World Made of Sand

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  1. .setting. The world was once on the cusp of revolution anew, the year was around 2035; then for some reason... it all vanished. Light blinded the world for nearly a decade, and when the light faded a new world awaited those who survived the harsh temperatures and new evolutionary changes our ecosystem undertook during the Light. Only a mere 3% of the human population survived, the rest were mutated into scorched remnants of their former selves we now lovingly call Husks, don't be fooled they are dangerous demonic like beings that have morphic abilities that can put your worse nightmares to shame. Wild and plant life evolved to hunt, and well. With very little life left, even the most docile of creatures can be deadly within seconds. Humans had some rather interesting changes to them as well, new and dangerous people walk the earth now pulling the theory of our evolutionary roots into question. But their are so few left it doesn't really matter, everyone has their own problems their own government, their own law, we're all just trying to survive on what's left of our history, in a world of sand that goes on for miles, some cities remain in tact, some completely destroyed from unknown causes, there are forests, but you have to be a damn fool to enter them unless your a Special. Water and food is scarce. This is the world we live in, can you survive? ...

    -It has been nearly five hundred years since the light faded. I have left this setting vastily open for a reason I would like to see alot of creativity and original thoughts. The majority of the plot will be in Lysha City which has built up a nice little population of 357 and has a naruto like culture (but not exactly sorta village city idea ^.^) I want you the rpers and myself included to come up with all the different creatures and things that can be in this time period thing of it as we're building our own genra of high fantasy rp just about anything goes.

    .initial posts. introductions.
    -Dawn was breaking over the horizon, and already the temperature was reaching a hundred. This was normal though in Lysha, people were already cooking, or working on their wares for sell in the Dusk Hours. But for Sylace it was cool and refreshing, tucked away in her tiny apartment to the east of the capital building not three blocks from the academy. She'd gotten a good place after she'd passed her Juniors exams. Only one more class to get through and she would be free...maybe to leave Lysha? Who knew. But to pass the class first she had to get there.

    Sylace sat bolt upright in her tumble of a hammock bed and shook her silky red mane from her face and bright azure eyes. What time was it anyway? She quirked a thin brow and leapt from bed. No time to check she had to go. She pulled on her red skirt, belt satchel, halter and collar then finally her corded yellow bood. She paused briefly infront of a tall cracked mirror to stick her tongue out at her reflection before scampering out the door. She had to go.

    She skipped the stairs up three at a time using her toned oil machine of a body to get her to the top quickly. At least she was in shape since joining the academy. She blinked as she burst through the double doors opening up onto the street through an old subway hatch. She squinted and blinked a few more times trying to adjust it was already close to 7! She HAD TO GO!

    She scampered quickly up onto the street and kicked the doors shut before husseling the three blocks over to the academy. She arrived just in time it seemed... or maybe just a little late. Everyone in her class of junior level SS' were gathered around a solar-holo of what looked like the news reports for the day. Several were just goofing off but from the group Sylace heard them clearly from her seat closest to the right side of the class.

    "Didn't you hear? A bunch of Husks busted into the Gymnasium Stands last night. A bunch of our teachers are down there supposedly cleaning up the mess..."

    "Lie! They would have sounded the bells if Husks were that close to the city center... wouldn't they?"

    "Well explain why half of our teachers are missing?"

    "Shut up Tali! Your's scarring Mishie"

    Sylace sighed as she saw Tali was about to get ugly. Sylace really hated when the teachers were abscent it was like trying to keep a bunch of rabid dogs from each other. Why were Specials so inclined to fight she wondered? She felt it sometimes... that need that fun energizing need to use her powers, show off what she can do, prove she is alpha and others omega... Weird. She shook her head. Tali was on the desk top now. Great... today was gonna blow.

    "Oi! you all up front.. TALI! get off that damn desk girl were you raised in a barn? Skies and sands around would you just chill. Their is an explanation for what's going on, how about we go blow off some steam while we await our teachers at the target lanes?" Sylace hoped they would join, if not she was prolly gonna half'ta take law into her hands to calm the girls down. Several of the others were looking bristled to. Why her?

    "Gah" The brightness woke him again. Lazr doesn't know why but the sun pulses with so much life energy. He is surprised he can even see at all, but the sun is like a giant veil, covering everything with a nice tint of light. He gets off his bed and begins to dress. He hated school. It seemed so utterly pointless. Training to increase the powers of specials. As if specials aren't dangerous enough. He sighed once more as he always does before school. He wraps the bright green scarf around his neck. It was so warm. So much life was in the scarf. It was quite abnormal. Perhaps impossibly so, but it was a memento from his mother. The only thing left after... Lazr immediately stopped his train of thought. No need to dwell on dark moments. He looked around his room and saw everything was normal.

