POETRY WRITING Words and Things (poetry/writing dump)


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Shooting past the heavens
studying every empty space
between every star found
and the shiny clouds.

I cast my gaze,
my eyes like a worm
hooked on the line
of a fisherman's rod,
plunging into the vast ocean
of space, shooting past the heavens
studying each corner between
every star found and
all the shiny clouds I could see,

wondering if you’re out here
with me.

It feels lonely out here,
void of all but
the slightest glimmers to
my left and
the brightest twinkling from
my right.

It’s so empty out here,
for a moment I was
certain I had been
looking inside

Do you remember this, or has it not happened yet?
You called me when I was new,
before this part.
All I see are remnants

of my warm burning core,
I couldn't hold it anymore.