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  1. I have a few words that I always misspell at first, and then I remember the correct spelling and fix it.

    I'm not talking about typos, I'm talking about habitual errors

    I always try to spell 'recommend' with two 'c's and one 'm' ('reccomend')

    I also always try to spell 'hallucination' with an o 'Hollucination' because that's how I pronounce it :/
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  2. Occasion. :| This, and all its other forms, are spelled like ocassion instead. Drives me nuts that I can't stop doing that.
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  3. Man I have a lot of words I do this with.

    Business. I tend to spell as buisness all the time.

    Occasion gets me too. I put occaision for some reason.
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  4. guard I always try to spell "gaurd"
    shoulder I try to spell "sholder"
    sure as "shure"
    and if I'm not paying attention I'll get to and too mixed up, as well as loose and lose.

    There're probably others . . .
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  5. I do occasion this way too
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  6. Loose and Lose get mixed up quite often.

    I cannot, for the life of me, spell definitely without spellcheck. It always comes out like definetly.

    And for some odd reason, amusement always ends up amusment.

    Vicious. I can't spell vicious. Always, always end up with viscious,
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  7. Correct: curiosity
    Attempted: curiousity

    Correct: generosity
    Attempted: generousity

    Correct: tongue
    Attempted: toungue

    Correct: resurrection
    Attempted: ressurrection or ressurection

    Correct: diary (journal)
    Attempted: dairy (milk products)

    Correct: mischievous
    Attempted: mischievious

    Correct: irresponsible
    Attempted: irresponsable and virtually any other word ending in -ible or -able

    Correct: tutelage
    Attempted: tutalage

    Correct: necessary
    Attempted: neccessary

    Correct: misspell
    Attempted: mispell

    Correct: license (United States English proper spelling)
    Attempted: licence? lisense? lisence? I dunno anymore.

    Correct: parallel
    Attempted: parralel? paralell? parrallel? parralell?

    Correct: persevere
    Attempted: perservere

    Correct: forty
    Attempted: fourty

    I mean, I know the correct spelling of all of these, it's just I don't readily notice them until spell check whines about them. Bless you, spell check.

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  8. I do a lot of these too! It looks like you just tend to err in favour of the root word (Curious = curiousity etc) so at least you know you have your roots down!
  9. Recommend. Hate that word.

    I always have to remind myself that there is no "ass" in occasion.

    Restaurant. Hate French spellings. Fortunately, remembering that "you rest, a'n then you rant" helps me a bit.

    And unconscious. Unconscience? Unkawnshous? fml
  10. Correct Spelling | My Attempt
    temperature | temperture
    mischievous | mischievious
    conscience | conscious
    conscious | conscience
    retrieve | retreive
    receive | recieve

    (Pretty much any word ending in -ieve/-eive.)
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  11. I have a hard time remembering how to spell members full user names so I always use short cute versions of their names or use the @ to tag them

  12. I spell color like colour even though I'm american because my fingers just hit that key.

    guarantee = garauntee

    illuminate = alluminate

    wart = wort

    apocalypse = apocolypse
  13. Definite and Soldier. Every time, all the times.
  14. I have this thing where my fingers automatically type jsut, instead of just. I don't know why!
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  15. Necessary (not even sure if I'm spelling it right now)

    Almost any word when I have the whole sentence in my head. I type and the letters just jumble together. (It happened while I typed all three of these sentences.)
  16. Any moderately long word that has doubles of one consonant but singles of another. Recommend is a big one. Assimilate (I spelled it wrong just now and needed Chrome's spell-check to fix it).

    Also, the name Isaac used to confuse the hell out of me.

    On a slightly related note, I used to take a lot of Spanish classes, for five years. I took what is the equivalent of Spanish V although there were only three students in that class with me in my senior year of high school (the class technically didn't exist then). As a result I would sometimes replace English words with Spanish words while typing if I wasn't paying attention. Swapping "the" with "el" or "la" was probably the most common.
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  17. Oh my god, Isaac. There are twins in my school, Isaac and Isaias(sp?). I can't, for the life of me, say their names differently enough. I just call them Lastname jr. and Lastname sr.
    Ironically, the one I call senior was born a few minute after his brother- he's just more responsible, graduated a year ahead, and is now in the army. XD
  18. Refrigerator.

    And let me use this space to be angry with John Mayer for making at least two of my friends spell "frustrate" with an extra syllable: "frusterate," as in the lyric, "Damn baby / you frus ter ate me."

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  19. Speaking of extra syllables, what the hell is with aluminum/aluminium? I can't settle on which one to use D:
  20. Aluminum is the American way of saying it.

    The rest of the English speaking world uses aluminium, which is technically the proper way since if you look at all the other metals and chemicals that end in similar structure, a LARGE majority of them end in -ium. Strontium, Barium, Titanium, etc. The only one that comes to mind that doesn't end in -ium is Aurum (Gold).

    So if you're speaking with a non-American from an English-speaking country, use aluminium. They'll respect you for it. However, if you use aluminium in front of an American they'll think you're an idiot!
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