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  1. The World of Adrin


    It is the year 2259 and were so technologically advanced that humans don't need to do even the simplest things. Of course robot maids are expensive and humanoid computers are even more expensive but even the poor have some sort of technological device.

    Yes, things aren't perfect. They could be better. There is constant war between countries and there has been an abrupt rise in crime. There's even more magic users around.

    Magic came around about a hundred years ago. The gate to hell had been opened and demons entered our realm. They created chaos and destruction everywhere they went. They were cruel and slaughtered humans everywhere they went. The world's leaders had a meeting and spoke with the leader of the demons, creating a treaty with them to stop the unneeded bloodshed.

    A year or two after the treaty was created, magic users started appearing. No one knew where they came from but they were all powIerful humans. of course, they had a limit to their magic but they were the only ones who could fight against the demons. They had the treaty in place and a lot of demons lived alongside the humans but there were still some demons who kept their demonic side and caused mayhem. They would destroy anything in their path and kill any humans they saw.

    They believed they were above humans so they didn't have to abide by the rules of human society which meant they didn't have to follow the treaty. We called these demons Monstrum, latin for monster. They are the stories that haunt little children's nightmares. I remember hearing my mother talk about how these creatures live in the shadows and eat away at your fears.

    Because of these demons, our countries work together with the rogue magic users to fight off the darkness that threatens our people.

    Welcome to the World of Adrin, a completely sci fi/fantasy universe with both demons and technological advancements. There are many different countries and I will list them all off and explain each and everyone of them. The reason for this is because your characters will be going on an adventure and protecting the world from the demons as magic users. You guys can also play demons who will also help the adventuring parties. These demons may have a human form but there are also satyrs, minotaurs, griffons, etc. These creatures have the mind of human with common sense and they don't harm humans. They are fully sane. They can also speak.


    Zintkawa- A country made of mostly water. It loves its trade but it also has a high population. Water demons tend to attack the country but the soldiers are strong enough to protect the people from the Monstrum. Its a small country but the people are very happy to be living in the Republic of Zintkawa. Not a lot of magic users come from this country but its also a fairly peaceful country despite the rare Monstrum attacks.

    Dakeya- A large country run by a monarchy. It has large cities and a strong army filled with obedient demons and mages. It even has obedient Monstrum that fight alongside them. They are a force to be reckoned with. Its one of the bigger countries

    Anteka- Also known as, The Empire. This is an evil nation built up with an evil tyrant as ruler. They control evil mages and evil demons to force other countries to do their bidding. They take over smaller countries because they are easy to control but sometimes, they will take larger countries. Despite the corrupted nation, the people aren't evil. They are suffering but are too scared to flee the country.

    Alon- Also known as, the Kingdom of Ice. This kingdom is made of ice and summer does not exist. Its a land of only winter and darkness but there is no evil among the people. The people have weakly festivals and they love to drink, dance, and party. The royal queen of Alon is kind hearted and actually managed to destroy four legendary monsters in her travels but now, she rests quietly looking after her people. The queen built the kingdom from scratch, being the legendary ice priestess. This kingdom is highly respected among the rest of the world.

    Askun- A summer island with a small population of natives. Its one of the many islands in the fog nation, a nation masked in fog. It is a beautiful island where the natives created their own language so they could communicate with each other. The people from the island are darker skinned because of the constant sunlight and the people do not live in homes like the rest of the world. They live in huts, similar to the native americans in the real world.

    Arqar- A fighter nation with powerful warriors that are larger than most humans. Not much is known about Argar.

    Elwic- A kingdom of magic. It is most known for its school of magic. Yes there are people in this kingdom that are normal humans but they don't have the same rights as the magic users. They are considered below them and because of this, they live in the lower class areas. There are five areas of Elwic and three of them consist solely of magic users. The first one consist of royals and noble of the magic users in Elwic. Also, the professors from the Elwic School of Magic are considered first class citizens as well. Then there's second class citizens. These are magic users who go to school at the Elwic's School of Magic but they are only upper class students. Second class citizens are third and fourth year students at Elwic's School of Magic. Third class citizens are first and second year students. Fourth class citizens are royal and noble regular humans. Fifth class are the poor. There are no poor magic users in Elwic! Any magic user struggling, the king personally helps them out.


    1. Be nice to each other outside of character
    2. Try to type at least a paragraph. No one liners.
    3. No perfect characters. We dont want any OP characters
    4. Don't swear too much. You can swear but not a lot.
    5. You can have sexual relations with characters but do all of it through conversations and you have to be 18+. Anyone younger must black out
    6. Only original characters
    7. You can use any type of pic but make the character your own.
    8. You can have as many characters as you want but makes sure you keep track of them all. Its not my job to keep track of all the characters
    9. No God Modding; taking control of other characters

    Character Creation

    Human, demon(have a humanoid body), or Monstrum(good monstrums are creatures like minotaurs, Satyrs, dragonborns, griffons, etc.). Magic users are humans.
    Fighter, ranger, tank, mage, support/healer, assassin... DnD classes mostly. Also put your position in combat as well. Usually has to do with what class they are.
    Look up Dungeons and Dragons deities and use those. You can be agnostic if you want. I don't really care. Its why I'm not creating my own deities for this.
    Social Class:
    Are you a commoner, noble man, aristocrat, assassin, soldier, etc. If you wish to be a royal message me beforehand. First comes first serve. If no one asks to play a king or queen, I will be playing them.
    Are you lawful good, lawful neutral, lawful evil, neutral, chaotic good, chaotic neutral or chaotic evil.



