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  1. Because being a geek or a nerd doesn't mean you can't go to the gym.


    I never did understand why being physically active and a massive geek or nerd were mutually exclusive.

    I went from 5'7", 215 lb and being a rather obese Asian kid to a 5'7", 155 lb stack of muscle and crazy agility largely because one day I asked myself, 'Shit, I play thieves and rangers with mad Tumble skills in D&D and I love reading Batman comics. Why the fuck can't I do that in real life?'

    And the answer was, 'Well, you can.'


    During the winter months when its just too snowy/slippery/unsafe to go for a run outside, I hole up on a treadmill with a laptop watching Fate/Zero for the upteenth time. I envision that the other gym rats are either eyeing me with a dumbstruck expression on their faces because:

    A) I'm the only Asian guy they've ever seen who has bigger arms they they do (my fellow traceurs at my Parkour gym gave me the nickname 'Swole Snake' because I'm built like Goku...just not quite as agile)


    B) Saber is a fucking hot piece of badass


    (now in 3 flavors...that are mutually exclusive via Multiple Endings and Alternate Universes, but whatever....)

    Aside from Parkour and bodyweight training (and formerly weightlifting), I am still quite actively and avidly participating martial arts. Each sparring night, I go in working one specific thing with the goal of executing said specific thing three times on each person I fight. I love fight nights! So relaxing!

    So my question for the Iwakuans: what do you guys do to stay in physical trim whilst enjoying your nerdy pasttimes?
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  2. I walk everyday for a very long time, or at least I try to.

    I do forty push ups in the morning, in in the noon, and another forty at night. I try to walk at least two miles each day but I have to be areful because of my arthritis.
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  3. I don't actually make any strong/organized effort to work out (probably should, can never be bothered though).

    However, I do usually opt to walk to friends places rather than drive or use transit.
    And when it's late I also usually opt to walk home from college (which is a 90 minute walk).

    Not enough to get fit, but enough to prevent me from gaining too much weight.
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  4. Every week, I try to come up with a new physical challenge.

    This week its to get from one end of the block to the other.

    By doing pushups.

    Here's how:

    1) Start on one end of the sidewalk. At one line of the concrete, do one pushup.

    2) Jump to the next line (or as far as you can from a standing jump).

    3) Do two pushups.

    4) Jump to the next line (or as far as you can from a standing jump).

    5) Do three pushups.

    Repeat jumping line to line, doing escalating sets of pushups.

    Until you get to the end of the block.

    My block? Its 184 feet.

    You may take breaks by holding squat position.

    The beauty of this? Either you learn to jump REALLY FAR, or your arms get super strong. Either way, you win!

    It fucking sucks. But is also fucking awesome.
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  5. What is your favorite bodyweight exercise(s) for the legs?
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  6. I’ll be graduating with a degree in Exercise Science in May. haha I was also a collegiate soccer player. Gonna go into Strength & Conditioning as well as personal Training.

    My regimen includes a 4 day split:

    Chest & Triceps
    Back & Biceps

    Then start over again. I do an ab workout ever other day. I do cardio every day since I am in my cutting phase. (I’m going for the Frank Medrano look.) My cardio is about 30 minutes of running which at my leisure pace is about 3.5 miles. Once a week, I try to go for 60-80 minutes. Usually hitting around 7-8 miles. For a day or so after that, I’ll back since my legs will feel fucked. lol

    After every gym session which includes abs and cardio, I do a T25.

    I should hit my goal of being absolutely mind blowingly shredded in a month. Maybe less.

    My supplements include:

    ACG3 (Greatest Pre-Workout ever)
    Super clean Whey Protein

    Then add on whatever fitness I do with the high school soccer team I’m coaching and whatever games I play.
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  7. I've gotten rather fond of whey isolate protein.

    I gave pre-workout formulas a try, but I never felt any significant energy boost during my workouts. So I scrapped that.

    I got massive on whey isolates though. About the same gains i got normally, but with less calories.

