World Cup Soccer

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  1. So for those of you that don't know, in the round robin for world cup soccer, tomorrow is England vs USA


    All I wanted to say, continue with your lives.
  2. My team couldn't even beat Mexico ._. and we're the host country....
  3. Mexicans get a racial bonus to soccer should know this.
  4. Belle

    She smiled at him and nudged him lightly "I got you covered buddy if you ever need something."


    She glanced at him seriously "Yes I find that adorable." She grinned "It's actually more, Er..." she shook her head dismissively "Never mind."


    She laughed "I meant the eggs"
  5. Tied 1 to 1, next up Germany vs. Australia
  6. Football is not Soccer.

  7. Wait?

    So we just drew with the only country in the world that doesn't know the name of the game it's playing!?

    guh.. great start >>
  8. [​IMG]
    Shawn Spencer
    Codenames: Shawn White", "Goose", (mother,) "Dr. Hans Jorgenson", "Shawn SpenStar", "Dr. Hauser", "Black","Mr. Shawn" "ManiacManiac19", "Mr. Turner(T-Bone)", "DieHard", "Juan "Priestly", "Sheriff Spencer", "Hickory Pot", "Dry Gulch Slim", "R. P. McMurphy", "William Zane", "Soup Can Phil", "Shawn Gthorndall", "The Catch", "Shawn Womack" "Ryan Filipe" "Spencer" "Chad" and Sonny Boy
    Origin: Psych, circa 2006
    Birthdate: March 24,1977
    Age: 30
    Race: Human
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Blue- Green
    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 159 Pounds
    Education Level: High School Graduate
    Occupation: ECSI
    Citizenship: American
    Level: Talented Normal
    Intelligence: 5
    Strength: 2
    Speed: 2
    Durability: 2
    Energy projection: 1
    Fighting Ability: 2
    Powers: 'Psychic abilities' *points to real explaination below.
    Abilities: Shawn has an eidetic tonal memory which means that he can pick up on little clues and details that most people would overlook and often pretends to have visions instead of explaining what he can do. Similiarly, he is very skilled in fire arms, but rarely ever uses a gun. He also can run fast and knows how to cook for himself.
    Equipment: Shawn drives a motorcycle, has a wallet with Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo. Otherwise, just the clothes on his back.
    Bio: Shawn was back home one day when he accidently drove into a portal unbeknowest to him and wound up in the epic universe circa 2017. As he had left his home back in 2006, despite being born in 1977, he is only 30 due to the travel plopping him ten years later from his timeline. He was discovered by the ESCI after he used his 'psychic' abilities to help a few crimes in this world.
    Notes and Trivia: For the purpose of this RP, I will be playing Shawn as bisexual. Shawn loves pineapples, but hates pointy things. He is drawn post season 1 of his series but before season 2.

    ( If any more details are needed/ most be retconned, I can edit)
  9. This from the country that calls FLASHLIGHTS. . . TORCHES.

    In AMERICA. . . a stick with fire on the end is a torch. . . and an electric cylinder with light that comes out at one end powered by batteries is a FLASHLIGHT.

  10. yeah, that was sad.
  11. You mean the country that elected to name them after an item of similar function rather than hamfistedly call them two words that vaguely equate to the items function? Flashlight.. I mean really? it sounds like something a 5 year old would come up with as a weapon for his made up gundam..

    Also colour has a u. Pants are underwear. And Z should not be a commonly used letter
  13. This is the only time that I want my country to receive a complete ass-kicking from every other country the world.

    I hope England get knocked out as soon as possible so the underclass of brain-dead knuckle-dragging retards shut the fuck up and go back to their cess-pits to choke to death on rat's piss.
  14. Finally, I've discovered Asmodeus is actually a lesbian woman.

    I am also the better troll.
  15. i'm pissed off at green not because he fumbled the block but because i had to listen to the US fans tell me and the 3 other lads rooting for england to "shut up" while the same *ahem* gentlemen *ahem* cheered for fifteen minutes on what i consider an unclean goal.

    football is the proper term
    Torches (see "electric torches") is also the proper term
    and american fans and the sports they follow are obnoxious annoyances that need to be put in their places by European sports fans

  16. Yes, the proper terms in a place that calls something underwear when it's on the OUTSIDE.

    And the not crazy US fans hate the obnoxious US fans just as much as everyone else. Every country has obnoxious fans. Probably even Canadians when Hockey is the subject. At least there wasn't one of those guys with an Air Horn there. Or was there? That would explain the PO'd factor.

    In America!
  17. Would you have not done the same should your positions have been switched? To many people this is a subject on equal significance to religion, to other it is more so.
  18. if you hold sports on the same pedestal as religion, you need your head checked. its just a game.............just sayin
  19. Isn't that why both have such elaborate headgear most of the time?
  20. that is a good point orion