    People in your party. No more than six in your party and you can discuss it among each other. You can either know each other previously or meet them in your travels. You dont have to start off with six but when things start to really get going, I want no more than six party members.

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  2. How advanced is the tech and why does it seem be so less effective than magic against demons? Do magic have more magical affinity? Seems to be if they come from hell...and how are demons from hell co-existing with humans when they came only a 100 years ago and did so with the intention of what seems to be genocide? Why are demons interested in a treaty if all they came to do is kill humans? What are the demons intentions anyways? Does this mean that angels are around? How come magic seems to be preferable to a military shotgun with explosive warhead shells or armor piercing rounds, or a good old carpet bombing? How about Biological, Viral or Nuclear warhead? How come these humans didn't just toss a nuke at the demons? Can the demons actually survive a surgical nuclear strike?

    Gave humans have any sort of semblance of space travel? What sort of tech is there actually? Anything similar to Mass Effect with hovering cars? Are there energy weapons? rail weapons?
  3. The problem with the tech is its so expensive and very few people can get possession of it. The ruler of the demons, also known as "Lucifer"(unsure if Im using the devil in this), isn't really interested in creating war but most of the demons don't agree with the treaty with humans. Thre are good demons and bad demons. There also good monsters and bad monsters just like their are good humans and bad humans.

    Think of it like this because I can't answer every question because I'm still creating the World. Think of Dungeons and Dragons, World of Darkness, and Warhammer(3 of the most popular table top games) combined. I also havent been on in the past month and will be on very rarely because of school during th day and work at night so until everything has calmed down, I wont be working on this role play.
  4. my experience all demons, devils in all those settings (Mostly DND and Warhammer) want to rape your face before or after they tear it off and use it as a nipple pastie.

    But I am not talking about tech that governments possess for their armies, their battleships with their cannons and their gunships and gatling guns with wings and a cockpit and loaded with depleted uranium rounds with bullets the size of a human forearm. Tanks, artillery, drones...just about any hardware that armies use in modern day.

    And your statement of "Tech being expensive" confuses me when the first paragraph was "It is the year 2259 and were so technologically advanced that humans don't need to do even the simplest things. Of course robot maids are expensive and humanoid computers are even more expensive but even the poor have some sort of technological device."

    World of Darkness had the vampires already in the world since the dark ages and beyond and had taken over most of the underbelly but also had to be subtle and not run around with an army. And a .50 cal sniper rifle round to the heart tended to kill a lot of things unless they dodged it somehow.

    DnD, everything from Hell is literally bat shit evil.

    Warhammer 40k, Warp possessed everything that had tech and relies on tech. As well as being subtle and corrupting, seeping into the minds of humans to burn everything from the inside out. Not to mention that the Imperium, most of the citizens of it and even most of the imperial guard don't actually go up against Chaos all that often as it is covered up by the Inquisition and sends the Mahreens to deal with them but an Exterminatus works a whole lot better than any magic to deal with them.
  5. I know. I play Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder. Hell I play a badass gunslinger Tiefling in my evil campaign. The problem is, in DnD and Pathfinder like games it always depends on what kind of campaign you play. Hell most Dms Ive had dont have demons running around in their campaigns. They have the generic halflings, Orcs, Dwarves, elves, etc. Basically the fae.

    Anyways,, humans have machinery. That wasn't the technology I was talking about. The problem is demons are immune to their weapons and humans cannot physically use magic weapons so its up to magic users to do their thing and keep an eye on the demons. The technology I was talking about where giant robots that could protect the humans but they're too expensive and the government is corrupt so they use minotaurs and satyrs. They even use dragons if they find young ones that they can train.... mostly their killing dragons because they can and because their humans.

    Because of the treaty, demons aren't wrecking havoc anymore. Their still killing but there are less deaths. Its why I put it in there. I didnt put anything in their that was useless information.
  6. How is a Giant Robot more effective than a squadron of jet fighters, a battalion of tanks with sabot tank shells and automated 12.7 mm turrets that can lock on to a human and kill at over 2.2 km? Hell, in WW2 the Germans made a massive cannon that shot shells the size of small infantry tanks.

    I know you say that you are busy and I totally get that. But when it comes to Magic vs Technology, there really ought to be more explanation than saying "Tech is mostly ineffective and magic is superior"
    There needs to be a "How" and "Why". How is a magical sword more preferable than a sniper rifle with explosive rounds?
    And saying Demons are immune to our weapons gives little reason for someone to be human as humans seem to have only 100 years worth of experience with magic while demons probably base their entire shtick around magic. Not to mention that is eliminating anything you can have for "Sci-Fi" and focus more on the "Fantasy"
    Instead of exploring of a merging between Sci-Fi and Fantasy, this seems a lot more Fantasy if it seems a human would rather toss away a .45 pistol, fully loaded and costing less than 500$ in favor of a magical sword.
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