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  1. Welcome to the World of Bounty. Below will give you a rundown of the history of our 'verse, mechanics of the roleplay, and character sheets. Thank you for dropping by.

    History of Your Universe

    The year is 078, exactly 78 years after the Galactic War 3, a war to decide the fate of humanity and by a stroke of luck they won. However, the entire human race would suffocate for decades on their planet before they could find suitable land elsewhere. As soon as they could they moved out, abandoning the system they once protected, but there were those that chose to stay and they became a minority to the alien races that soon took over the planets often taking on revolutionary jobs against great powers. This is what humanity is left with; slavery and war are their only options to regain what was once home.

    However, humanity was not alone. Many other races that were just recovering from their own wars wanted revenge on the alien race known commonly as Trolls. The Trolls were nasty brutes whose leader sought the entire galaxy and it would seem he nearly had it. However, the Cosmos had an entire planet of unlikely saviors that had yet to know of their destiny. The galaxy known simply as Bounty. You can take a crack at why it is named so. Bounty is the most elusive sector in the galaxy, the only way in is know somebody or to create a way in, and despite how easy it may seem no one, but those it's made for, have been able to get in. And it wouldn't be so if every nasty criminal and super genius didn't take residence there.

    Hidden by a giant energy field existing through many different dimensions, a holographic projection system, and to top it off most of the fleets of bandits hiding out in the galaxy, these criminals don't plan on letting anyone they don't like in. Yet, this would raise another question: why? The answer is so stupidly simple you wouldn't believe it. Money. The entire Galaxy, all 17 planets, of Bounty operate off the idea of currency makes the world go 'round. Those who live there don't care what the task is as long as you make the pay worth the work they'll likely do it.

    Your Role

    This is the current state of the cosmos; Everyone is on edge about another war breaking out as more scouts come to Bounty looking for hunters to aid them in their war efforts to take back land. Rumor also has it that the Trolls have come across the energy field on a different dimension than the common one known as C-2. Fear is spreading, but you must still need to make a living communicate with other NPCs and players to build relationships and find jobs.

    Roleplay Mechanics

    This roleplay will be heavily reliant on a stat system. This system will be more toward non-combat situations such as Politics and Influence. In order to do anything in this roleplay you will have to complete jobs for NPCs and in turn these NPCs will grant you a reward based on the job's difficulty and will spread your name as well granting you more access to jobs from that race. Also, depending on your race determines if you can even use what the NPC gives you. There will be no stats for combat. I will provide race information and from there you can choose one of my races or pass one of your ideas by me in my inbox. Due to this I leave it up to you based on the information given on the races to tell whether what you do in combat is plausible enough.

    Starting the roleplay you will all be arriving at what's called a tavern, later on you'll learn just how unique these can get, but for now I'll just explain how this tavern works. When you all arrive at the tavern I will describe the NPCs there and throw out information about them to all of you. So, it would be your job to determine if, given the scenario, your races will work together or if you'll have to find another mercenary to try and tag along with. Not everyone has to be a combatant and those that aren't can offer their medical/technical services to others in exchange for pay.

    Now once we get into jobs and whatnot I will be acting as NPCs on each of your jobs. Depending on their nature, I may be the forces of nature herself or I may be a bandit fleet. You never know what could happen.

    That about covers it.

    Sand Rats (open)

    Sand Rats
    Lifespan: 200-150
    Height: 4'8''-4'5''
    Location: Bounty

    Aptly named Rats by humans when they encountered each other, Sand Rats accepted the insult and pushed themselves to the wastelands of Earth, and hide underground utilizing their enhanced senses and strength to dig massive burrows all throughout deserts. Due to this they became a forgotten race to the humans until they offered their help during the first war. The Rats fought valiantly, but choosing their people over the ones who drove them away they sought worlds elsewhere, traveling in a large fleet of cruisers, until the worlds of Bounty were discovered by a Rat or two. They were quick to adjust to the galaxy's rules and quick to take it over from the previous inhabitants. They soon ruled Bounty as a whole and spread out among it's planets.

    Due to their fur already providing warmth they do not wear a lot of clothing. They only wear what they find attractive and that can cover genitals and breasts. Sand Rats are mammals and do reproduce like humans. Another key thing about Sand Rats is their sense of community. All Sand Rats are extremely close to one another and often do each other favors just because they are one of them. In addition to this they don't ever allow outsiders into their burrows. However, they respond extremely well to kindness and can show quick changes of heart to those who show it to them.

    Skills/Common Careers
    When they founded their new homes the Sand Rats didn't ever want war again. They set up rules which soon became the rules everyone in Bounty came to know. As a result most if not all Sand Rats are mercenaries, farmers, and traders. Since as a collective most don't posses any others skills when they bring new tech to the burrows it's up to those few that know how to work it into the lives of their people. These few engineers are high paid, but aren't the best there is. Some mercenaries are better than they are, but mercenaries are almost always out while these guys experiment in off-site burrows risking their lives with, often times, unstable tech.