    Lazr is forced to live in one of the dorms near the Academy. Technically it was suppose to be a two person room, but every roommate Lazr had left almost every time. For some reason they got so depressed from seeing Lazr and living with him is like living with a life draining specter. Lazr wasn't offended nor cared either way. He is however quite amused to hear that last phrase. Life draining specter fits him so well. He was simply content with his situation. Emotions are such a fickle thing. They lead to so much pain, but... also happiness. With this thought Lazr thought about his flowers. He wonders if they are doing well. They seemed quite sick yesterday, so he gave them a bit more life. It was all he can offer. Water is too important to squander and he was told that solar energy have much more important uses than maintaining a small garden. Another reason why he hated the Academy. Lazr finally finishes and leaves his room, not bothering to lock the door. Who would steal from him anyway. Most people think its cursed.

    The first thing he did before going to class is check his garden. The flowers he worried over is just fine. He breathes a sigh of relief. He looks at their flowing life, dancing throughout the leaves, the stem, and the petals. A truly beautiful sight. The life of most things are so dull. Rigid structures only had a hard glow. The Academy itself is much worse. It's life is so still and yet so very sporadic. There is no sense in the place. Lazr blames it on the proximity to so many specials.

    Normal human beings have a gentle flow of life. It is simple and organic. Full of smooth colors and variety. Specials however are extremely chaotic. It is as if you grabbed a human and gave it a spin, but also decided to throw some more extra colors in there for good measure. The special identity truly lives up to it's name for Lazr has never seen something so different from normal flows of life than a special.

    He often wonders what his own life looks like. Its not like he can look at himself. He can feel it, but seeing it is another issue. Mirrors are pointless. He can see the life flowing through the mirrors but its not like the mirrors truly reflect life. This fact however also shows that Lazr doesn't know what he looks like. He can touch himself all he wants and imagine, but it is a futile attempt.

    Lazr finally reaches class and sits in his customary spot in the corner. People chatted amiably without even noticing his approach. They spoke of husks ruining the gymnasium. How very odd.Husks usually don't reach that close to the city center. Lazr then noticed the lack of teachers. How very strange. I hope nothing is going on. Hopefully the teachers can handle any problems that pops up. With that thought he begins looking at his textbook, a jumbled mess of light. He can faintly make out words but there are no solid lines and they sometimes blur with each other. He sighs. Learning can be so difficult only being able to see life. He then begins unraveling a tiny hole in his barrier. He feels a sharp sustaining pain flow through him, but he is used to it by now. The words on the page suddenly grew sharper and more defined. Learning can be so painful.

    Liex Ruiz
    Liex sat at a stool in a rundown bar, he held a glass and swirled it's contents as he stared down at the counter, occasionally sipping at it's contents. The bartender stepped close to him and cleared his throat loudly, "Say, Liex, isn't it about time you went home? I can already see the sun setting and you've been here all night and morning."

    Liex spared him a glance and snorted, "There isn't much of a point in me going home, there's no one there. Besides, you're great company, guy." He said with a small smirk. The bartender only snorted in response and went back to cleaning a few glasses. A silence pressed down on the empty little bar, that is, before a man stepped inside and paused at entrance. His gaze stopping on Liex and stepping to him, "Yo, Liex. Still here, huh?"

    Liex sent the new comer a look before turning back to his glass, "Why are you here? I take it you have more work for me?" The man only grinned in response, "A guy can't come by and say hi to his best friend?"

    Liex, again, sent him a dry look. "Alright alright, yeah I have some more work. Turns out some husks have gotten into the city and they're by the academy. The guys on top want you to go take care of them." Liex let out a small growl of frustration, "Just because I'm a Special doesn't mean they can freely push me around. Send some of the Guards."

    The man grinned, but his eyes took on a sharp edge, "It's because you're a Special they can push you around, you fool. Now get to it before anymore people get hurt." Liex growled again and made to put down some money for his tab, but the man stopped him. "No no, I'll pay for you, least I can do for someone who might be dying today." He said with a laugh.

    Liex snorted and made his way out, shielding his eyes from the sun and making his way to the academy. 'Today is going to suck. I can already feel it.' He thought to himself with a groan.
  2. : Round 2 :
    Solace . Larz . Liex Ruiz

    -Solace awaited the girl's attention ad Lazr shuffled in a little late as she had been. She spared him a friendly smile and then returned her eyes to Tali and the other girls up front. Tali looked reach to pounce but something in the Way Solace was standing made her back down Solace gave a deviant smirk and nodded. "Good I see you all understand, File Out! " She watched as the more compliant students left first, eggar no doubt to get out of danger's way. Tali dropped off her desk with a loud thud and tossed her hair. "If you weren't an Alpha you'd be in the dirt right now" She mumbled as she strode past. Solace rolled her eyes and watched the last of the students leave. She felt the tention leave her but noticed a dark spot to her left. She turned on heel and smiling brightly chirped " Good Morning Larz! Wanna go hit som' target practice up?" She tilted her head smiling hoping he would be a little more open today. He was always keeping people at a distance.

