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If you clicked on this, you might as well read the rest.

This is a new type of game, something I haven't seen on the forums before, and I figured some of us might enjoy this, others, it might be useful, and to others, you might just hate this thread.

Basically this game is a simple means of perhaps working out. Basically, you do what the person about you says, and then you type a suggestion for the next person. Do NOT push yourself too hard to try and do as instructed, do what you can manage. But I'd say for it to be put on easy.

You can NOT tell someone to do a thousand sit ups, or five hundred push ups. That's just cruel.

I'd say that the most you can tell someone to do in this game is 15 of anything. AT MOST.

Discribe what each move is, JUST IN CASE SOMEONE DOES NOT KNOW WHAT THAT IS. Otherwise, what you said may not help.


Person one: 10 Wall Sits! Wall sits:

Person two (Does the wall sits, may complain a little): Ok, 9 pushups


I will begin. I already worked out, that said, FIVE DIPS


Start in the upper position and lower yourself. That's all there is to it!
Those feel good~

-3 knuckle push-ups.

Instead of having your hands flat as you do a push up, clench your hands into fists and push off of your knuckles.
Oooooo Nice!

4 Twisty-sit ups. Like a normal sit up where you lie on your back with your legs bent and you pull yourself towards your legs, which should stay planted on the ground, but when you're at the top, twist your upper body to the left and then to the right before lowering yourself again
50 4-count mason twists, basically you sit on your butt with your torso and legs in the air clasp your hands together then hit the ground on your right then left side.
Someone didn't read the rules, did they? You can ONLY ASK THE PERSON BELOW YOU TO DO 15 AT MOST.

Also, about to do the excercise.

15 regular pushups. Hands flat on the floor, spaced out, shoulder-width apart.
I approve of this thread.

15 leg lifts. This is a good core strengthener.

( guys suck)

fine, fifteen 8-count push-ups.

Stand, squat and put yourn hands on the ground, kick your legs out, do two regular push-ups, pop your legs in, and stand back up....that's one.
Ok, this thread must live. Iwaku needs exercise! and I did 20 to jump start this S*** back into action!

10 Diamond push-ups

like this! VVV

View attachment 1874

15 regular pushups

15 Situps.
I'm lazy.