and charms from tree branches, and painted Celtic knotwork and occult sigils on rocks. She makes her own music with a simple wooden flute.

    She likes to climb trees. Since Z-Day, she's figured out a technique for securing herself in their leafy heights to sleep out of sight and reach of zombies.

    Clary was born into a strict religious family in South Carolina. Her parents were firm believers in the "Quiverfull" movement, but their efforts to raise Clary to become an obedient wife and mother to a large family failed spectacularly. By the time she was twelve, she had developed her own idiosyncratic theology in which the Serpent in the Garden of Eden and Satan were separate characters, with the Serpent and Eve being Promethean heroes of the story. At the age of 15, she ran away from home. She drifted from one outcast lifestyle to another--street gangs, Rainbow Gatherings, carnies, WWOOFing--in search of "home" and "tribe." Finally, she discovered renaissance fairs. She'd picked up enough "Maker" and craft skills along her journey to more or less make ends meet by making costumes and accessories to sell at ren fairs, Comic-Cons, and similar gatherings, as well as on Etsy and Ebay. She made a little extra money by writing whimsical illustrated books of neo-folklore. She never got rich, but she made enough money to build (with help) a Roma-style vardo ("gypsy wagon") that served as a portable residence and workshop.

    She created a "Ranger/Druid/Shaman" persona for herself whom she named Tatterdemalion. While at fairs and cons she presented herself "in character." Over the years, she accumulated various skills as well as knowledge of folklore, paganism, magic and shamanism. Along the way, she came to believe that modern industrial civilization was headed for a decline and fall due to resource depletion, climate change, and its own internal contradictions. Thus, she'd decided to "collapse now and avoid the rush," and try to learn low-tech survival skills (including intermediate skill in the use of longsword and longbow) that would serve her in the coming post-industrial world.

    She was on her way to a science fiction and fantasy convention in New York when the zombies came. To her great sorrow, she was forced to abandon her vardo in gridlocked traffic and flee for her life. She only escaped because her "collapse prep" included the idea of having a bug-out bag ready and her weapons within easy reach. While most of the other fleeing survivors headed for buildings they could try to lock themselves into, Clary ran for Central Park. She made it to Belvedere Castle and helped a large group of people secure it. She joined raiding parties to gather supplies, and started a "victory garden," but she never really fit in. They were still trying to cling to American culture, while she found comfort by slipping more and more into her Tatterdemalion persona. To make matters worse, the more domineering "macho" males began to organize around a wannabe warlord with harsh, Darwinian views on "what it took to survive." Seeing which way the wind was blowing, and deciding she liked her chances better in nature than in a besieged compound, Clary planned her escape and slipped away in the night.

    After a perilous journey with too many close calls, she made it to the North Woods in Central Park. The relatively difficult terrain there offered considerable protection from zombies, as their clumsy shambling followed a path of least resistance to other areas of the City and the Park, especially while noisy battles against police, military forces, street gangs, and other well-armed groups drew their attention and interest. Living alone in the forest, she stopped thinking of herself as Clary altogether, and became Tatterdemalion. The old world had no future; her new life as a creature of myth and folklore was surely just as "real" if not more so than the dying culture of T-shirts, jeans, and automobiles. Of course, that didn't mean she wasn't a complete weirdo--if not insane--in the eyes of any humans who crossed her path. For her part, she considers humans more dangerous than the zombies--they're smarter, and they often have guns.

    For the last couple months, she's lived by hunting and trapping birds and small animals for food, supplemented by occasional raids into the city proper. She's been lucky so far, that neither large zombie hordes nor well-organized groups of humans have attempted to move into her territory.


    This sword (sharpened), which she has named Wildwind, this longbow (55 pound draw), this quiver and six of these arrows.

    Tools and equipment:

    Small hatchet (for chopping wood and use as a mallet with the flat back side of the head; the handle is too short for it to serve as a good anti-zombie weapon), Leatherman multi-tool, 50 feet of rope, leather backpack, wool bedroll, small utility knife, half roll of duct tape, two "decoy grenades" (emptied cans filled partly with small rocks and sticks with the open end taped over and a throwing handle of duct tape); can be thrown or rolled downhill to draw off zombies, small brass compass, flint and steel, leather sleeveless jerkin and hooded long-sleeved top piece (pictured above).