    Suddenly from outside the hall a loud siren started to sound. Lights shut off throughtout the building replaced by neon blue lights. Warning, Alert, Get tot cover. "What in the Hell ..." Solace asks as she turns to look towards the hall. Screams started from somewhere in the building. Somewhere not to far. Had the Husks gotten into the school? No it couldn't be! "Why are the Alarms Just now Sounding?!?! " She turned to look bsack at Larz "Come on we have to get the Hall" she said meaning the entrance Hall of the Academy where all students were required to gather in case of emergency, of course Solace was already hoping to run into something on the way. Man today was gonna suck, she didn't want to fight... not really. Solace looked at Larz waiting for his response. She wouldn't leave him here, but she needed to make sure the rest of the class was ok. The screams were drawing closer, only three or four floors down now. How were they moving so quickly? The lower in the Academy you went the stronger the students. Something wasn't right here.
  3. Lazr looks up from his textbook to be blinded once more. It is that girl again. He couldn't remember the name, but he knew her by sight. She is bright like a smaller sun. Her brightness outshines the rest of the specials and for good reason. Her abilities felt similar to his own. To draw in a from some source and utilize it. For some strange reason, she has continuously tried to pry at his lonely barrier of unconcern and disinterest. Lazr tries to remember her question. Something about morning? Thats not right. I swear I heard practice. His thoughts are immediately stopped as the alarms started blazing.

    Now Lazr is fully awake. His life senses rose and he saw clearly the passive energies flowing around him. Panic clearly set itself loose. If only the floor wasn't as bright. I could just see through and figure out whats going on. He looks at the girl once more and finally remember her name. The radiance of her life shown more brightly than ever with the alarms raised. Solace, to give comfort to others like a sun. He responded quickly to her, "Lets go then! Why are you even waiting for me?" Without even letting her respond, he gets up, grabs her hand, and heads out of the classroom. His body is tense and ready for fighting. His hand has a corpse like coldness, contrasting with Solace's own fire. Lazr breathed in and parted his inner barrier slightly. Warmth flowed from within himself and life swirled around, more clearly than ever. I just hope we don't see death today. Death is true darkness to me.
  4. Liex stood on a hill as he overlooked the academy, panting softly from the exertion it took to get there. His back straightened as he heard faint screaming coming from the building, he then relaxed and let out a sigh. "Guess I got here a bit late... the guys on top are going to chew me out for this one." He said with a low growl as he began to jog then run to the building.

    He grabbed a door handle and tugged at it, but strangely it was locked. With an annoyed grunt he rammed it repeatedly, finally causing it to cave in. Quickly he rushed in, his blades in his hands. Again he heard a scream coming from around the corner, he rushed around and saw a Husk standing over a young girl. Without hesitation he barreled into the Husk, sending it tumbling to the floor. Liex stood in front of the girl, his kukris held in front of him, "Hey, get out of here. There's a door around the corner that you can leave through." He said as he eyed the Husk. The girl hesitated and looked from Liex to the Husk. "Are you deaf? Get out. NOW." He barked out as the Husk shambled to its feet.

    As the girl rushed to get away Liex charged into the Husk, his kukris digging into its flesh. The Husk let out a piercing shriek before knocking Liex aside, slamming him into a wall. It's hand fused into a spike before slamming it into Liex, but he moved and dodged out of the way, the spike burying into the wall. Liex quickly moved and buried his left kukri into the creatures skull, causing to let out a long shriek before falling to the floor, dead.

    Liex panted and bent over, leaning on his knees. "I was right. Today IS going to suck." He whined before charging down the hall.
  5. Camerun's orders from the principal had been clear, to get the students calm and if needed, get them to safety.
    Things had moved rather quickly to the latter and with many of the students panicking, he found it challenging. Not to mention the husks that were starting to appear more and more. He did his best to guide the students, kept them focused on his calm and to just move in the right direction.

    There were very clear screams just below them, and as he peered over the corridor fence he saw a strange looking husk blocking the way of some students.
    "Wait a minute.." with a quick shift he turned to desert sand and slid to behind the big creature. Two of the students were confused and alarmed, but as he changed himself back, he winked before focusing both his hands and pointing at the husk. A high chiming sound, like a camera flash charging, sounded before sending a brilliant but short light at the thing. It screamed in pain and seemed to shred it's skin, revealing a burned matter and shied into a corner. "Ha. Don't like the shiny, do you?".

    This gave just enough time for Camerun to direct the students and let them join the rest.
    As they sped off, he heard something, and as he turned back he was taken by surprise from an attack by the now-very-ticked-off husk that pounced him. He tried another charge of light, but there was no power left so it merely annoyed the creature.
    "Uh, oops?" he commented, and as the thing started drooling over his chest he tried kicking it over. That didn't much work either...
    "Damnit. Too much human.." he said and as a last resort grew sharp crystal-like spikes from his hands, to thrust them into the husk's chest and face.

