World Changing Ideas

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  1. The woman placed her hands on the table, observing the wackos, weirdos, and sock monkeys that were in attendance. "What we need are ideas to change the world!" She shouted, gaining their attention, "I want ideas for clean water, endless energy, more food, political trust between countries, and all the gummybears I can eat! This is a World Changing Ideas conference so get to it! Give me anything at all! Here, I've got one!" She slid into her black company chair and clasped her hands together. "Since many people believe that World War lll will be started do to lack of resources rather than for disagreeing parties, we should start with water. How about a machine, simple in design and cheap, that filters both unclean and sea water?"

    ( Basically, a jump-in where you are at a massive get-together where you present any ideas you have that could solve a problem in a country or around the world. Like nanobots for oil spills or something. Any topic is allowed and your character can be as weird and mad as a hatter.)
  2. A girl looking too young to be there stood. "Well, we could make a simple filter using natural substances. An example is dirt, which is a natural cleanser of water. We put the unclean water through the dirt, and it cleanses it, and then there's pure water on the other side. However, I do not believe this will purify salt water.." She paused for a moment, looking around to be sure they were watching before she continued. "If we use a condenser, we'd be able to purify all types of water. A natural way to purify water is to evaporate it, which will cleanse the water of all impurities. We place the dirty or salt water here," she points at a picture on the blueprints she pulled out of nowhere, "and heat it, making it evaporate. The water vapor travels through here," she points at a tube, "and then falls in here, a clean container full of now clean water." She lets out a hesitant, but beaming smile.
  3. "Good, good," The woman nodded quicked six or seven times, "But how much water does it take at a time? Is it big enough to provide for a small community? Or is it still more expensive than it's worth by forcing us to put one in every home of a community?" She mixed the batter in the silver bowl swiftly, being sure to get rid of all the lumps before she got cooking.
  4. "The pump is big enough to supply 70 homes, 9,300 gallons of water for 4 people per house per month per house. Meaning if 4 people lived in each of the seventy houses, they would use about 9,300 gallons of water per month, that's the amount the pump was built to clean with the best results." She cast a small look around the assembled group.
  5. "No electricity?" The woman quipped, tying her apron as she prepared to pour the batter on the skillet, "It's perfectly stable too, right? Can't have wild animals breaking it."
  6. "Yes, and yes. It is powered by nothing but the heat of the sun that is magnified by the lining that reflects the light, making the water evaporate, and it is very stable on it's own." She nodded, a smile on her face as she sat back down.
  7. "Very well, very well," the woman conceded, flipping the pancake high into the air, "Any other ideas? Perhaps to help starving people?"
  8. The young girl flipped through her papers before sighing. Sadly, she had no answers for starving people. She shrugged. "Nothing here."
  9. "No special famrs or plants?" The woman pressed, surprised, "Anyone at all?" She sat down to her bountiful breakfast, drizzling syrup over the mountain of pancakes.
  10. The girl flipped yet again through her papers, pausing at one filled with what looked like scribbles. "Well, we could try underground farms, but they haven't been tested." she paused, looking over the paper.
  11. The woman shook her head. "They will be very expensive and take a long time to build. They will also have to be adapted to each different area as not all earth is the same. There are also areas with no stable ground, like in the desert. Above ground would be best."
  12. She nodded. "Then I don't know. I've got nothing here for that." She set her head in her hand, her face lost it's smile, back to it's neutral state.
  13. "Then perhaps we can make something together," The woman suggested, wiping her mouth with a cloth, "Two minds are better than one and all that."
  14. "Maybe." She tilted her head slightly. "We might be able to come up with something."
  15. "Above-ground farms with easy-to-grow that can handle harsh weather?" She suggested, juggling three metal balls.
  16. The girl nodded. "But we'd have to find a way to protect it all without hurting the growth of the plants."
  17. "Hmmmm," The woman calmly went over the cards in her hand as she gambled with a man, "Extra-strength glass and locked doors? The protection of the food should really be in the village's hands."
  18. The girl nodded. "Okay. Estimated cost?"
  19. The woman shrugged, "I'm just going for something cheap. It's the only word that gets the old mens' attention."
  20. The girl nodded. "Okay." Now she was trying to think if there was anything she missed. Oh..wait "Where would we build them?"