Words That Kill. . .

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  1. Your Intellectual Boner!


    (Expect more as Dark Reign progresses.)
  2. ;___;
  3. Irregardless.

  4. Indecisive
  5. Avada Kedavra!

  6. Anal sex.
  7. Antidisestablishmentarianism.

    It says it's not a word, but it is.
  8. "boobies"

    and possibly "flaccid"

    And this new "totes" trend instead of people saying "totally". >:[

    OH AND "ACTUALLY" because EVERY time someone starts a sentence with "Actually" they're trying to correct you in the most assholey way possible.

    .... and Boing or boink.
  9. Totes, yo?
  10. Dangling Fury
  11. Oh you must LOVE April then... >D
  12. "Wacky."
  13. Definitely.