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  1. Ok so i want to do a Rp where we are Celebrities living our day to day life. Theres drama, sex, twist, Blah Blah Blah. Basically you go with the flow. No there will not be any killings only one and thats will be in the beginnig of the Rp the grounds for which all of us famous people will meet up. At this funureal of a well know friend and star rumors float around about some of us losing our jobs and some of us going in to debt and some even cheating. The rp well be like 90210 or melrose place. wanna join come join you can make up to 3 characters.

    you can make your own character form...i hope i can get some people to join
  2. I'll join =) I'll make 2 characters, brother and sister:

    Name: Kate Rasti
    Nickname: Jae, because she loves blue jays
    Gender: Female
    Age: 23
    Occupation: Actress
    Appearance: Jet black hair that she keeps cut at her jawbone, stunning blue eyes, and sharp features, Kate is your typical 'front of the magazine' type of person, just naturally. She's 5'4'' and she loves the outside, so she's got a good tan. She's athletic, running a mile every morning.
    Family: Parents deceased, living with older brother
    History: When she was born, she was very sick. It wasn't until she was 3 years old that she could speak. She was bullied a lot when she was little, so she keeps to herself a lot, but she's very friendly and very loyal to anyone who is willing to work hard enough to become her friend. When she turned 14, her parents died. She only found comfort in her brother.
    Other notes: She sees her brother as her hero.

    Name: Jake Rasti
    Nickname: Kate calls him 'Ace' because he's a superb shooter
    Gender: Male
    Age: 30
    Occupation: Famous Author. his pen name is 'M.H.' which, as none of his fans know, stands for 'Master Hawk', the name of his best friend in the military (K.I.A.)
    Appearance: Same black hair as Kate's, only a lot shorter, and bright green eyes. 5'7''. He is more athletic than his sister, running 2 miles every morning.
    Family: Parents both dead, lives with sister
    History: He took care of his sister when she was little. When she started getting picked on, he started walking her everywhere, even from class to class. When he turned 17, he entered the military, but dropped out when he heard their parents died to watch after his little sister. He let her move in with him and from them on they became really close.
    Other Notes: He has a scar that runs from the corner of his right eye down to his right shoulder from a knife when he was in combat. The cut wasn't deep, but it left a white scar.

    Is this good? =)
  3. thanks it would be kool if you could find pictures if not its kool
  4. I'll look for some. Yay =D
  5. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    This picture is of her face and her tan. This picture is her hair, only her hair is jet black.

    [​IMG] Perfect picture of Jake. The necklace is his military dog tags.

    Are these good?
  6. i love them omg
  7. do we want to go ahead and start, or are we waiting for more people?
  8. id like to join

    Name: Christopher Bravos
    Nickname: Christoph, Lil C, Techno
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Career: Dj, Singer
    Relationship: Single
    Other: Owns the T.G.W.C ( The guerrilla Warfare Crew )
    Appearance: [​IMG]
  9. Waiting on more people but we might start when I get home from work n ty for joining :-)
  10. Name: Janetta Voyae
    Age: 21
    Career: Actress, Singer
    Bio: Jenetta group up in a small town. She had a single mom and a married dad. They lived paycheck after paycheck to survive. Jenetta attented art camp during the summer to where she expressed and gain experiance for her love of music and thearter. At the age of 17 Jenetta tried out for her first part in a movie the movie "Slasher Face" where she played of course the sweet little virgin. The movie didint hit big numbers in the box offices so it was like Jenetta was still a nobody.

    At the age of 19 trying to recover from the slasher face low income she try again with a new musical film called "City Lights" and to her surprise thos movie was a hit the movie was top selling for a whole month and from that moment Jenetta was on her way to fame. Now at the age of 21 she has a new single coming out and working on a new movie. Jentta might can pull it off.


  11. Name: Ges Potterman
    Age: 24
    Career: Model
    Bio: Ges was only 18 when he started in the fashion busniess. It was just another day at the mall for him. He was walking into a frame store to get his glasses fixed and maybe buy some new shoes. He didint have style and his hair needed some TLC. Ges was just your everyday couch potatoe.

    His body wasnt out of shape but it wasnt in it either but little did he know that frame store would be his start to fame. A model agency owner came to that same frame store to get his daughters glasses fix and just so happened to see a star in Ges. The owner spent thousands and thousands of dollars on Ges to make him the agencys best model. Which he became. Of course he left to be on his own and that wasnt a problem because he had already generated enough money for the agency and till this day everyway runway needs a "Bright Star Agency Model".


  12. Job: Rapper
    Name: Dion Selvage
    Rapper Name: Dr. Savage
    Age: 19
    Bio: Dion had an average life, with a middle class family, he was just 17, still in high-school, having a free style rap battle with his friends just outside the mall. When a rap producer came up to him, saying he was pretty good, and gave Dion his card. It was like a dream come true, he called that card every day, coming over to the office, pumping out rap after rap, and getting better and better, until he was finally officially noticed. He ended up making his first hit single, "White Noise", when he was 18, and he eventually became a famous rapper.

    (hope its okay)
  13. Name: Cynthia Hart
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21
    Occupation: Model/Aspiring Writer
    Bio: A southern peach, Cynthia had always dreamt of becoming a model since she could remember and so she decided to pursue it, although it was quite difficult at first one day after attending a go see, she eventually got hired by a well known company and so on her story continued. She began modeling at the young age of 19 and two years later she's become a superstar. As she grew older she also began to write as a past time and soon became more or less her main hobby. Although she can come off nice and cheery, she also has a rather..ehem, bitchy side.
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