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  1. Now, I know world builders are not extremely easy to find, but there are some us out there or people who want to try. Well, I have this idea in which we can transform role playing in it's entirety and make it into something better!
    Now I'm just speaking from personal past experiences but usually a roleplay goes one way: you both post for about a few weeks than it ends or sort of fizzles out. Well, I've always yearned for a roleplay that is long and lengthy chapter like, and in depth. Yes, few have those but I think we should incorporate more of these types of roleplays into the system. These roleplays in which you create worlds before hand and add and keep adding to it bits and pieces and make it entwined with your roleplay! I don't know if I'm coming across well, but I do believe that World Building Roleplays- roleplays in which you build the world entirely first, should be made ware of. :3
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  3. A discussion would be nice please :3 I just didn't know where to put it!
  4. Shame on me, I redirected your thread but didn't contribute to it!

    I too love this kind of Roleplay; it stays interesting longer because there's always more to discover. Extra so if the GM is good at taking the creativity of the setting and using it to further the plot!
  5. Dearest, this is practically what I do in this place. It's fun, but it's very much daunting for a lot of people, as there is often a lot of information to take in.

    However, that's kind of the point of me making those kinds of RP's. I only ever settle for the most dedicated RP'ers, so I tend to scare away those with more casual intentions. This is partly because I am very detailed in the worldbuilding I do.
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  6. I love this kind of roleplay, which becomes a rarity these days. I demand a detailed world (however small) so I can actually visualize and create characters that are new, fresh and unique to that world. Since I'm leaning heavily towards fantastical elements in an RP, I tend to put a lot of effort in how the gods and magic generally work.

    Anyways, if you ever want to make an epic-length RP, drop me a message. :)