    That seemed to work, as the thing backed away and unfortunately Camerun's spikes were still stuck so he dangled along until the thing finally smashed to the ground. It took him a few seconds to get loose and he watched as this husk seemed to literally dry out and leave a big dusty mess on the floor.
    "Glad I'm not the janitor." he smirked.

    Now he could hopefully catch up to the rest of the people and pick up any stragglers along the way... and perhaps, he decided, keeping the spiked hands might be a good idea for now. He took a mental note of the time to remind himself to change it back again later.
  6. The alarms were going and the screams outside were making Solace worry, she wanted to bolt after her classmates, but as an Alpha she had to make sure the rest were good too. The last of the class were leaving now. That was when Larz spoke saying they should go too. His cold hand slipped within her own blazing hot one and she was swept behind him as he rushed out behind their class. She shook herself mentally and started to pool her energy letting Larz do most of the leading.

    "Keep us with the class we have to make sure they get out of here alive" she said as they made their way down corridor after corridor. They were passing class mates left and right trying to figure out where the lead was Solace came to an abrupt halt tugging Larz to a stop. Down the hall from them a Husk stood. Bright light flared and suddenly a few underclassmen rushed by. Then a man, then the very same husk apparently the man had blasted a moment before. Solace held her hand up for the rest of the class to halt their progression. She was all hunter right now, and the classmates knew the signals and signs to follow commands.

    She slowly released Larz, bright blue eyes almost luminescent in this light, before returning her gaze to the hallway before them. They could just hear the struggle and as Solace crept foot by foot closer she felt along either of her thighs for the twin batons she carried. She was ready for this, it wasn't her first time with the Husks. She knew to stay on her toes she was still inexperienced. However it was all for not.

    When she stepped just into view of Camerun's skirmish it was over and he was jogging after the students. "OI!" Solace yelled hopeing he would wait up for their group to join his own. She called back to the class and they scurried forward each holding their own weapons of choice or harnessing individual powers she looked around for Larz spotting him not far from her still she realized she was still holding his hand. "Sorry..." she said dropping it. "Lets go I think we're getting close to the rest of the students. We should be safer now..." And she knew this not because the others could keep them better protected, but she knew the sad truth, You're less likely to get picked off when your surrounded by others who are better targets. Survival of the fittest.

    She made her way in Camrun's direction then. "Hey we have a few more. Glad your alright. What the hell is going on?" She asked glancing around still alert for danger.

    Event Note (these are thread wide plot events)

    -Suddenly the entire academy shook as a lower level was blown to seal entrances into the Academy's catacombs. This effectively has stopped the inflow of Husk's, however their are about forty five of them left. Several entrances have been seals for general public's protection. The only exit still available are on the top five floors. fifteen are reported being sighted in the lower levels, and the rest between the survivors and their escape. Enjoy.=)
  7. The warmth slowly dissipated from his connection with Solace. Lazr didn't think much of it. He was more concerned with the situation. They joined with two other students and what seemed to be a teacher. But the man was entirely too strange. He had the shape of a human, but his life was entirely different. It was composed of multiple things. Things found outside, things made of flesh, inanimate things like rocks and metal. He doesn't seem to be dangerous. Lazr looks at the dried husk nearby. In fact he protected these two students. After settling his doubts about the man, the school suddenly shook. Explosives? They must have done something below to halt the husks. Lazr took another breath, and tightened his green scarf around his neck. He took out his staff from his coat and assembled it. "Lets move on." He gestured at the group to follow.

    Lazr closed his eyes and extended his senses. Life swirled around him. The ground. The air. The people behind him. The strange man. He could see them all. Now he focused it. He had met husks before. They were terrible creatures. Barely human in appearance. They did not lack life like their names suggest, but it was not really life at all. It did not move like normal humans. The patterns were frightening to see. This was the life he searched for as he walked ahead. The group followed behind. He has done this before. He acted as a guide for many people throughout city and little beyond. Avoiding paths with dangers such as crumbling floors, or hidden mutated beasts. He turned the corner and walked halfway across the hallway. He knew the stairs up was ahead, but he saw many husks next bend.

    He opened his gray eyes. "Eight husks ahead. How should we proceed?" He looks at Solace, an Alpha of the class.
  8. Liex spun and dug his kukris into a Husk's skull, causing it to fall in a heap. He was quickly growing tired of fighting through these Husks and longed to just leave. "How many are there in this damn school..." He grumbled as he moved down the hallway, leaving behind 3 dead Husks. He came to a bend and peered around the corner, spying a stairwell and a group of Husks just standing there.

