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  1. Hello, all! You may refer to me as Zach, Zatchara, Uncle Touchy; any of those will suffice. I must admit, I haven't properly roleplayed since I was fifteen or so, and that's a bit generous. Just to give a bit of clarity, I'm twenty-four now. So, I'm looking to sharpen my writing skills a bit more, if at all possible given how dull they are at this point.

    But I digress...

    To personalize my introduction a bit more, my other interests pertain to gaming, I'm just getting back into reading a bit more, Soccer, Football, graphic design, wrestling, annd that's about it! Well, aside from my location, which is none too interesting...Alabama...eugh. Whenever the South is mentioned, I always hear: "OH, THE COUNTRY! IT'S SO NICE WITH THE TREES AND THE NATURE AND..." Yeah, yeah..that's nice...but you can't have the fresh air without the incest. No cherrypicking, it all comes in one package.

    Anyway, well met and all that jazz!
  2. Hello, Zatch! (Zach is so... ordinary.)

    Actually, I've always heard more about the racism and homophobia than the country air :I
    But what games are you into right now? And tell me about your graphic design!
  3. Hi! It is, but at least I have a fictional character to compare identifications with that is pretty badass by the likes of Zack Fair. Although, that name drop doesn't get me laid. Ever.

    Eh, either or. Incest is enough of a deterrent for most, so I thought to just start and stop there.

    Games? My favorite's Portal 2, though I like a myriad of other games in varying genres such as Chrono Cross, Fifa, TF2, RDR, etc. Given how much time I've put into gaming as a whole, I've found that platform or genre loyalty is pointless. Granted, given that I've sold most of my games, I mostly stick to PC these days.

    I mostly just dabble with digital art, and most of my stuff can be found here: http://deithmare.deviantart.com/

    I'm not that good, but I just create for the sake of it. Not trying to express myself through anything, just doing it for fun~

    What about you?