    Call To Arms - Whenever you're in danger and someone from your race/allied with your race is nearby they are naturally inclined to help you.

    Silver Tongue - This is an art that's been practiced since you could talk. You won't fail a business exchange and will get your way.

    Ancient Knowledge - Your race, surprisingly, is up there with the oldest of them. Unlike the other dummies though you guys were smart enough to keep records and you're able to decipher most ancient text with the exception of the Magi.

    Adapt and Overcome - You can survive the outer reaches of space and underwater.

    Super-Mouse - Enhanced senses/speed and superhuman strength. Toss trees at your enemies run as fast as hovercars, but remember that's quite a sprint to keep going.


    Arcane - You're extremely weak to magic. It's just best you stay away, you barely stand a chance without help.

    Necrov (open)

    Necrov "The Ageless"
    Lifespan: Infinite
    Height: 6'2''
    Location: Freedom Crescent and Bounty


    Necrov are the only truly unknown race. Their existence makes people question if the Magi are the only ones with magic. They also do not live in Bounty like the Magi they live in a galaxy several light years away. They posses an ability that many find annoying and that is to see the future.

    Necrov are extremely pale almost the color white and all are perfectly made. Each with a height of 6'2'' and black hair. However some dress differently and some wear their hair differently. Eye color varies from albino to sky blue. All are masculine and lack genitals and a butt.


    Untouchable - You see the future it isn't likely you'd get hit. Able to dodge and counter accordingly.

    Immortality - You don't die. Ever. Actually you regenerate extremely quickly.

    Counter Magic - Able to bounce magic back.

    Martial Arts - The Necrov have a special type of martial arts that impairs movement by striking nerves. Sand Rats are resistant to this, but humans are in trouble.


    Physically Weak - You're an extreme weakling. Brawls are not your strong suit, but don't worry that broken bone will heal up soon.

    No Good - All Necrov are extremely apathetic and just move through life. You'll probably only be able to be recruited by a merc on a combat mission. Probably.

    (Optional(to a degree)) Apathetic - You have nothing to share because in most scenarios you don't care.

    Evo-Humans (open)

    Evo-Humans "The Endangered"/"The End"
    Lifespan: 50-120
    Height: 4'5''-7'2''
    Location: Earth, Freedom Crescent, and Bounty

    Humans originate from planet Earth, but have recently been pushed to an unkown sector. It's so well hidden that not even the Necrov have been able to predict where it is. However, they once were a prosperous race and the most technologically advanced. As humans came in contact with alien's the race for technology shot forward and they soon surpassed most powers. However, the Trolls challenged their power and lost, but by a hair. Humans with little options had to evacuate what they fought so strongly for and in the end lost Earth. Some humans live as slaves to Trolls while others sit in waiting to start a rebellion. Yet, even before the Trolls humans brought other aliens into their problems or butted into others' problems. They became known as The End due to always ending up causing catastrophic results either for good or for bad.

    Humans are united through similar cause, but are mostly independent. No two are alike and they all have different views and ideas about everything. Their beliefs and customs vary depending on ethnicity.

    Skills/Common Jobs
    Humans can be anything, but it is commonplace to see one hiring mercenaries using rebel funds or stealing.


    United By Cause - Although everyone hates your race the usefulness of their adaptability and determination is limitless. When in a situation where you and another are trying to accomplish the same goal you are likely to be recruited and you can easily convince them to join you for the time being. Also, everyone is willing to hire you.

    Evolution(finally) - Humans have finally evolved and are immune to toxins. You cannot be drugged or made drunk. However, no one knows this, but humans and some Necrov. They will act drugged and drunk to flee the situation.

    Flight - You are exceptional at getting away. When you attempt an escape it has a 90% chance of not failing. Let's not talk about the ten percent.

    Actor - You are good at disguising yourself be it your voice, attire, or whatever else and in addition you play it off well.

    Figure-it-out - Given any piece of tech, if you hit a few buttons it'll work through trial and error.

    Unknown Power - You can use magic if it is taught to you or if you are given a magical item.


    Unlikable - People don't really associate with you unless they are looking for something.

    Beat to the Punch - People will most likely assume you are traitorous as your whole race has done something similar to reach an end goal. Be prepared to be baited.

    Elven (open)

    Elven "The Magi"/"The Technomancers"/"The Crossing"
    Lifespan: Immortal - 70
    Height: 5'6'' - 6'0''
    Location: Freedom Crescent

    Elven are mystical creatures. They posses magic, something new to the world, but also they have endured many the same hardships as humans. Before the galactic wars with humans they had just recovered from a rebellion against the Trolls. When the wars came about, naturally, the Elven joined into aid the humans for revenge, but when they saw how intense the battle was getting they backed out and kept quiet. Ever since they have lived in a false sense of peace with their soldiers still positioned throughout their galaxy watching for danger and nobility hiring mercenaries to infiltrate Troll ships.

