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    Pliya, a nation rooted in debt and despair, is in the middle of a war. It was on December 20th of 3062 that the nation was officially completely and utterly indebted and now owned by Claequa. Citizens across the nation were shocked and horrified as military officials from Claequa were brought in and put in charge. Riots, already prevalent thanks to the deteriorating government and forever given up on economy, broke out more than ever. By the next winter no known government officials of the old Pliya government were alive, save for those who were lower in government and went deep undercover. As the war raged on, Claequa was unwilling to allow the civil war driven nation out of their grasp. Pliya, nervous about any sort of large scale government is largely focused on creating smaller groups, and escaping the suffocating grasp of Claequa.

    It is not as simple, however, as the former citizens of the old nation Pliya would like to believe. It is done, 'Pliya' is now a part of Claequa. The unrest is expected, but getting out of hand. Citizens are more than welcome to move to other lands, if they will accept them, but if they do not plan on leaving they need to accept the nation they are a part of. At the moment the lands of 'Pliya' are under a state of emergency requiring military rule. Until this state of emergency is closed, there will be military rule. This is not an action of repression, but an action of desperation. Once the nation has settled it will realize the potential that Claequa has, and what they have to offer.

    Politics are never as simple as either nation has explained. Where all people work towards one common goal, the better of the nation, in Claequa the Pliya people work hard and advance in society based on votes not aptitude tests. One nation, Pliya, rooted in ethics and personal gain to grow as a whole. Another nation, Claequa, successfully working on a strict set up and assigned land. With the two nations so different, will they ever combine peacefully? If not, will there be anything left of Pliya for it to be on its own?

    For now, these questions remain unanswered. It is Monday, December 16th of 3067, only 4 days from the five year anniversary of the War. It seems neverending now, and no Pliya family is free from the scars of death. Men, women, and children alike have died. Magical beings are tired, and political unrest on the topic of magic has caused many to go underground. It is becoming clear that the war has to end, but everyone (even within Pliya) has a different idea on how best to do that.

    Between all of this, it is still over a thousand years in the future and technology has grown. The internet, now provided to the entire world via space satellites, is connected to almost everything. In controlled nations like Claequa, chips are implanted in a person's left arm (assuming they are left handed) upon their 10th birthday. This chip measures body information and is an impossible to lose computer that projects over the arm. It can be scanned to identify people, and tracked to find missing children. It also works as a base of communication, with messaging, email, video/voice calls, and connection to the internet (filled with apps).
    Out of Character Introduction
    Hello all! This role play is one I am very excited about because it has a lot of information to it. I will go into more detail about the culture of each nation, what had changed between now and then, etc. This is going to be focused equally on the relationships and actions of the people we play, and on the large scale plot.​

    These are first on here because if you do not want to follow them you should not play.
    1. No godmodding, I shouldn't have to say this, but just in case...​
    2. Posts need to be two paragraphs, two solid paragraphs. One liners are not acceptable. Posts consisting entirely of spoken content with the exception of large scale conversations will not be accepted.​
    3. Please proofread your posts, it makes it easier for everyone. Most web browsers have spell check, all sentences start with a capital letter, etc.​
    4. I will be trying to post every 2-3 posts, as the GM, to keep the story on plot and exciting.​
    5. To show that you read the rules, include your characters favorite color in the character sheet. I will not include it as a question.​
    6. When posting please do not use crazy colors, unless you like to change the color of spoken word. Also, avoid extremely dark (black, brown, etc.) or extremely light (white, gray, etc.) when writing. The default will show what is best on each persons Iwaku theme.​
    7. SMUT! Have I caught your attention? Awesome. I hope that there is romance in this role play, also, as it is a war on all fronts, I imagine there will be some rape in this role play. There is no sexual anything between characters if both players have not agreed. Also, any sexual scenes are welcome but they are not the point of this role play.​
    8. Each player may have up to two characters and one pet.​

    Magi, Magical Beings, Magic

    Magi, or magical beings, are people of power. They have these powers for a variety of reasons. There are many different magi, and few are 'born that way'.

    Love or Positive Emotion Magi
    Love or positive emotion Magi are people who have developed power from strong positive emotion. Their power is highly dependant upon the connection they have with whoever they have the bond with that sparked the emotion.

    Love or positive emotion magic is very beautiful and powerful, it is best for healing or combat when the two are with each other.

    Examples of love magi are couples in 'true love' (this does not mean that all couples in a happily ever after relationship will have magic), siblings that are very close, best friends, etc. This bond that creates their magic also limits them, they cannot be miles upon miles away from each other without negative side effects. If they get into an argument, their magic will be affected. If they're a couple and they have any sort of physical activity, that will charge their magic when they are least able to control it.

    I would prefer that any starting love magi characters are created by the same player. Throughout the game if a relationship starts then it is possible that the magic bond may form, but this takes time.
    Anger or Negative Emotion Magi
    Anger or negative emotion magi are formed from true hate and resentment. This magic is not dependant on any particular bond.

    This magic is harsh and best suited for killing. It is difficult to control and can lash out without warning. It is also exhausting, and most anger magi do not do well in long term battle.

