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Adventure stories! They can be fantasy, modern, sci-fi, all kinds! Give me some good world travel stories and I'm all over it! I also enjoy romance stories and even though I tend to play females I love playing gay men.
Somewhere on the coast outside Clifden, Ireland

Jaan rubbed his eyes with the back of his hand. The rocky shoreline extending out as far as he could see on either side. It was comforting a bit, almost reminded him of Tallinn. As soon as the memories of past days trickled in the earth exploding from his dreams would pop up and send a cold shiver down his spine before snapping him back to reality.

He was at least doing something about his dreams. He was here, in Ireland, near where he felt the castle would be. It was a strange sensation how he just...knew where it was. But knowing where it was and finding it were two entirely different things it seemed. He had spent nearly the entire morning looking for the castle along the coast but to no avail yet. With a sigh he plopped down on the wet grass and watched the waves crash against the shoreline. He pulled his jacket around himself a bit tighter when the wind picked up. "I wonder where it is..." He wondered allowed, noticing a strange rocky outcropping just down the cliff-face that he was standing upon. His spirits perked up for a moment as he stood and started heading down towards what looked like a tower of an old castle the closer he got to it.
Kim landed in a little no-where town in Ireland. Some distant force called to her as she wandered farther away from the town. She almost wasn't allowed to go. Her grandmother paid for her ticket and she was on her way. Hours flew by as she flew across the sky here she was. The black haired girl kept walking the force getting stronger as she walked.
She faced a cliff and stood there for a little while before turning left and seeing a tower in the distance. She was here! The castle from her dreams is real! She was so happy she jogged along the cliff and climb up to finally stand infront of the building admiring it. Nothing was this beautiful in Canada that she knew of.

Scarlett woke up with a start finding her clothes drenched with sweat. She was still in the car as it cruised along Ireland's roads and she slowly sat up to look at the scenery.

It's beautiful...

And indeed it was. Back home, all she saw was a lot of water, poor farmland, and people. Lots of people. The streets were full of them. But the lands here were lush and green. And all of the homes were spread out unless she was in the city. The congestion of traffic were nonexistent and it made her spirit feel free.

And then all of a sudden her vision was obstructed by the Earth being turn apart, lava spewing from the depths of the core and burning away everything - the trees, the ocean, the life. Scarlett swallowed hard and closed her eyes. When she opened them she saw that land again, lush and living as ever.

She drew her jacket closer to her, despite her clothes being soaked with sweat. All of a sudden she felt cold and a shortness of breath.

"Could you speed up please?" She asked of the driver. "I'm in a bit of a hurry."
Iris had spent the last few hours flying in to Ireland from Scotland. The flight hadn't been to terribly long, but a screaming child had given her a dreadful headache. After landing she managed to find her luggage, and catch a bus to a town she never even heard off. Where she was going to go from there she had no idea. She just stared out the window, the view of her pink bangs and rolling green hills rushed past her gaze. As if they were moving on their own. The dreams seemed to push her from living a normal life, Iris needed to find the answers.

Iris was so caught up in her thoughts she hadn't noticed the man yelling at her. "Miss MISS!" The man screamed at her, she quickly shook her head to look up at the elderly bus drive. "This is where you get off." He said in a rather rude manner, Iris stood slowly grabbing her luggage she threw it over her shoulder. It didn't seem so heavy at the time, but once off the bus it started to weigh her down. A deep sigh escaped her lips, it was going to be terribly hard to walk in pink high heels and a skirt. The feeling that she hadn't thought this through crossed her mind. "Might as well get going." Iris whispered to herself before heading down a long road. Green hills pulled the road higher and higher, the look of desperation covered her face.

Iris lifted her head, and began to walk. The clicking of her heels was her music, the wind whipping around her was the tune. She tried to make it seem like a grand adventure, though deep down this walk was going to be torture. However, what amused her the most she knew exactly the way. That bothered her even more. She had never been here in her whole life, but she knew where the ancient ruins would sit. What was underneath is what she came for.
The dreams had been going on for several weeks now, and were concerning enough in their content to warrant two months of stowing away and hitch hiking across the Phillippine Islands, the ocean, most of Europe, and finally the hills of Ireland. Now Raphael Bayani stood at the foot of the castle from his dreams. He was still unused to the colder climes of Europe compared to the humidity of his homeland; he snuggled deeper into the battered leather jacket he stole while he was passing through London. That was when he heard the footsteps of others approaching.

