Workshop- Political systems

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  1. This is a Workshop on how to create the government of your world,

    Step one, Do a bit of Research
    Each style of government has it's own benefits and weaknesses, be aware of what your worlds government can and cannot do
    Some examples

    Monarchy - Divine Right of Kings,

    Democracy - Rule By the People, for the people,

    Oligarchy - Rule by the few elite members of society,

    Step two, Positions
    Determine Roles within your government, how the power is or isn't divided among the ruling caste, the names of those positions and their responsibilities

    Step Three, Crime and Punishment
    All governments exist in some way or another to keep order, create your laws, then create your system for enforcing them and punishing the lawbreakers.

    Step Four, Societal issues
    No government would survive if it didn't at least pretend to serve the needs of it's people, Your government is no different (unless of course you're RPing a revolution!) A future workshop will be dedicated to social issues

    Step Five, WAAAAAGH!
    Seriously, Governments bicker, fight, or are just general assholes, just as people are. Sometimes these situations come to blows. How often does your country find itself in war? how frequently do they win?
    Even if you have one world government it's likely that they weren't always that way.

    Step Six, Timeline
    Go back and repeat steps three through five as frequently as you feel necessary with a time skip of whatever duration you feel appropriate, keep in mind that governments are just like people, and are likely to get complacent if nothing goes on for too long.
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