    Pistol squats and balance squats (aka, I stand on the luggage rails on the top of my SUV and do a ton of squats; if I fall, I know I can take a 6-foot-plus fall safely with a roll. You may want to find something lower and thicker to balance on if starting out)

    I'm also fond of the leg variant of the above-mentioned sidewalk pushup challenge.

    Start at the end of the block. Do one squat. Go to the next line and do two squats. Then do three, four, five, six. By the time you're up into the thirties, your legs will hate you for two to three days.

    If you want to target hamstrings, secure your feet under your couch or some other heavy furniture, go onto your knees, and try to lower yourself to the ground and then raise it back up.
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  8. Oh here's another fun challenge that can be done with any repetitive exercise (push up, squat, burpee, bench press, deadlift, whatever)

    Play the song "Bring Sally Up."

    Every time they say 'Up,' go to full extension on your rep.

    Every time they say 'Down,' go to rest position.

    Repeat ad nauseum.

    And yes, there are 5-minute and 7-minute remixes that I've done.

    Good luck.
  9. That is the exact reason I got into that Isolate. Same gains, more cutting.

    I use pre workout because with my schedule, and the asshole athletic trainer at the college I go to (Tries to kick me and my dog out of the gym, but I have permission to bring my dog. So I just go after he leaves), I go to the gym at around 9 or 10 p.m. I’m usually a bit tired from that day so The pre workout just gives me the focus and sustained energy to push through.
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  10. Lifestyle stuff mostly. I take the stairs, walk places, etc.

    Gyms aren't really my scene, I sometimes do yoga at home but not really regularly.
  11. Really? Most of the asian people I see at my gym are built as all hell. Unless they are Thai, then they aren't beefy in volume but still nothing but muscle.
  12. I run....a lot. My routine is 40 to 50 minutes of running. Which ends up being about 8 to 10 miles. Two days on, one day off. I work my ass off but I'm not that strong. I'm working on it though. My body is built for long distance running. Long legs and suprising stamina for someone with asthma (both seasonal and exertion based).

  13. Guess they're skinnier in the US?
  14. Must be something in the water.
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  15. I get up early to run usually two hours, maybe three if I have the time and I do weights, spinning, yoga at the gym.
  16. I knew I liked you for some reason.
    Other than being a Saber-bro.

    Once a week for me. At home. Not enough to make me look bulky though.


    Usually I do it while listening to Berserk OST.
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  17. I'm made of metal and full of radiation. Except for walking and a little running I find it hard to exercise.
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  18. Changed my wife's diet as well as my own. No soda. Less sugary drinks. Trying lots of new tea trying to find one that clicks without lots of sweetener. More fruits, fresh meats, fish, veggies. Just got the earth boxes on the balcony planted again so hi-oh fresh stuff.

    Walk my dog daily. Sporadically use the weight room at work. Need to do it more. Live on the third floor so three flights of stairs constantly.

    Mostly I'm lazy and Florida is exceedingly warm. Just being outside for a few minutes is enough to drench you. The humidity makes swear practically useless too if there's no good wind.

    Doc says I'm fat, but my hearts built like a runners and everything else is in "athletic condition". How is beyond me. He's the trained one in health not me.
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  19. Forces is a great song to workout to
  20. I feel so out of place among people who work out so much xD I've got some back and neck problems that has been going on since I was a little child, but only now I got my mother to allow me to seek medical attention. Only because the chronic pain got so bad, I couldn't concentrate to study (and in college you have to do lots of that), and sometimes I couldn't physically study. I've had to turn in my exam without finishing it because my shoulder couldn't stand any more writing. It wasn't like that 24/7, but the pain was constant, and sometimes it hurt so bad I couldn't brush my hair myself.

    Last year I gave kenpo a try. I realized I prefer chinese martial arts over japanese ones (what's the need to yell at your students? jeez) and that my body isn't martial arts material anymore.

    Then did pilates for several months, and it's gotten so much better, to the point that now I can finally do cardio again to keep the heart healthy. I've been sedentary for so long, that knowing my limits I only go for 20 mins of "dancing" (moving around with rhythm but no elegance, grace or sexyness whatsoever), with varying intensities depending on how much pilates tortured my muscles the earlier day.
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