    Elven are known as the Crossing. The reason is because they are the first to cross breed. Today there exists no pure humans thanks to them they all have some Elven blood in them. The Elven were not too happy when they found out about this, but they found out a little late and humans were already being infected by these cross bred children without even knowing it. Life moves on for them and they do not dwell on the past, instead they look to the future, they began to merge machine and magic. The first and only Technomancers. Their machines began to surpass humans, able to rely on their users and themselves for power they became highly efficient and the backbone of their society. It was seen in their arts, day-to-day, and, of course, war.

    Skills/Common Jobs
    Like humans they have the capacity to be anything, but unlike them they are stuck moving in the line of their family. If your father was a soldier you will be a soldier, if he was a criminal you will be a criminal. Likewise for females. A mercenary Elven is extrmely rare and a jewel if you find one. They tend to demand high pay if you need them for magic, but in any other case scenario they are a cheap and expendable resource.


    Magi - You can use all sorts of magic. Wonder what they taught you in school? [Choose a type of magic. Power listing(website) is good for this kind of stuff.

    Acrobat - Elven have a superior agility and can bound great lengths as well as balance on the most impossible of things. Some amount of magic is used here.

    Human Trust - Even if you're intentions are terrible humans will trust you if you say it'll be fine, but don't try to trick the same one so often. It may bite you in the butt.

    Technological Experience - Technology is part of an Elven's life. You know how to use most anything and can figure out advanced things a little easier than most.

    Eons of Experience - Elven are often thousands of years old. There is some experience under your belt sir/ma'am. You can have as many skills in your job as you want.


    Lack of Trust - Once you fool a human twice you lose ''Human Trust''.

    Mana - Your magic is limited you need time to recharge it. It lasts a a couple rounds of spells and then is drained. When it's drained lose ''Acrobat'' and ''Magi''.

    Beat to the Punch - People will most likely assume you are traitorous as your whole race has done something similar to reach an end goal. Be prepared to be baited.

    Troll (open)

    Rocks "Trolls"/"Brutes"
    Lifespan: Ageless
    Height: 5'6''-5'8''
    Location: Everywhere, but Freedom Crescent and Bounty

    Trolls are considered scum by most anyone that come across them. Few are allied to them and those that are have been persuaded by fear. They "own" most of the cosmos keeping the original owners of planets and galaxies hostage with their vast amount of armadas. They started out as a small race subjected to harsh treatment, but soon they rebelled and due to them never aging continued to grow to the point where conquering was necessary for survival. However, it sparked a want. They didn't stop. Overcome with this sense that they were unstoppable they kept expanding and soon enough they hit a limit. They reached a grouping in the cosmos, now known as the Freedom Crescent, where a number of races including Sand Rats, Necrov, Evo-Humans, and Elven reside.

    They are brutes and solve everything by who is stronger. If you beat me then what I have is yours. However, despite this, in combat they are extremely organized, they find that their rules works in ideals as well. If this idea works better than that then we use this one. Those who venture to change their ways have a tough time doing so because of this.

    Common Jobs/Skills
    Anything having to do with military operations these are your guys. They are not allowed in Bounty or Freedom Crescent and are killed on the spot. If there was a good guy among them he would ultimately suffer trying to fight for his cause leading into a hatred of all other races.



    All Races
    Get a hunk of junk ship to start with. Probably has a semi-functional gun and you have to pay it off.

    Select a skill
    - Marksman: You're a deadeye. Proficient with gun of your choice.
    - Swordsman: Chop chop. Proficient with sword of your choice.
    - Hacker: You can take down the ship and sneak what you need out.

    Sand Rat, Evo-Humans, and Elven
    Standard tools and workspace. You could fix a hunk of junk up if parts were brought to you.

    Select a skill
    - Weapons Maker: Upgrade weapons to make them do cooler stuff
    - Ship Builder: Upgrade ships to make them do, y'know, cooler stuff
    - Inventor: Create things to sell to S.B.s, W.M.s, and Mercs

    Sand Rat, Evo-Human, and Necrov
    Goto outer worlds with Mercs to sell goods

    Select a Skill
    - Weapons Trader: Sell weapons you find/are distributing
    - Waiter: Take orders and deliver them after they have been built
    - Criminal: You got cred on the street. Sell whatever you can get your hands on

    All Races
    Manage and work at Taverns

    Select a Skill:
    - Waiter: Collect orders
    - Cook: Make food
    - Manager: Sort through paperwork and handle request board
    - Maid: Clean up crew coming through

    Hire mercenaries to take down Troll ships.

    Select a Skill
    - Silver Tongue: Persuade everyone, but Sand Rats
    - Money: Persuade everyone, but Necrov

    Character Sheet
    - Skill(s):
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