Working on a one shot Manga

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  2. I'd be interested to see the rest of your portfolio; do you have a deviantart or something?
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  3. Hey! Yeah, actually I have a bunch of pieces and types of styles and depth, but the company doesn't advise I share my art work in masses online. So I sneak a few online every couple of months like this in places here or there!
  4. Even if the company doesn't advise making your art available for free online, that doesn't mean they can prevent you from doing so. Many nonprofit artists ignore advice to charge and share their art for free every day (also what company?); you should start up a free deviantart and upload your gallery, or better yet, share more here!

    It's not like they can arrest you for showing people what you drew.
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  5. You know, I
    You know.. I think the same thing every time, Hahahah
    I like your drive, definitely will scan more and upload em up here, Reading up on how this artist commission thing works.
    This site is pretty bomb in features and followers, definitely something I'd wanna link my website to when it's ready.
    Came here to find the right ambition and passion to finish writing the dialogue and bodily placements in the panels.
    Role play got that all started for me years ago when I was 10. Hah it was definitely a starter to creating stories and life thrilling mind boggling cases.
  6. So what company is it that you publish under?
  7. Considering my hobbies and interest have caused difficulties before, hope you don't mind I refrain from involving their company name with online activity. ^__^
    A Trouble maker in their eyes! Hahahah
  8. It's literally illegal for them to prohibit you from showing people your work. Look in your service agreement and I promise there's nothing saying they can give you any kind of crap for showing your art online, and I highly doubt they'd be upset if uou mentioned their name to someone who asked who you were contracted with; that's literally promoting them.