    Not carried with her: set of artist's paintbrushes and acrylic paints, tools for leatherworking, wood working, and jewelry making, small garden tools. She keeps these in sacks hoisted up in a tree where they're hard to see from ground level.


    General wilderness survival, knot-tying, basic snares and traps, leather working, jewelry-making, small-scale metal working and soldering (e.g., she can make chainmail given LOTS of time, lots of heavy-gauge steel wire and the right tools, but she can't build a bridge out of iron or steel), Permaculture gardening, Historical European Martial Arts (longsword and longbow), calligraphy, drawing, pen and ink, painting, basic carpentry, and wood working (she can make a basic chair, but not fancy dovetail joints), stealth, Sacred Geometry, an eclectic grab bag of mystical, shamanic, and magical practices (I'm assuming no supernatural powers, but she can create the kinds of experiences real-life Wiccans, shamans, etc. have), Tarot reading, and a smattering of sleight of hand and card tricks, flute playing. Most of these skills are at an intermediate level.

    Location: New York


    Tatterdemalion wants to domesticate this snow leopard that escaped from the Central Park Zoo so she can have him as a companion and familiar. She's tossed meat to him a couple times, but she's also had a couple tense confrontations where he seemed to be evaluating her as prey.

    Theme Song: (just for fun)

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  9. I am definitely interested, and will try to get up a CS sometime today
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  10. You are both accepted!

    Sorry for my absence, I am dealing with a death in my family at the moment.

    I will try to post my characters tonight.
  11. Yeah <.<
    Mine might come tomorrow, as I suddenly had a family dinner to go to tonight so I haven't gotten a chance to work on it.
  12. Mallory 'Smiles' Kates
    {22:Female:Straight:New York}

    Standing at 5'1 and weighing in at a total of 100Lbs when sopping wet is Mallory 'Smiles', with skin the color of honey mixed with fresh cream and eyes that are large and thickly lashed in a vibrant turquoise that battles any gem stone. Thick dark hair that she has yet to cut in close to five years outside of an occasional trim so it falls in fine and smooth waves to just above her knees if she allows it to be free. Typically wearing dark clothing; classic punk goth in style meaning black leather jacket knee high combat boots, tight dark purple or green corset over a simple tank top in a coordinating color. She also wears a thigh holster and a waist one, brass knuckles sewn on to fingerless gloves, a long silver chain with hidden charms that no one is allowed to see and she ALWAYS has her gray knapsack on her back that has multiple other things she deems necessary for everyday life.

    Even before the world turned to hell, Mallory was a loner preferring the company of her older twin brother and her best friend. She was nicknamed smiles because she rarely did and when she did it either transformed her face into one of memorizing beauty or forewarned the punch that was coming and aimed straight for who ever had ticked her offs nose. Though being tough she did have a soft side that has dwindled down to barley anything the longer she has been away from her brother and best friend and it isn't a lack of trying, she has searched ever where in the forsaken city looking for them of at least their walking corpse. That statement right their explains her personality to a T, she is harsh, cold, and there is very little softness in her but she is unbelievably loyal to those she loves and with the world how it is she feels the strongest need to find her 'people' because she can feel herself slipping away. In recent days she has found herself getting easily distracted or on the brink of tears and only barley snapping out of it in time to save her own life. Being pretty level headed, when not pissed, Mallory understands that her mental state is being eaten away with worry for her family and in such is leaving her open to being hurt.

    When Mallory and her brother were two years old their mother tried to drown them in the bath tub, luckily for them the landlord had been coming to forcefully evict them due to their mother not paying the rent on time. After that they were bounced from home to home and only when they turned seventeen did they find a real home with an elderly couple, Robert and Frannie Kates, sadly the love filled life was cut short about a year later when Robert passed away due to a heart attack and Frannie died a mere four months later due to a 'broken heart' as the doctor kindly told the twins. Left on their own the twins spent a lot of time working part time jobs but Michael, her twin, found time to fall in love with Mallory's best friend Lexi. Engaged to be married the Michael moved out of the little two bedroom apartment to live with Lexi which in turn left Mallory to her loner life style and more importantly alone when zombies went from being a nightmare to reality. Sense then Mallory has been spending all of her free time keeping herself feed and out of harm while searching for the two most important people in her life.

