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    The crowd was loud and Janetta couldnt bare to wait on her drink any longer. She spotted a server and she was carrying Janettas drink. The crowd wa sthick but The server managed to get the drink to her with no spills. Janetta sighed when the drink wa splaced her table. The serve started to worrie "Im sorry Miss. Voyae i can take the drink back if its not to your liking". Jenetta laughed and then smiled "Oh no darling the drink is fine..i just could remember when i was a sever at big functions like this. My it was over baring. Hers a tip though wear your hair up in a ponytail and wear diamond studs from now on. You'll get much more attention trust me." The girl smiled and thanked Janetta.

    Janetta sipped her drink as she looked around. She couldnt believe Zimkah Bosses made it into the funeral. Zimkah was the top celebrity blogger now and days posting gossip all over the world. Janetta hated her and her blog. It was a funeral but that didnt mean anything to people who loved a good scene and a story.

    Janetta felt bad for Lisa Monicole for the simple fact that she was dead and couldnt clear her name from being a drug addict.
  2. Kate leaned back in her chair, tucking a strand of hair back behind her ear as she stared at the overcasted sky. "You know Ace, you could pull your head out of your writing sometime and enjoy life." Her tone was serious and slightly threatening, yet caring for her older brother.

    "It's Jake, not Ace, and maybe I would if I hadn't had deadlines for my next book." He mumbled, running a hand through his disheveled hair, his cat green eyes moving to watch the crowd around them. "Why did you bring me here again?" He asked, annoyance clear in his voice.

    "Because it's a funeral of a friend of mine. You remember Lisa, Lisa Monicole."

    "Yes, I remember her." He sighed. "Sadly.." This was mumbled under his breath, but was still caught by Kate's instinctive hearing.

    "Hey, don't talk like that." She crossed her arms, returning her gaze to her brother. "It's not nice."

    "Grow up Kate." He said this more as a command then a statement. She needs to learn life isn't nice. She needs to grow up, she's not 13 anymore.

    "Jae. My friends call me Jae." Her tone was starting to edge as her brother was picking with her nerves.

    "And I'm your brother, so I'm calling you by the name you were born with, as you should with me." He returned to his work, ignoring her next few words and only looking up when she stood and slipped through the crowd, wandering off.

    "Whatever, I'll be back. Ace." Then, Kate stood, moving past a few people, her blue eyes drowning in her annoyance. She was my friend..and he just throws her off a cliff like she's nothing. Kate was so deep in thought that she caught someone's chair with her elbow, shifting it so little that it should have gone unnoticed, but Kate had to apologize. She turned to the woman. "I'm so sorry ma'am, I really am. I didn't mean to bump you."
  3. The music blaring and the beats dropping, what a place for him to be. He had his hand up in the air waving it up and down, jumping behind the DJ table a smile on his face as he put a headphone to his ear and began moving some nozzles. He boosted the bass and then pressed a few pad buttons causing some sound effects to blast off, As he spun his last track he stepped down off the stand and someone else took over for him. He whipped his eyes as he was walking down through the crowd. They were trying to get autographs and trying to touch him but he moved to quickly through the crowd, He made it to the bar and ordered a drink. He sat there running his hand past his short cut hair and then put his black beanie back on.

    the bartender put down the drink and said " On the house " He smirked and said thanks, He took the drink and knocked it back letting a small grunt escape. He shook his head and spun around in the chair as a few cameras snapped a photo of him, He had a depressed look on his face. as he rushed past them he tripped over Janetta's table, he stood up and said " I'm sorry " He said as he continued on through the crowd and out back to the DJ stand. He sat on a couch that they placed behind the DJ stand.
  4. Shaking her head and finally through with her pent up energy, Kate returned to her brother, sitting down quietly and looking around again. Everyone seemed to have shift to take pictures of the DJ.

    Jake looked up as Kate sat down. "Calmed down now, are you?" He put his pencil down, leaning back against his chair.

    Kate nodded. "And you put your pencil down, time to relax?"

    Jake let out a small sigh, knowing his little sister got the best of him. "I guess. Want to get a drink?"

    Kate looked up, her eyes sparkling with laughter. "You know I don't drink." She smiled at Jake's defeated roll of eyes and continued his work.
  5. Janetta felt a thump on her table as he drink splashed on to her dress. It was that DJ that she had heard about before. Janetta followed behind him as he walked to the couch. Pictures snapped and mics where pointed at her face but she didnt care Janetta wanted to talk to that boy right now. She found him on the couch behind the Dj booth. "Excuse me but this is a custom made dress it was black when i got it and now its black with a big purple stain because of you and who hires a DJ for a funeral gathering anyway dont you have any respect for the dead" Jenetta waited for answer.