    Examples of an anger magi are people who have lost much and carry a grudge. A child from held as a prisoner, a victim of prostitution, an abused wife or husband, are all potentials for anger magi. Many people have experienced short bursts of anger magic, but to be an Anger Magi requires an especially powerful, determined, and lasting anger. While anger magi will possess their power their entire lives, it scars them (literally) and works best when they are mad or working for revenge.
    Natural Magi

    Natural magi are those who naturally have magical powers. They are very rare, I expect to only have one (maybe two, depending on the size of the role play) in this role play. These magi have their power because they were born with it.

    Natural magi have the lowest amount of power innately, and it takes years upon years of practice to be battle ready as a natural magi. Their powers are best suited for parlor tricks, domestic spells, building, etc.

    Natural magi come of all shapes and sizes, and usually develop by the end of puberty. No one quite understands how the magic inside of a natural magi is sparked, though it is found that natural magi are usually women.
    Intelligence Magi

    Intelligence magi are magical beings who possess power through knowledge. It is their understanding of the world that allows them to warp the magic within it.

    Intelligence magi possess a wide array of magical skills, tailored specifically to the magical being that they are. This magic can do most anything the magi wishes it to.

    Examples of intelligence magi are people who possess an innate ability to see the world from a difference perspective. They do not usually possess great control on their emotions, and many intelligence madi view emotions as a weakness. They are logical thinkers and will rarely change their mind simply because before they made their mind they thought it through.

    Pliya Culture and People
    The Pliya culture, more than the Claequa, is divided. The nation was fairly democratic before the War began, but as it neared its end of time the government became separate from the people. Poverty, famine, and civil unrest filled the nation. Virtually every political opinion is possessed in the nation, though those who want to join Claequa and those in any way related to the now dead government class are considered traitors and treated thusly. Most people are far too angry to recognise that deaths due to starvation are rare in most places, and those who live under abusive Claeqins have no way to understand how their takeover was good. Families are generally patriarchal, though single parents (male or female) are revered.

    Most families purchase their food from the market, though as times have gotten worse small vegetable plants have grown more common. The nation is connected to the technological age, and while they are behind other nations the technology they have today would baffle most people from the 21st century. They still function as a nation, almost, with shops and computers. However, other than the world wide web (now hosted on satellites in outer space and free to all) there is little country wide infrastructure. All shops are 'mom and pop shops' and despite the internet counties are drastically different and separated.

    The population in Pliya is highly diverse however it is very minial. At the beginning of the war Pliya boasted a population of 300 million, and it is now down to a scare 23 thousand. This is due to the murder of the government class, the original tactic of the Claequa people to bomb Pliya, a large scale earthquake with delayed national assistance, and the day to day loss of lives due to the constant attacks and then battles between the Pliyans themselves and the Pliya attacks on Claeqan people.

    Claequa Culture and People
    Claequa is a socialist society. Everyone is allotted the food they need, the clothes they need, and a certain budget for 'fun'. Everyone works in what they are best at, and as such the nation of Claequa is very prosperous. There are no slums or slaves, and if anyone causes too much trouble a trial and vote is had, which usually results in them being deported or killed (though they get a choice). They do not have worries of people acting out of greed or desperation - no one is introduced to greed, and no one is in a situation deemed desperate. They are 100% literate, have 0 orphans due to their "Birth is not a Right" program, and have an almost 0% crime rate on their home turf. (Pliya is another story.)

    This is a society and government run and supported by ideals. It is ideal because of that. However, these ideals are strong because they are taught, fully understood, and researched. This works for most people, and nearly all intelligent people, because they have had the offensive opinions explained to them and when they took their oath on their 16th birthday, they made the decision logically and with no regrets. When they first acquired Pliya, they sent their military. Once the full on revolt died down, they were able to lesson it from a war zone to a nation in national emergency with military rule. Commanders were sent to rule the small towns that remained.

    Many of the commanders changed, however, and they are not all the good people that Claequa raised them to be. Some of them are truly horrible, and some are fantastic. It changes from city to city, and this lack of unity is a sig of failure on their part.

    Setting / The Main Cities


    The setting of this role play will primarily be in Pliya. We will start in a couple cities and one group of rebelling nomads (their starting point will be defined), though your character can move about at your will.

    Rebelling Nomads "Blood Red Foxes"

    Currently en route from Dul El to Durat Tal, about an hour from Dar Myan, the Blood Red Foxes are a fearsome group of rebels that have made their presence known throughout They are moderately sized, possessing 10-15 members, and it is rumored that there is a natural Magi among them(though this is not confirmed, and has been denied). It is unknown where they originated, and whoever the leader is they have not made their name known. They are vicious, and though they work as a small group with no apparent leader, are completly against CLaequa rule and politics. They attack military members and Pliya people who appear to have sided with Claequa. Punch first, ask questions later, is their motto.

    Some argue that the Blood Red Foxes, identified by their blood red eyes (it is unclear how they make their eyes like that, as they do welcome new members), have reason to be as blood thirsty as they are. Many people are sypathetic to their cause, and try to stay out of their way. Overall, other than by the CLaequa military, the Blood Red Foxes are not hated.
    Adventus Islands

    Adventus Islands are the worst of the worst when it comes to Claequa abuse. Their ruler, [insert player name here], is all but evil. Isolated, in many ways, from the other parts of Pliya the Islands have strayed from military rule to a dictatorship of pain and suffering.
    Durat Tal (Captial, Inland)

    Dar Myan (city, Inland)

    Dar Jin (City, Beach)

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