    Two hand guns Mallory had bought on the black market after her brother moved out so she would feel safe, five throwing knives, and two hunting knives. Along with the brass knuckles attached to her gloves.

    Spending her life in the system with a big brother has given her bottom basic sparring skills but the three years of self defense and martial arts have turned her slim body into a weapon all of its own, she is also a skilled medic having had to play nurse to brother on more then one occasion and being a EMT.

  13. Condolences to you and your family Melancholy.
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  14. I am very sorry to hear that Melancholy. My condolences to you and your family for your loss.
  15. Is everyone just waiting until after the Big Update to post, or have people lost interest?
  16. I was going to wait until after the big update, but saying it is postponed to a later date, I will post my CS this evening (it is finished but I am currently at school and unable to post it at the moment)
  17. I would like to state my interest and intent to post a character sheet sometime within the next week, as of right now I am tied up but when my schedule opens up again I would like to join your RP. ^__^
  18. I am very sorry for my absence guys! Now that update day is over with, I am back into the swing of things! Life has been kicking my butt as of late. My sincerest apologies. T_T Just gonna check to see if you guys are all still interested.
  19. welcome back :3

    I'm still interested =^.^=
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  20. Good! Here are my first two characters! On my characters....I am not giving too much information on them away in the CS, because I want to reveal more about the characters through the roleplay. I will post two more characters later on.

    Maxine (open)

    Name: Maxine (Max)

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female

    Personality: Max is cold. No, not temperature. She is emotionless, due to events that have sent her spiraling into insanity. The only two emotions she openly expresses is fear and anger. The only two really needed in her opinion. She finds herself incapable of being near another human being. Paranoia sinks in and she sees anyone as a potential threat. Deep down she knows her time is running out as a loner, but she can't cooperate with other people....can she?

    History: When the outbreak started Max was with her boyfriend. They thought true love would keep them alive. How foolish of them. Within a week Max's boyfriend was bitten, and of course his first target was Max. Max, out of fear, took down her boyfriend with a gun. She stood crying at her lover's now crumpled corpse. She packed what little things she had and left immediately. She left her broken heart there, and never looked back. Within a couple of months, Max had joined a group. Things were going well until there was the flu going around. With no medics or doctors, several of them died, leaving them in even smaller numbers. The group members turned on one another. Poor Max, she watched the bloodbath from a distance. All she had seen was how terrible and cruel this world was, and how cruel it's inhabitants were. Soon after, Max became a loner, and to this day, she avoids every living person she sees. Not that she really sees any anyways.

    Weapons: Max carries a .308 rifle and a large machete, along with a couple of knives

    Skills: Max is an amazing shot with her rifle and she hardly ever misses. She is good when it comes to defending herself...from a distance. Up close, well, it's a different story.

    Location: New York

    Shannon (open)

    Name: Shannon

    Age: 25

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Shannon is suave; a real charmer. His looks gets him places. He uses his charm and looks to his advantage. Not only does trick people into giving him things, he obtains their secrets. Oh how he loves secrets. Those are his favorite things to learn. I mean, what else can a man of his stature do to pass the time in a world like this? He's a real trickster that's for sure. One minute he'll shake your hand as a sign of friendship, and next he'll stab you in the back....literally.

    History: Shannon was born into a wealthy family. A very, very wealthy one at that. Throughout his life he had everything he ever wanted. Tons of money, fancy cars, a hot girlfriend, etc. When the outbreak started, he lost everything. Everyone he knew had turned, so he did what most people did, he ran. He went into a place, a very dark place. Both literally and psychologically. He had cracked. The once calm and collected man, had turned into a monster. One that was full of manipulation and greed.

    Weapons: Shannon's biggest weapon his mouth, but if you want to be technical, he loves knives. He carries several knives, and a Beretta 92FS pistol.

    Skills: He's a smooth talker. He can read most people like an open book. He is also good when it comes to up close and personal combat. He's sly and sneaky, like a fox.

    Location: London

    ALSO! I'm needing some more London people! The amount of characters in New York and London don't have to be even...I just need a fair amount in London.
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