He supposed his theory from weeks ago was correct: he was not alone in being a dreamer.

Raphael sat on a nearby rock to await the others who had heeded the call of this castle.
Landon woke up in the middle of a grassy plane atmosphere of nostalgia and wondered where he was this can't be happening... he thought to himself as he stood up to view his landscape. He was in a small grassy field surrounded by a small circle of trees but the most extraordinary of all wasn't that the trees were a perfect circle but it was the small tower he could barely make out in the distance, it was just grayish but he figured that's probably the best place to go and walked towards the castle.

His thoughts wandered as he walked through the small path of trees where's everyone? he thought to himself referring to his family and friends, where they all gone? he would find out soon.
Raphael spotted the approaching figures and stood. He brushed off his knees and greeted, "Hello there. There can't be too many people in the world who know about this place. Let me guess--saw it in a dream?"
It had taken nearly five hours of walking before she reached her destination. The bag was still hanging off one shoulder, her skin glittering with sweat. Her pink short hair stood in spikes, from the constant push of her hands. Make up had a small run down her cheeks, in all honesty she probably looked a sight. Iris gaze stayed on the grass ground, her eyes shifted to the few rocks that seemed to be scattered about. Her nose wiggled from side to side, as the sound of a deep sigh escaped her glossy lips. Each foot step was slow and lazy, until the sounds of others walking caught her attention. Coming to a complete halt, she lifted her eyes. There were more, it made her wonder how many were there. They must of had the same dream.

Iris walked over to one closest, "You having strange dreams to." She said, knowing that wasn't the right way to start a conversation. Far as she knew these people could be tourist. Her gaze drifted over his person, he wore a leather jacket. Brushing at the dirt from his knees, clearly he's appearance wasn't that of Scotland.
Miu felt the discomfort of running on instinct. Her entire life had been so carefree that being controlled by a feeling she couldn't even understand was foreign to her. From the moment she kissed her grandmother's wet cheek, to the moment she landed in Ireland she had felt lost. She had never been outside her country, let alone outside of Cairo. However, she had to be strong, for this was something she knew she had to do.

It was certainly more lush than what she was used to. All the greenery was something new, but comforting to her. Instead of rejecting the alien land, she welcomed it with open arms, and took in all the views. The wind whipped her ankle length dress around in a frenzy as she stood there and thought of where to go next. Then, as if that very wind was guiding her, she let herself be pushed in the direction it lead. She closed her eyes and simply walked to where she felt was right. When she opened her eyes a few moments later, she saw a castle at the bottom of some long, sloping hills. The scene was identical to what she had dreamed of. However, there appeared to be a few elements that she did not expect. She walked carefully down a beaten path and stood in front a small group of foreigners. Without saying a word, she knew that these people had had similar experiences as she. She sat on the soft grass in silence, looking up at the castle, wondering what lied beyond for her and her traveling brethren.
Kim heard voices just around the corner and squealed in glee. She couldn't believe others found this place. Quickly running around the corner she ran head first into the new crowd stopping just before hitting someone. Smiling before realising what she did. Turning a bright pink she looked down at her feet and apologised. She looked around the small group she tried to remember the image of all o them.

The dirt road was strewn with leaves and roots, and every now and then, Scarlett would have to dig out pebbles from her shoes. She left the driver several hours ago - he gave her a peculiar look when she walked out into the country. Obviously the man thought she was crazy, but she assured him as best she could that she would be fine. He relented, although reluctantly. She was here now though, walking down a path that she knew as well as the back of her hand.

At last she came upon a clearing, and then further on, a cliff, a huge body of water, and... People.