    He narrowed his eyes at the sight, a small group of Husks he could handle. But, a group of 8? He might make it out alive, but he'd be injured for sure. With a soft grumble he realized he'd have to use his beams, he rarely liked using them preferring to have them as a back up. He focused on 3 of the Husks' skulls and closed his eyes. 3 balls of golden light formed around him before shooting out with a high pitched whine before burying into the creatures. They fell to the floor and Liex smirked.

    Suddenly, the creatures turned to look at him and screeched. He cursed and charged forward, tackling the first Husk and rolling on the floor to get some distance. With a huff he jumped forward again and brought his right kukri up and buried it in a Husks' jaw, digging it up until it popped out of the top of its skull. He quickly pulled it out and jumped back just as a Husk brought down a hand shaped like a sword right where he stood.

    He gritted his teeth as he looked down at his left forearm, the Husk managed to graze his arm. Ignoring his small wound he charged in again, his kukris glowing as he sliced them in an X across the Husks' chest, cutting through its heart and causing it to fall in a heap. But suddenly, he let out a yelp as a Husk tackled him to the ground, its arms turned into spikes as it struggled to stab Liex with them. He glared up at the creature as he struggled to keep it at bay cursing the fact that he needed a few more seconds to re-charge his beams.
  9. Camerun saw Solace and the rest of her class and motioned the students that were with him to join their group.
    “As far as I can tell, the situation has gotten out of control…” he answered her question … and as if to confirm Camerun’s suspicions there was a huge rumble down below. It felt like the whole place was shaking and he added, as he looked down, “Thank you for that..”

    Some of the students were really panicking now and he did his best to calm them down and keep them quiet,
    “Listen, everyone! We have to keep quiet - we’ll get out of here. You are all Specials, after all.”
    - for some of them this seemed to work and he smiled determinedly. He saw a student move forward and before moving forward to the group himself, he instructed a few students to watch their back and warn of any husks.

    The student – Lazr, he remembered, confirmed the number of husks and Camerun tried to think of a plan as he moved to where Lazr was. Before he could respond though, he heard a strange noise and saw balls of light and three of the husks were taken down.
    The rest of the creatures were now focused on something, most likely at whomever had attacked them, and the next moment someone charged right into a husk!

    Camerun was impressed – this guy was either very brave, very confident or very stupid. He seemed to be the brave kind though and Camerun took the chance to sneak some of the students to the stairs as the husks were focused on their attacker.
    About half of them were going up the stairs already and it was then that he saw the tide had turned on the attacker.
    He looked at Solace, “Go! Get the students to safety, I’ll catch up.”

    There were three husks left, one busy trying to kill the guy. One noticed Camerun as he snuck up on it and with a quick swipe he cut the husk’s leg to immobilise it and get past. He ignored the other husk and changed his upper form to a more solid rock type and ran into the husk that was attacking the guy. With a grunt the husk rolled over, and in its confusion Camerun snapped its neck.

    (Left a coupl’a husks for ya ;) )
  10. Solace watched Larz as he started to move away and then turned her bright blues on Camerun. She nodded to him simple and understanding before following Larz and the other students. She had seen Camerun around a little at the Academy but always with the schools president, or subbing when one of the teachers got called out for special missions outside of the city, or deep in the catacombs. She was curious about him being here now though. It was clear he was much more talented than he'd previously let on.

    Camerun's reply did not settle her at all. This made no sense Husks in the school ? And now what? The whole floor was suddenly shaking. Larz didn't seemed bothered by it as he reported their quarry up ahead she glanced at Camerun. Her mind working quickly as she glanced at their group and picked who would fight and who would run by. But to no avail. Her plans went up just as soon as her ears caught the high pitch whine and a brilliant flash of light blinded her momentarily. When her vision cleared again Camerun was telling them to run as he charged into the fray with another man. This man completely alien to Solace she'd never seen him, possibly one of the soldiers.

    She looked back at the rest of the class. "Slip by the side and head for the next flight of stairs. They should have exits there and Soldiers protection. Go!" She yelled her voice commanding the students hoped to. She grabbed Larz's "Come on we're really the only ones strong enough in the class to make sure they get through and then we need to help those two !" She yelled over the noise. She bolted up the flight of stairs two at a time and shoulder'ed into the single husk blocking their classmates path. She pushed until the creature was against the wall and squirming as it realized something was on it.

    The students were almost out now. The last scampering by when the creatures head turned on its spine to face her. Its shoulders shifted and suddenly Solace was face to face with a newly dismembered Husk that appeared extremely hungery. She felt the slash of its arm as it tried to catch her. She leaped back just in time to escape a deadly hug as its rib bones pulled free of flesh to look like a gapping side ways set of razor teeth. Solace screamed in fury and leaped forward again pulling her baton's free of their thigh holsters, right hand swinging down first to smash into the creatures skull then followed closely by the left hand dealing a second more resounding thump. Bones crackled and blood spurted from the crevices she'd made in its shell.

