Words and phrases that hurt.

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  1. What specific words and phrases make you cringe?

    For unexplained reasons (or sometimes very obvious) certain words or phrases make us hate Hate HATE!

    Positivity month is over, so tell me Iwaku, what words and phrases get under your skin!

  2. anything that anybody says bad about my daddy. >.> Last person who did that ended up in the hospitle.
  3. Totes. AND THEN I USE IT.
  4. Pottering.

    "I'm pottering about."

  5. "You're not ________, because you don't have a high school diploma."


    "You don't ________ because you didn't go to college."

    It always pisses me off, as the majority of the time the one saying it is the one doing something batshit stupid and they're just trying to throw any ammunition they've got.

    Oh, and "Yes Dear." It's sarcastic and passive aggressive and ALWAYS PISSES ME OFF.
  6. Swag irritates me. You know why? People don't even know what it originally means, they just throw it around like nothing.
    YOLO infuriates me to no end. People use it as an excuse to do stupid things. You only die once too! You go around doing stupid crap, at one point, you're gonna die earlier than you were supposed to.
    Also, I just hate the phrase "Sup". Don't know why.
  7. Henceforth anyone who uses the term "YOLO" or its derivatives without a trace of irony deserves to be immediately removed from the gene-pool.
  8. I also hate 'YOLO' and 'swag'. Fucking stupid words. I get annoyed by that one phrase that goes "If you don't love me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best". I dunno if that's accurate or not, but anyway. It annoys me because it gives chicks another reason to just be a bitch. >__> Most women I've known who cling to that phrase are going about things all wrong.

    As for the word that genuinely hurts me... *makes a source face* The word 'cunt'. I can't even type it without feeling a little upset. ><
  9. I hate the word "Fag". I have to agree with the YOLO and Swag crap as well. And overusing "lol" used to drive me crazy. But now I've read it so much I've just become resigned to it.
  10. Slurs, for obvious reasons. Especially when it's followed by "just get over it" when someone complains.

    A more personal one is when people use autistic as an insult. The worst part is when they use to describe someone lacking empathy or insight. :/
  11. Guesstimate.
  12. Well I got Retard, bitch, spastic. white people using the N word, paki. Basically most slurs.
  13. "My Baaaaaaaad."

    Hate it with a passion. Take your bad elsewhere. =.=
  14. pretty much talking like you grew up in Asia when I know you grew up with a completely American accent..
  15. I have a hard time getting to phrases because I usually just get angry when some people open their mouths. In the cases of these certain people, just the word "hi" grates on my ears like sandpaper.

    I would have to agree with most everything that's been said already, though, with the exception of YOLO. I never heard of that until I read it here. It does sound annoying though, especially if you don't know if that's true and nobody knows if that's true.
  16. For the people who hate YOLO -

  17. YAY :D