She paused in her step, swallowed, and shoved her hands into her pockets. Persevere, she told herself firmly. With her head down, Scarlett walked to the group of people forming. She gave a muttered, "Hello" and winced when she heard her Chinese accent.​
Jet lag no longer existed to Shinya. No, after years of travelling from place to place, slipping through time zones and losing or gaining sleep, his body and state of mind had grown accustomed to the abuse and had long since learned to simply accept it. So the fact that he hadn't slept in two days really didn't do much to affect his physical performance. Rather it was the blisters on his feet that had given him a hard time, even after his strange intuition had led him to a crumbling tower nestled deep in an uninhabited portion of beautiful Ireland.

At the moment, he was quietly perched on one of the massive stones that had fallen away from the structure. His deep red hoodie, blue jeans, and ink-black hair were just a blip of color but they stood out against the mossy ruins as he tended to the blisters with the help of his personal first aid kit. As a wanderer, Shinya was used to a lot of walking. But the past few days had left him with little time for rest and he'd certainly pushed his poor feet to the limit. And all because of some reoccuring dream... he thought to himself as he finished bandaging his feet.

Some might have called him crazy for believing in a dream but not only were the Japanese superstitious, Shinya had a slightly more open mind to these kind of instances because of a certain...condition of his. Naturally when one had a strange feeling of fondness and friendship with ice and snow, prophetic dreams of impending doom could not be taken lightly.

Tenderly putting on his worn-down shoes again, Shinya closed up his backpack and slid down from the stone. He'd heard voices for the past few minutes and he expected to find tourists when he skirted around the corner of the tower. What he found instead was an ethnic bunch and that same buzzing intuition that had led him to this place was insisting that these people were just like him.

Slinging his backpack over one shoulder, he fished around in his pockets for his cigarettes and lighter, choosing to remain unannounced to the group. If they noticed him, good. If not, well...whatever? He really had no clue what was supposed to happen now, mind only working at half-capacity, details about the dream a little foggy. Guess waiting is the best option right now.
"You having strange dreams to?"

Raphael nodded to the girl. "I assume all of us have? Yeah, that's what I suspected. I'm Raphael Bayani. I'm not from around here, but I felt compelled to come here. I guess all of us did." He pointed to the castle. "I kept seeing the end of the world. And this place is where it all starts. The Tomb of Enlightenment--that's what the voice in my dream called it. Shall we?"
Jeong wasn't the superstitious type, she didn't believe in the concept of silly things like fate or destinity, which made this trip all the more annoying. Millions of miles from home, wandering through the many hillsides of Ireland with a bag on her back, a phrase book in her pocket, and a phone that didn't even work there... and for what? A vision in an insistant dream that clearly refused to go away until she traveled to the place it beckoned her to. So here she was, hands in her coat pocket, watching her step as she climbed yet another hill, finally catching the smallest glimpse of the castle in the distance. The Irish air she breathed in, the scent of not so distant sea, all new sensations to her, yet the shape of the castle and the surrounding land, both so strangely familiar. How could one dream about what they'd never seen before in so much detail? Maybe she was loosing her mind.

Either way, she strided through the landscape, the sound of conversation nearing as she approached the old structure. She stepped closer to the group that had gathered, but not so close that it seemed she wanted to conversate, because frankly, she didn't. She just listened as she pulled a water bottle from her bag and took a drink. They to spoke about the odd dream, which meant they weren't just a tourist group but people like her, summoned by the visions in their sleep. If so, then at this point they just needed to wait and see what happens.
Iris nodded her head steadily, the realization started to hit. She wasn't the only one, and there had to be many others. How many more were like them? She continued to ask inside her mind, almost loosing track of their conversation. Shaking her head quickly, pink hair flared into spikes. "Yes...yes I've been have the dreams to.....Though I always hoped they were just dreams. Didn't expect the end of the world actually coming." Her voice held sadness in its depths. How were a few people going to save the world?...Iris fell back into her thoughts, "The temple of Enlightenment. How interesting......Oh I'm Iris just Iris, and we should check it out." She said rather quickly, trying to catch up with the conversation. Pulling her heels from the dirt, she started to walk towards the ruins. Occasionally glancing back to see if he was following.
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