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If you've had an idea bouncing around in your head for something that you think would make a GREAT idea for a guide or lesson but just aren't sure about writing it yourself, this is the place for you!

If you have been dying for someone to make a workshop on a topic that you find really difficult, or that you see a lot of people asking about, step right on up!

This is a place for you to post suggestions and requests for other people to write guides about. Then, people who are interested in writing help but either aren't sure what to write about or want to address problems that others are having can come look through and select ideas that have been submitted to create lessons and guides.

If you do end up creating a guide on a suggested topic, it would be greatly appreciated if you would link it here! Suggesters and writers alike are encouraged to look through the various Content subforums (and this thread) in order to ensure that there aren't a handful of duplicate guides on the same topic.