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  1. A little project for the world that Little Mystery takes place in.
    I want to write more stories based off of this planet after I finish Little Mystery- but I want a definite grasp on the planet first. I decided to list everything off here that I could to help myself.

    Everything in spoiler text, is obviously spoilers, so if you want to read Little Mystery or any other short stories I make involving this world - please don't read them.

    TITLE OF STORY: Little Mystery / Upcoming Stories

    WORLD NAME: Basura


    Is it Earth? Unlike Earth? Future or Past? Alternate History? PLEASE DESCRIBE:

    Basura is a crumbled planet - It is one of the Golden Planets with Earth's atmosphere, gravity, etc.
    Atleast, that's what most of it's inhabitants think.

    Basura is Earth, but Earth itself was forgotten a long time ago. Now it's just a wasteland.
    Only a small amount of people in Basura know the planet's origins.

    Size: 3,959 mi
    Gravity: 9.807 m/s²
    Atmosphere: Nitrogen, oxygen, and other gases
    Moon(s): Three - one is broken, pieces flying off of it. The other two are smaller.
    The broken one is nameless, the other two named Obliti and Eruit respectively.
    Sun(s): One large one.
    Galaxy: Milky Way

    Major Geographical Features: Around 70% of the land is desert and coated in sand, a very small portion being spaced out forests and plains. An ever smaller portion is just rock and flowing magma, next to a large volcano.
    Natural Resources: Generic minerals and rocks within the earth, and a red and expensive liquid called Equilibrium that heals wounds and some diseases.
    Weather Patterns: There's rarely rain, and almost never snow.
    Seasons: Feels like a year-long summer. The seasons themselves are earth's old seasons, winter, spring, summer, and winter, even though they don't have any major effect except it being noticeably cooler in the Winter, but there's never snow or ice.

    Important animals: Not a lot of fauna in the desert regions, limited to sand worms and small or large scorpion creatures called Punctums. The forest reasons are home to Ukwu Anos, four legged animals with little hair and large snouts and antlers. There are also traveling wolf-like creatures called Vahsilers, furry beasts as large as bears. They don't hunt in packs but will stay with their mate when they find one - and they mate for life. They frequently attack travelers in the forest regions and rarely make their way to the desert.
    Animal Characteristics (intelligence, eating habits, lifestyle, relationship to primary races): The sand worms frequently attack hover junkers and travelers, but don't stray near the main roads too much. Punctums stick to themselves and rarely attack humans, although if you get near their nest they will become extremely aggressive until you leave. Ukwu stray in groups hunting together in packs.
    Domesticated Animals: It's said that people can be gifted with the ability to calm animals, and an ever smaller group of people that can tame and connect with these animals. It's said that some people have managed to tame and ride bigger Ukwu.

    Plants: Little to none. Forest region contains Saglik plants that spew corrosive juice, and Hierba plants can be found in swamp regions. Saglik plants only throw up the acid when disturbed, and Hierba plants drain the life of other greenery around them slowly, as to not kill them but to have enough to keep itself sustained.
    Agriculture: Little to none.
    Farming: Some people collect and grow Sagliks to create poisons. Hierba plants are hard to grow together but are sometimes collected because of their mildly spicy taste.

    World History: Basura has been noted as the garbage planet. Nobody likes being on it, nobody wants to be. It's said that once Basura was once the best, if not the only, place to live for the Humans before everyone left it to find other planets.
    Basura is Earth. It's just that everyone's completely forgotten about Earth - most of the inhabitants of Basura descend from the people who were too poor to leave Earth when everyone else did.
    Noteworthy Wars and Conflicts: The Crossed, a group of known bandits, and the Williamsburg Militia, a group of soldiers, used to fight daily. It was said that the Crossed triumphed over the Militia by burning down their home ship, but neither of them have been seen for a long time.
    Myths: People often speak of the Misguided Girl story, where a little girl with a red hood, blonde hair, and extremely long hair wandered into a Vahsiler den, where she tried three different meats she found, cut off her hair, and then she was eaten by the Vahsilers. The Misguided Girl story is said to be a bunch of different stories and myths that were mostly forgotten and strung into one story with no real meaning other then to not bother Vahsilers.
    Legends: There are tales of a giant furry beast, bigger then two Vahsilers, that walks in the forest. Said to be the descendant of one of the Old World creatures that died out, it's a giant predator with claws that rip through metal and a jaw that bites arms off without strain. It's smart enough to hide from humans and understand english and little spanish.
    The legend is true - the giant beast is really the last bear on Basura, albiet horribly mutated.
    Political Structures: Remnats of the Crossed and Militia still fight, despite the war ending years ago.
    There's not much fighting between the small groups of survivors, as no large factions have been seen since.
    Level of Technology: Extremely varying. Ranges from people using boards with nails in them to giant laser rifles.
    People usually import higher technology for large sums of money.
    Natural Disasters: There is a large volcano that regularly blares ash - but hasn't erupted in a very long time.

    Races: Humans, and some robots with intelligence. And Elegidos, who are humans who are born with genetic mutations with varying levels of intensity - ranging from an extra limb to the ability to vomit fire. It's unknown what conditions are needed for someone to end up birthing an Elegido.
    Population: Basura has a large population - nobody wants to live there, but barely anyone can leave either.
    Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, Obleck.
    Level of Racism (if applicable): Some people don't trust the machines, but they aren't widely hated.
    Everyone hates Elegidos. Even other Elegidos.