    Didn't matter. She was kicked suddenly hard in her left side flying sideways from the creature as it's foot made contact with ribs. She could feel a couple of her ribs snapping from the impact as she landed against the wall with a slight yelp. Pain flare in the back of her neck as the nerves threading her back pulled. She knew today was gonna suck. Fear started to crawl into her stomach, something was about to get her. She looked over and saw the Husk that had bluntly kicked her away was now crawling backward its head still backwards its ribs still open shuffling in a nightmarish grotesque way. Sya screamed and suddenly warmth flooded the room, silvery blue flames licked up both Sya's hands as the creature leapt on her. She grappled with the creature as her hands locked contact between them and the smell of burning flesh permiated the hall. The husk screamed at the contact with her blue fire, even though it was cold to the tough it seared through its arm flesh rather quickly. Sya gritted her teeth, a snarl of a smile as she suddenly pushed with her energy, modling it into thin blue tendrils of fire that crept along the husk's body. She was ontop of the creature now as it squirmed and wreathed in pain beneath her. Sya didn't stop until the creature was little more than a pile of ash and meat on the floor beneath her.

    She looked up from her position on her knees on the ground bright blue eyes glowing with the energy she still harnessed, the little blue tendrils of fire creeping along up her arms to her shoulders now. She smiled looking for Larz to see if his battle was over yet (guessing there is one left LOL). The students had gotten out. Were they safe now?
  11. The colors and shape of the husk seemed to pulse with feral energies. Lazr didn't know that husks become like that when they were hunting prey for he had only seen them at a distance. It was both curious and fearful. Lazr closed his eyes and focused. There were only two things in this world now, the husk and him. Everything was dimmed as if the light was toned down. The environment was still visible. Solace burned nearby, her flame igniting. Cameron's ever changing life was a distant thing. Even the stranger's sun who shone before was now barely felt. His own life blazed within his frame. The husk pulsed it's own strange energies in contrast.

    Lazr lifted his staff. It was long, brimming with his own life. A true extension of himself, infused for many years. Within these small confines, he could not swing it as he normally could have. He lunged with his staff at the husk's legs, hoping to disable it. It landed with a loud crack. The husk fell to the ground but it quickly grasped at his staff and pulled. Lazr was jerked into it. The husk's energies focused into its chest, red and black ribs began to protrude out. Fear crept into Lazr's body, but he had not trained in the usage of such a difficult weapon to be outmatched. He detached his staff into it's three components. They were all connected by a simple string. It was not a chain as most sectioned staff are made with, but it was stronger than many metals for life flowed through this string like a vein. He grabbed the other end and brought it down onto the husk's head. During the impact, he subconsciously flowed the husk's energies through his staff, weakening it's skull and strengthening the staff. The staff went through his head like clay, parting it in two. He quickly jumped back. Breathing hard, he prepared to strike once more, but with a thud the husk fell to the floor, completely inert. It's sticky ichor oozed out, and he noticed it on his staff as well. He smelled burnt flesh and turned to see Solace staring right back at him. Her blue eyes dancing like flames. He chuckled. "It seems like you got yours too."

    Lazr then noticed something strange. Her life energies were concentrated at her ribs. She was recovering from a wound. He went up to her. "You're hurt. Let me see." He looked closely at the flowing energies. They were like fire dancing around, ordering her cells to keep the damage at bay. "It isn't that bad, but you broke some ribs. Sorry but I'm going to touch that spot." Without letting her respond, he placed his hand over the ribs. Her warmth once again contrasted his coldness. He could not truly heal, but he could make sure the healing is done properly. He transferred some of life from himself at the injured location. The energies seem to be in conflict at first, but her own life force realized it was not harmful and allowed it to work. The energies slowly mingled and became balanced. Soon pain was mostly dispersed and her life was working calmly to repair the damage. "This should greatly lessen the pain. But you will still need to get that properly treated by a doctor." Lazr was glad it worked so well. It was the first time he ever utilized his life on something larger than a plant.

    Feelings of dread entered his mind. "I think we need to get going." He got up and went to Cameron who was now with the new man. "I think more husks are coming. We need to leave."
  12. Liex stood up and stood back as the newcomers took care of the rest of the Husks, once they were all dead he cleared his throat, "Thanks, but I had it under control." He turned his attention to the students and nodded down the hall, "You two should get out. You're not ready to take on more than a few Husks." He paused as he heard more shrieking echoing down the halls.

    "And if that's anything to go by, there's a lot more than just a few Husks in this academy." He said as he stepped to the side and picked up his kukris. He then turned and looked back at Camerun, "You. Big guy. Take these kids to safety. If anymore people die the higher-ups will chew me out for it. And frankly, I'm not in the mood for it." He said with a grunt.

