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  1. Dean smiled to himself as he parked in front of his tattoo shop. He I put his heart and soul into this place. His dark green eyes seem to shine when he got out of the car. His brothers were at school so they didn't have to come to the shop until 3 PM. He threw the keys up in the air then caught them as he walked over to the door unlocking it. Just then his fellow tattoo artist and piercer Ricky came over and smiled, "Hey Dino!" He said.
    Dean laughed as he walked in, "Hey man! By the way a girl is coming in today that supposed to be her first tattoo so I'll take care of it. She sounded pretty nervous about it."
  2. That morning Annie had paced back and forth for nearly an hour, debating weather or not she should go through with this. Never had her mother or Her fiancée George said she could get one, but she also didn't know if they'd approve. She knew what she wanted and where she wanted it, and it was a very easy place to hide. Unless of course, George got to friendly. Quickly she shook her head chasing the thought away. Both George and her mother would be in England for te next week an a half doing wedding preperations of some sort. She had someone who was supposed to watch her, but they called saying they were sick a couple of nights ago and Annie may have neglected to share that information.

    Annie bit her lip as she lifted her shirt and looked at her side where a bruise was fading. She had a story in case he asked, but it's not like he would right? Annie took a deep breath, slid on her green canvas jacket over her black tangtop and jean shorts, pulled her convers on, grabbed her wallet and got in her car. She smiles as she turned up the new Fall Out Boy album and drove out of her gate and towards the tattoo parlor. She parked across the street and drumed her fingers on the wheel for a few moments before climbing out if the car. She took another deep breath and walked into the shop. She blinked a few times as she got used to the fluorescent lighting and walked up to the front desk and spoke in a quiet voice. "I um hi. I'm Annie, I made an appointment for today."
  3. By the time she got there Ricky was at the front desk. He smiled politely, "Oh right! Dean said you will be here," he looked over his shoulder and yelled, "Deano! She is here!" He then looked Annie still smiling "Trust me Dean will do a great job!"
    Just the Dean came in and smiled at her, "Ah! You must be Annie!" He said taking his hand out for her to shake it. He was that a rather handsome young man yet brown hair which was slightly messy but in an attractive kind of way, deep emerald green eyes, tattoos (of course), not to mention he was pretty tall and pretty well built, "So you still nervous?" He asked.
    He couldn't help but admire how beautiful she was.
  4. Annie gently ran her fingers over the ends of her dark red hair, a habit George particularly distasted but she couldn't seem to quit. She turned, her bright green eyes meeting his dark ones. He actually wasn't too much taller than her, but he was so large she felt like a child next to him. His face was kind and very handsome, and she knew better than to judge someone just because they have a tattoo, or tones of them, but the feeling in her gut didn't go away as she shook his hand. "Yes I am. This is my first one" she tried to laugh a little bit to shake it off and it worked a little.
  5. Dean chuckled as he nodded and pulled his hand back, "Don't worry, that is perfectly normal. Just follow me to the back." He said while leading her to the tattoo and piercing room. He gestured her to take a seat, "Now, what was it exactly you planned on getting Annie?"
  6. She followed him to the back looking around at all the amazing art that hung on the walls, wondering how many of then actually turned into tattoos on people's bodies. When he gestured she sat in the seat and pulled out a folded piece of paper from her pocket. "I wanted this." She said as she handed him the paper "right here" shed said making a circle with her finger on the inside of her left hip up to just below her stomach.
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  8. Dean examined the tattoo then looked at where she wanted it, "Hm, I see. Well good choice! It shouldn't take long. Just let me draw it up and we can get started," he said while going to the counter he started sketching it up. As he sketched it up he asked, "So what is making you wanna get this tattoo?"
  9. She stayed in the same spot slightly kicking her legs back and forth while she waited. "Well I've wanted one for a long time, but now I finally got the opprotunity." She said with a smile. She didn't want to lie straight to a strangers face unless she hand too, so this was just a very vague version of the truth. "But that one in particular is because I don't want to loose sight of who I am, but I also want to be open to change. So an arrow with two heads." She smiled a little while she spoke. It was one of the first times she had smiled that genuinely in a very long time.
  10. Dean nodded and he put it on a stencil, "That's great! Having a tattoo that means something to you for your first tattoo. Great idea!" He rolled the chair he was sitting on over to her, holding the stencil in his hand. He set it on a tray with his equipment and adjusted the seat she was sitting in to where she would be able to lay down, "Ok lay back and lifted up your shirt a little."
  11. Annie nodded and laid back and adjusted her clothes so he could get to the area he needed. She looked up at him while he went to work. He really was quite handsome, when he looked down his ruffled hair just barely covered his deep green eyes and even though he had gloves on his touch was still very gentle. She looked down to where he was working and bit her lip when she saw that the bruise was slightly visible. He said it wouldn't take too long so hopefully he wouldn't notice or just wouldn't ask. She figured conversation was probably supposed to be happening, but what was she supposed to talk about?
  12. Dean stop for a moment and noticed the bruise just as he was putting the stencil on her side. He frowned a little at the sight of it but then stopped pressing the stencil against her skin and pulled it off, purple line of the tattoo he would be tattooing were shown. He began preparing the ink machine, putting black ink in it, "So how did you get the bruise." He asked casually.
  13. Her heart skipped a beat when he asked and she quickly tried to remember the excuse she had come up with. "Well uh I've started to pick up skateboarding and um well I'm not very good at it. Hehehehe" she said with a fake laugh her heart racing as she lied through her teeth. She hated lying to him, but there was no reason she needed to bring him into her problems.
  14. He raised an eyebrow at her fake laugh... it was obvious she didn't want him to know, "I see," he said sounding unconvinced , "Well I am not going to push the subject alright?" He smiled a little, "Don't want you to tell me something you don't wanna tell me," he paused for a moment, "Ok now I am going to give you a test poke so you can know what it will feel like alright? " he said as he slowly brought the needle down to her skin.
  15. She sighed a little, greatfully he was kind enough not to press it, but also upset that he was able to see though her. She nodded when he asked the question. "That's fine, I'm sure I can take it." She said with a small smile putting on her brave face.
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  16. He smiled a little, "Alright, just let me know if you want me to stop." And with that he got started, with his hand steady and his mind focused on the tattoo, he was doing a great job!
  17. Annie winced every now and then, but she was able to keep her composure, something she was a master at. Also maybe a part of it was while the needle hurt, his touch was quite the opposite. She doubted he was doing anything special, but his touch was so soft and gentle. It almost made her want to smile.
  18. About 10 minutes later Dean was done and smiled as he put down the needle down and cleaned up the tattoo, "You did great! Handled yourself like a pro! Now why don't you look in the mirror and tell me what you think." He said while helping her up... damn her skin was so soft and she was absolutely beautiful.
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  19. She looked at him surprised. "It's already done?" She asked looking down, seeing the black lines on her hip. She stood up and walked over to the mirror and looked at the tattoo. It was amazing! A smile spread across her face. "I love it!" she lowered her shirt and turned towards him. "Thank you so much. So how much do I owe you?" She asked. It was strange, she wished he had taken longer so she wouldn't have to leave.
  20. Dean chuckled, "Don't mention it! Fair warning it will itch but resist the urge to scratch it. Make sure to put lotion on it daily," he paused for a moment then smiled, "Tell ya what, since you did such a great job for your first time I will bring it down to $30."
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