    System of Law: Wasteland justice. Varies from city to city. Most crimes are punishable by death - there are little to no jails of any sort.
    Law Enforcement: Williamsburg Militia used to police the land. No major law enforcement other then city guards.
    Crime: Crossed Remnats are bandits that are very hard to kill, and skilled in melee combat. There is an extremely large amount of bandits and outlaws that roam the wilds, and the cities themselves are home to thievery and corruption.
    Religions: Most people are atheist, but not by choice. They were never taught of religion or don't have the time.
    The Crossed used to be righteous Christians called Templars, but they have forgotten their ideals of Christianity and are just misguided bandits now. There are some people who genuinely believe in the bible and have copies of it.
    There are small churchs around as well.
    Economic structure: Everyone makes their own money - there aren't any taxes except in the big cities. People make their own money by whatever means they choose.
    Currency: Coins and paper money.
    Education: Little to none, except for the rich, who have basic schooling. Offworlders usually have basic schooling as well. Some schools are community driven in safer cities although it's not mandatory or forced by the mayor or government in the city.
    The Arts: Most people don't have the time. There are radical painters in some cities, but there are almost no working printers. Most literature is old world made and books in mint condition are impossible to find. There is a city called Imnandi that dedicates itself to the arts, also called the city of pleasure.
    Architecture: Wooden and scrap metal houses. Appearance varies based on the creator's own knowledge and skill. There are still many old world concrete buildings that tested time, and are usually what cities build themselves around - albeit it's usually the wealthy that can afford these.
    Fashion/Dress: People's clothing are usually self-made. It goes with a 'whatever works' formula, and people usually aren't concerned with how someone dresses. There are tailors and clothing stores, but no definite fashion style.
    Food: Some people eat the larger insects in the area. Brave hunters can usually whip up sandworm soup.
    Most food and drink is imported from off-planet, however.
    Taboos: Normal human taboo usually applies to Basura.
    Music: After a group of scavengers found a working CD player and a CD from the 1950's, Basura's music culture is upbeat, swing, and jazz. While most songs that are broadcasted usually come from other CD's that are found, people in cities like Imnandi regularly create new music and put on performances.
    Postal System: Couriers usually run messages across dangerous terrain, and get paid for it handsomely in advance and upon delivery. Long-distance communication has been made extremely hard.
    Sports: Other then random street games kids come up with, there's no definite sport events or rules.
    Theater: Some cities are lucky enough to have running movie cameras or refurbished cinema buildings. No new movies are made, but sometimes old world films are found and played, although they are usually not in good condition. Seeing a movie is considered a rare privilege.
    Entertainment: Aside from cities like Imnandi, the only majo entertainment options are gambling. Most people aren't that bored considering they are focused on trying to survive.

    Primary Belief: Atheism / Objectivism
    God or Gods: Some people believe in an old world God, who doesn't have a name.
    Rituals: No known rituals.
    Places of Worship: Small churchs dedicated to old world religion.
    Birth, Marriage, Death: Births can happen anywhere, marriage isn't exactly established, and the dead usually aren't buried - although people still try as a sign of respect towards the deceased.
    Influence of Religion (how important is it to people?): Used to be very important to the Crossed. Most people don't care anymore.

    Skipped, other then watches or clocks nobody keeps track of time except for looking at how close the sun or moon is to rising or falling. The time of day doesn't really exist and it's usually just estimates as to how long it is before night or day, and nobody keeps track of what day it is.

    Technology Level: Varies, people can have cavemen-like levels of technology or future level - the latter is imported from off planet 90% of the time.
    Medical Technology Level: Stiches, bandages, Equilibrium, and at times a stiff upper lip and whiskey.
    Some apothecaries carry pills although they usually have no idea what they do, and it's usually a gamble when taking one that hasn't been marked as good or bad.
    Important Scientific Advances: Hover junkers are vehicles that hover using giant fans or other methods. It's the only way people can get around.
    Transportation: See hover junkers, above.
    Roads: The main roads are usually considered mildly safe from animals or sand worms, and are used as paths for Hover Junkers or people unlucky enough to have to walk.
    Communication: Other then couriers running their ass back and forth, almost nothing other then word of mouth.
    Archeology: Some explorers and treasure hunters are brave / stupid enough to venture into the underbelly of Basura, although they usually don't find much.
    Waste Disposal: If your in the wild, shit somewhere that you aren't seeping. If your in a city, shit in a bucket and call it a day. In some bigger cities there are outhouses.

    Technology: Stitches, bandages, some known painkillers.
    Diseases: No major diseases other then ones already known.
    Healing: The only 'healing' device is a red liquid that flows in deep caverns underneath the earth called Equilibrium that accelerates the body's own healing and immune processes. Very unhealthy to drink in large doses, and is sold in bottles for high prices.

    Magic Level: Low, but said to exist.
    Limits: People who are said to use much of their 'magic' at a time tire very easily.
    Taboos: None known.
    Rituals: None known.
    Accessories: Equilibrium is said to have rejuvenate a tired mage faster.
    Tools: Some people are tactical enough to channel their 'magic' into a blade or blunt weapon.
    Influential Books and Grimoires: None.
    Schools: None.
    Spells: No known 'spells' have been documented.
    Counter Magic: People wearing large amounts of nickel.

    Updating with Notable Factions and Notable Cities tomorrow.
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