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  13. At Liex's comment, Camerun got confused... as far as he had seen, the guy was almost dead. Why would he say otherw-
    ... oh, riiiight, this was something that humans tended to do. What was it called? Oh yes, "bravado".
    "Uh-huuh... right, of course."

    As Lazr approached, Camerun turned his attention to him, "Heh, I think we all know that by now... they question is how many?"

    He was about to ask Liex that question, but instead got an order. Big guy? Really? He wasn't that big, he thought.
    "Camerun, actually. And yes, that's what I'm doing." and added, "You're a mercenary, right? Just here for the pay to get the husks removed?"
    He had met some mercs before, and from his experience they weren't the friendliest of humans and were always concerned about getting their pay more than anything. Although...
    "You heading up or down? We'll most likely run into a lot more of these husks."

    To Lazr he said, "Let's go." and saw that Solace looked uncomfortable, "Are you hurt?" he went over to her, "If you want, I can carry you." he offered.
  14. Solace sat slowly back on her heels glancing about still as Larz approached her. She stood fully and winced in pain. The others could tell she was hurt. She calmed her emotions and pushed her fury back. The blue fire slowly started to ebb away her blackened hair slowly returning to the firey red they normally saw her with. The flames crept back down her arms until returning to her palms and vanishing within her skin again. She shivered suddenly as Larz's hand lay to her skin. She made a little squeak and glanced at Camerun as he asked if she neede carrying. She almost was offended. No Alpha would show weakness now. Hell what if they were being graded! She shook her head.

    "No I'll be fine.. schhh" she hissed as Larz's energy flowed within her, a coolness burned along her ribs and she knew he was helping her to heal faster. She smiled at Larz "Thank you as always..." She giggled "They should make you a Beta if they haven't already, Mr. Shy guy." She Looked back to their elders. She wanted to go with Ruix, but she knew they would never allow her. She humph as she realized the debate would never rise. She glanced at Larz and quirked a brow. "How many you suppose are between us and the top level? I'm sure they are evacuating the rest of our class mates. And if they Have sealed off the lower levels then how many are bellow us before the alternate soldiers" She knew Larz was the best to search out the area.

    While he searched she felt the hunger within her,she didn't want this to end. She shifted her stance, impatience making her unstable as her right hand twitched causing sparks of blue and crimson between her fingertips; almost like sparks of static only firey. A glint of fire seemed to dance in Solace's eyes as well when she glanced at the hall behind them wondering how many more she Could handle, if put to the test of course.

    Fireng resounded from bellow, Tazolvers being discharged at Husks surely. Solace glanced at the boys "Maybe it would be wise to evacuate simply on the general fact that the back up from bellow doesn't know we're still up here?" She shrugged waiting now that Camerun and Ruix were here she didn't feel so empowered, she glanced over at Larz wondering if he would follow her if she decided to follow them, should they be left to evacuate.

    Five levels down an all out war was going on, nearly 300 Husks were shambling about at break-neck speeds. Their bodies morphing to suit the needs of combat with the Soldiers. Some were Special some were not, however the two were not distinguished from one another. They did this so their Specials wouldn't be targeted. However in this battle it didn't seem to matter something deviously destructive power tore threw their ranks and was destroying valuable structures from within the depths of the Acedemy, if something wasn't done soon the entire building bay collapse upon itself.

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  15. The building seems to be screaming in pain. It's life force was so strained. Lazr didn't know what was happening, but clearly the building was taking a lot of damage. Lazr turned his face away from Solace's comments. He didn't particularly want to be a beta. Alpha, Beta. These ranks holds so much responsibility. I wonder if they even have any meaning now since the Academy is being assaulted. How much order can be reestablished. Will the Academy even function after this? I don't know but thats a worry for later. We have to get to safety. He looks at Solace. She is injured... but she seems ready for another fight. I hope those husks don't come yet. He then heard Liex and Cameron's conversation and agreed that they should head up. "Okay I agree. Lets leave." Gunshots seems like they're coming closer. "I don't think we have much time." He looks at Cameron. "I'll follow your lead."

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  16. Liex snorted at Camerun, "Me, a merc? Please. I'm a Special, told to come here by the higher-ups." He paused as he heard the sounds of fighting going on bellow. "And from the sound of it, I was most likely sent here to help clear out the top levels and keep the students safe." He looked down at Lazr and Solace, his eyes narrowing slightly.

    "Well, since these two are so eager to help we should probably head upstairs. There's bound to be a few more Husks still roaming around." He said with a grunt, climbing up the stairs. He rounded the corner on the top floor, staying quiet to try and catch any sounds. He hurried down the hall as he heard more shrieks. He rounded another corner and peeked around before pulling back with a curse. There was another group of Husks standing just around the corner.

