PROJECT World Guide Book Exercise #1- Coming up with Ideas: Genre

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  1. The very first thing about world guide books is you have to have one or more idea(s) for it to even begin! Usually you start with a genre and work from there. Today we will try out a few different ways to gather ideas for your guide book. If you don't know, a "World Guide Book" is a type of "reference guide" for your worlds! It can be used for roleplays, novels, video games, yourself, and much, much more!

    How to do this Exercise:
    I started writing out some long sh-peal of how to do this exercise and very over complicating it, so here I am writing a new one:
    You can do this two ways: On Paper or in the comment box. [I suggest typing it up and submitting it anyway.]
    Recall from all the genres that you know, two genres that you wouldn't mind working with. Mine are Fantasy and Macabre.
    Now, write down those two genres. If you'd like as a bonus you can write down all the sub genres too! But with your two genres we're going to play the word association game! Any and all thoughts that come to mind when thinking about your two genre's; write them down! You can stop whenever you'd like as long as you have a good sizable list.

    Now, I want you to review your list, check it twice. Do you see any similar ideas? Link them together.
    Now you should have a list that vaguely looks like this depending on your genres:
    Ridiculous-Clowns-Feathered Hats-Steampunk


    And so on so forth!

    Look at how many ideas you have conjured up already! With this list you have made a plethora of ideas for you to expand and develop! See you next time~