Workplace Comedy (Inspired by The Office!)

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  1. We LVE these shows:

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    Do You?
    Fantastic! Join us as we create our own mockumentary-style RP featuring candid confessionals and fourth-wall breaking antics.


    Will include awkward situations, inappropriate behavior, general hilarity and the occasional heart-warming romance.

    • Welcome to Studio 7B, located in Vancouver, B.C. This, friends, is where the magic of primetime, award winning television happens. But shows don’t write and film themselves. They need grunts – I mean – professionals! And now the world wants to see the faces of those unsung heroes who slave away to produce that quality entertainment we all crave. For the first time, they want to take a peek behind the scenes.

    Executive Producer (The Big Boss) – Taken
    • Makes final decisions
    • Feels pressure from the Network
    • Communicates with the Director and other producers
    • High ranking position

    Assistant Producer – Open
    • Disseminates pertinent information (scripts, memos, etc.)
    • May also unofficially function as the set HR / interpersonal affairs rep
    • Mid ranking position

    Director – Open
    • Works closely with the EP
    • Delegates tasks to camera crew, art, and the cast
    • High ranking position

    Screenwriter – Taken
    • The genius behind the script
    • High ranking position

    Grip – Open
    • In charge of lighting
    • Mid ranking position

    Props Person – Open
    • Takes orders from the Props Master
    • Keeps track of props used
    • Low ranking position

    Costumer – Open
    • Keeps track of wardrobe
    • Basic seamstress responsibilities (mending, patching, altering)
    • Low ranking position

    Runner – Open
    • Works for all departments
    • Grunt work, gofer status
    • Lowest ranking position

    • Name:
      Age: [Character must be 18 or older]

      Desired Job:

      Motivation: [What is your character’s primary motivation? Does he want to move up in the biz? Is she just trying to pay the rent? Does he have aspirations of fame and fortune?]

      Character quirks: [What distinguishes your character from the rest? What are your character’s most prominent traits?]

      Physical Appearance: [Real people or descriptions only, please.]

    Welcome to life
    Behind the Scenes