    After what happened earlier he wasn't all too eager to charge in, especially since he had back up. So he decided to wait a bit until a plan was formed.
  17. Camerun's offer of help seemed to have the negative effect on Solace (if he remembered human body language correctly) so he only cleared his throat apologetically.

    At Liex's answer he pondered over it and decided to forget about it for now. They had more important things to do, like head up stairs, as the guy had suggested.
    He nodded at Larz and Solace and followed Liex a few paces behind, keeping watch for any surprises as they climbed. Things were looking more and more dangerous, and he also had the other students to worry about as well... the Principal had made that clear.
    The building sounding like it was cringing and moaning didn't help either... wait.

    Buildings didn't do that...

    He motioned to the two students to move quietly, and caught up with Liex.
    Looking ahead he noticed some husks shrieking and communicating (at least he thought so) and then there was that distinct moaning sound again. The moan sounded muffled and then it seemed to pop a scream that wasn't husk.
    It was human!
    His eyes narrowed, and focused on an open doorway just ahead of them. Then he noticed the rest of the students had made it a level or two upwards, but some were bearing the look of dread and shock. Some were crying and another was trying to persuade a girl to move on. She was focused on the door as well and then pulled away and under cover.
    Camerun let out a breath of relief... they had made a little more ahead. Good.

    There was another scream, but it was cut short.

    To Camerun's foreboding suspicion a much bigger husk exited the room, and from the red on it's face he could see the thing had fed. That wasn't what bothered his though.
    The husk itself did.

    "Whatever you do." he said at a level tone, "Don't let that thing touch you, or your weapons." he looked over at the two students, with the seriousness of facing certain death in his expression.

    The husk was disgusting, his limbs looking malformed and had what seemed to be a new set of human arms. They were turning the colour of the rest of its skin as he was absorbing it. It sported a set of huge scythed arms as well, not to mention a few other things it must have picked up on its way...

    "This just got a whole lot more worse..." he said grudgingly under his breath.

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  18. Solace quirked a brow at Larz before watching Liex and Camerun move onward and upward. She jerked her head in their direction a lets go look on her face as they started to climb. The building was shifting and shaking now, cringing metal, nd shrieking wood, the frame wasn't going to hold for much longer. She stopped just behind Camerun when the screams ahead caught her attention. Her eyes turned serious angry Another group standing between her team and their exit. She felt the building moving and groaning. They didn't have time for this. Camerun ducked back and she turned her attention again. Telling her not to touch a husk, and yet kill it, without weaponry.. .What the hell was this man thinking. She tilted her frame just enough for a quick peek at the shifting morphing mass of limbs. She jerked back again and looked at Camerun with a whole new look of fury. REALLY! her face screamed.

    She'd run across one of these before, she'd been very young then. But still she could remember her fury. She let her eyes slide shut and started to focus on that fury, the hatred as it burned crimson behind her minds eyes. She followed that rage deeper pushing it to build to stem and flow like water over her. Her eyes slowly opened to reveal luminescent red glowing about her aqua blue irises. She knew they would have to use their gifts, those that could project their abilities at least. And this was one thing Solace was very efficient at. She was nick named the the Solace Flare after all ^.~ She smirked at the three of them. "Lets play then... don't get to close to me" She said with an evil glint in her eye.

    She opened both of her hands and suddenly firey blue and crimson flames leapt into her palms and she waited for their lead, but wait ... who was leading this team of misfits after all? Hell did it matter she was always for insane force over calm planning. One reason why she was never in charge of powerful Specials when on ops. Oh well she waited anyway, she was not the lead here she was unskilled compared to Camerun and Liex.
  19. It was disgusting. Lazr wanted to look away from the monstrosity, but he could not. It was dangerous. It's life was utterly terrible. As Cameron has said. This thing should not be touched. It seemed to drain life energy like Lazr did, but... there was so much distortion, so much corruption. The recent victim lingered within. The energy trying to fight off the force, but it was useless. The monster just continued to consume, break, and twist the victim's life until nothing is left. It was truly amalgam of flesh and bone.

    This abomination must die... but I cannot do it alone. We cannot touch it, even with our weapons. Damn. He looked around once more and heard it. The collapse was nearing. This structure will wear out soon. I have to deal with that first and hope our allies can deal with this husk. Suddenly Solace lit up. Her brightness was unlike anything he saw earlier. It was not a flickering blue flame, but a hot and burning entity. Lazr grinned. Why did I even worry. We have a sun on our side. He looked at Liex. Make that two. With his worries lifted, Lazr bent down and tore open his remaining barrier. His life now burst forth from within like a floodgate. "Take care of that monster! I will hold this section of the building to ensure it won't collapse." With both his hands now touching the floor, he pushed his energy out like never before. He gave the building his life. The groaning and screeching sounds of supports collapsing now ended. The floor and walls suddenly became brighter as if they were awaking from a deep slumber. "You better do this quick. I can't hold out that long."