    Ges walked in late as always he had a group of people snapping pictures and asking questions about his private affairs. Ges waved them off and found a seat at the bar. Zimkah sat next to him. She had a look on face as if she was mad "Why didnt you call me last night". Ges took a shot of liquor and order another he then turned to Zimkah with a small smile on his face "Look we both know what happened last night was a mistake and a big one at that...Zim babe you know better then anyone im not into relationships. I got my number changed so please lets not mention this again or even remind ourselves about it". Ges grabbed his drink and went off to a table where he chatted up a few friends and pretty ladies.
  6. He looked around in thought and let a normal " Hmm " escape from his mouth which was followed by " Of course i have respect for Lisa " he joked up a little as he said her name but he quickly regained his normal voice, he then said " It's better to dance pain away rather than drowning it in alcohol " he looked around at the scenery and then said " But then again i have no clue why i was hired to DJ here....maybe i should shut it down " He stood up was pretty tall and then said " Im sorry about your dress...i can give you money if thats what you wish from me " He said as he reached for his wallet pulling it out. " How much do you want? " He looked at her with a bit of sorrow in his face.
  7. Janetta became mad. How dare he think she needed hsi money "I dont need your money i need your respect at least look at me when you say your sorry". Janetta couldnt believe him "And for the record they hired you because lisa liked club should do your job". Jenetta walked back to her seat she sat down with a sigh "All that cutness gone to waste sad really".

    Ges was wondering where the music was and went to go look. He saw Janetta leaving "Wow she looks that your girl" He asked the DJ.
  8. " No she's not my girl...i wish she was...she was just...beautiful wow " He didnt mean to not look her in the eye's he was raised not to look someone in the eyes when they were yelling at you especially when you were in the wrong. " I'm going to go talk to her..." he said as he began walking towards her table, He slid himself in and looked at her in the eye's and said " Im sorry...that you didnt get my respect..heh it was how i was raised " He looked her directly in the eyes with his amber eyes. He smiled a bit and said " Your dress did look amazing and i am really sorry for getting a drink on it you sure you do not wish for me to pay for it? because i will...something as lovely as that should definitely be worn on someone as lovely as you. He wasnt to good at flirting but he tried his best and even if he was denied he didnt let it get to him to much.
  9. Janetta looked up and rolled her eyes "what is your name anyway DJ". Janetta. Thought that his flirting was bad but he was cute. Despite the fact that he came of rude Janetta considered his company. She needed anyway.
  10. He smiled and said " My name is Christopher Bravos or you can call me Christoph if you wish " He placed his hand together on the table and said " If i may ask what is your name? " He continued to look at her in the eyes since he felt like he would get yelled at again if he would not.
  11. "Janetta Voyae..nice to meet you Christopher" Janetta saw him looking at something she didnt know if he was looking at her or someone else. She looked behind her then back at him "What are you staring at". Janetta began to feel like he was weird.
  12. " Sorry was just eyes.. " He shook his " im sorry if im coming off weird i just havent talked to uhm...attractive as you " He ran his hand over his face looking at her again he smiled. " But if you dont mind me asking and if this doesnt come off rude but What do you do? "
  13. Janetta wanted to slap him but now was not the time how dare he not know who she was "Im Janetta...i played Cleo in the movie Slasher Face". Janetta got a napkin and started to dab some of the drink off of her dress "Its an old movie it was out some years go but now im working on the long awaited action packed movie death is a lady. im also working on a single right now so yeah thats me". Janetta hated talking about herself when she just met someone. Most of the time people knew who she was but she guessed Christopher was diffrent.
  14. " Hmm...probably didnt know because...wasn't to privileged a while back " He smirked and looked to his side and then back at her, Christopher wasn't one of those parents were rich. He was along the lines of the got discovered but i mean alot of people were like that so what was he talking about. He smiled again and said " I should probably watch your new movie then...i bet it'll be good " He smirked a bit and then came to realization that she also said single " You sing don't you...maybe thats were ive heard your name " He shook his head.
  15. Janetta shook her head yes "Yes you may have heard somethings of mine...but i have never heard of you are you from here or no". Janetta heard of him but that was only two weeks ago and shes was not the type of person to go off gooling peoples name the first time she heard of them.
  16. He smirked " Haha no im not from here i was born in Puerto Rico but moved her a little while back when i won a contest in San juan " He smirked and rubbed his throat saying " i dont just DJ though...heh what im really famous for is " He leans in for dramatic effect " Singing....and yes i know i dont look like the singing type but...i like it alot "
  17. Janetta laughed "your right you dont". Janetta thought this was weird meeting someone at a funeral. "Did you know Lisa or are you just hired to do your job." Janetta took out her phone.
  18. He smirked and said " Yeah i knew Lisa....she was a great women..." He shook his head and then smiled again " I new her from a few parties and a few guessing you new her? " He said as he removed his hat.
  19. Janetta shook her head yes "She were recording a track together...we worked on the song together it was going to be her come back song and my coming out song". Janetta didnt like ti think about it because for a week she got to know the real Lisa and she wasnt a bad person just misunderstood. Music started blasting from the speakers. Ges was playing with the equipment and make alot of noise.
  20. He looked over at the DJ table and frowned " that's alot of mixed sounds...on a bad frequency...." he then turned back and looked at her " can still make a coming out song...and dedicate it to her...." He nodded and smiled a bit even though he thought that was kind of a stupid idea it might not be it might go big because of who's it about.