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  1. I have a story line, but I am willing to expand on it, and try getting this as a group role-play.

    Story Line

    She was the greatest warrior to ever come across the land. Strong, Noble, and Wise. Everyone looked up to the woman. A darkness came over the world. The leader called the group The Shin. They started taking over every city, and built a castle in the middle of the world. Demon Guards were set to control all the citizens under the rule of the Shin. These actions saddened the great warrior, and she rushed to the dark castle. She went in to face the dark leaders. The citizens waited and waited for the Warriors return. Sadly, that never happened. The Shin took control of the world, and killed the king and queen. The Leader of the Shin took rise to the thrown, and renamed the world. Carthenage.

    Years passed and a young boy rose disturbance in the depressed world. He challenged the demon guards, and called out to the Leader of the new world. He had, had enough of the darkness. He ordered the Shin to give back the citizens what was rightfully theirs, and restore the world to its original order. The Shin refused each time. They were not having this.

    The young boy decided to go on a mission to the castle of the Shin. He set forth on his journey. Over coming Demons. He met new people that agreed to help him on his mission. They all set their minds on one thing. Destroy the Shin.

    The group arrives to the castle. The castle held a horrible arua. One the young boy couldn't bare to handle, yet he felt a presence in the castle. The Warrior's soul bound to the dark structure. They went in. Each floor would hold one person in their imagination. The Shin used fear. They put each persons fear in their mind and their fear killed them. Everyone else had to watch while fighting the demons that threated for blood lust.

    The young boy lost all his friends. Wounded and beaten up, he crawled up the stairs to the last floor. Only to be faced with his greatest fear.

    Dare to enter the World of Carthenage?

  2. - Spots {Only accepting three females and at least ten males. First come, first serve} -

    Necro's Group

    Leader: Taken @SecretsLiesMurder
    Male 1:
    Male 2:
    Male 3:
    Male 4:
    Female 1 {Also going to be Necro's lover}:
    Female 2:

    The Shin

    Leader {Dark Power}: Taken @SecretsLiesMurder
    Deputy Leader {Earth Power - Male}:
    Male Member 1 {Air Power}:
    Male Member 2 {Fire Power}:
    Female Member 1 {Water Power}:​
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Not open for further replies.