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    Original by Headphones

    Beneath the rain all noise is lost,
    yet whispering words continue to lurk
    under the pouring bullets of terror.

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    One day, in the outer layers of the spiritual vicinity of planet Earth, an irregularity was detected. It could not be classified as outworldly, nor as local upon being discovered and the trajectory which it used would change sharply at different intervals of time, even disappearing for one moment, only to reappear a few seconds after. This unknown entity traveled across the globe, yet never made impact with the ground and, due to the characteristic of being of the spiritual kind and not leaving the upper layers, it cloud not be noticed by normal people. Only special divisions researching the supernatural under a religious organization or government noted its existence, but could not gather data quickly enough in order to act. This bizarre strand of energy spent approximately twenty-four minutes circling in several upper levels before halting in place high above mount Everest and shattering into an unknown number of pieces, which could not be found by search parties later sent there.
    Nothing of the sort occurred again, no mutations followed this one occurrence and no shifting in the spiritual segments was recorded. Such were the results of the investigation. There was no evidence of the event, other than what detectors of the organizations saved. Due to there being no damage, nor visible effects, the researchers agreed to simply monitor the area strictly and report any changes in their domains that did not have a definite cause in the international supernatural alert forums.
    Over the course of seven years nothing that could be connected to the mysterious phenomenon appeared.

    That was the finale of the message of a YouTube video posted by two young people, which was shared by them to the accounts of government agencies and the like of multiple countries around the world. The video featured the duo, a girl and a boy wearing a white fox mask and a black fox mask respectively, stating in a casual manner that they would blow up the building of the number one bank in Elpa City twenty four hours from the release of the footage, as well as a one minute silence for the loss of the CEO and CFO of the said bank, whom they intended to murder.
    The footage was taken as a badly thought up, yet laughable joke by those who watched it. Dismissing it as a children's prank not only because of its informal, even friendly atmosphere, but also due to the fact that the youngsters assured they were not part of a terrorist, religious or any kind of organization, everyone continued on with their daily lives.

    Until, of course, the promised hour came and the bank blew up from the inside.

    Windows cracked, furniture flew and a fire roasted most of the people inside, who hadn't died from the collapsing structures. It was right before opening time, when the majority of staff were present. There were barely any survivors. Among the dead were the CEO and four share holders. The public was thrown into a state of panic, mourning for the lost and asking for an explanation whilst choked by their own tears. There was no logical explanation for the incident. Remaining security cameras showed there had been no one unauthorized or suspicious in the building that day, nor any time prior. None of the remaining few that had gotten away with their lives or those who had been absent from work remembered anything or anyone strange. There were no remains of a bomb or at least none could be found. The fire had been so intense that it had rendered everything to ashes, explaining why some people couldn't be found. The only certain facts the investigators knew were that the heart of whatever had happened had been on the sixth floor and that the main suspects were the two mysterious people from the YouTube video.

    The theories of some were confirmed when three days later the duo made another announcement using the same method. They admitted being guilty of the bank disaster, yet insisted that whoever had to got what they deserved.

    In addition, they declared that the next two targets would be one of the Ekans Inc. branches and Gedir Bank, both of which were located in the same miktiopolis, Elpa, but those that would follow would not be so easy to predict. At the end of the video they introduced themselves in a new incomprehensible fashion - as the owners of Death's and the Moon's notebooks.

    In the following week, Ekans Inc.'s branch in Elpa City suffered a massive toilet explosion and pipe bursting, which killed several people. The CFO of the bank that had been the first victim of the group of two died of food poisoning and the Gedir Bank building in Elpa City had a gas leak and fire, which took the lives of many.

    Investigators from all over the world gave their opinions on the case, yet they were only that - opinions. The perpetrators could not be identified in any way possible. Their faces were hidden by the masks and their hands were covered by gloves. Their voices had evidently been changed, yet even after hours of filtering both them and the background for sounds, nothing could be found. The videos were filmed on different backgrounds, all of which were completely blank colours. There was not a single clue to hint at their identities, nor at their location for that manner.

    The YouTube account had been made with an old computer in an abandoned apartment and it had also been used for the uploading of the first video. There were no personal files on the computer, but the desktop wallpaper read "Good Job! =D".
    The apartment remained under monitoring 24/7, yet they never returned to the scene. Apparently, the second time around misleading software, such as Tor, had been used in a way that even the hired hackers couldn't figure out. From that point onwards, the suspects continued using such back-doors and could not be tracked. The only time they truly surfaced, however, was when a new video was to be posted on YouTube. Other social media accounts were proven fake. Their targets were always only businesses in the area of the miktiopolis Elpa and, although numerous countries were responsible for the maintenance of peace, only half of them sent their specialists to help those already at the city. Due the mystery surrounding the duo's actions and their usage of riddles after their "Gedir Bank leak", organizations not under any government began to move. Despite their efforts, nothing could be found once again and it was agreed that only one would remain and set up base at Elpa City for documentation and research purposes. That was C.A.T., a group of illusive people, who aided the official investigators as much as they could or as much as they wished to.

    After the "Gedir Bank leak" a total of nineteen other sudden cases followed, the culprits of which were always the two "notebook owners", known as Mor and Luna. They had introduces themselves as such from the very beginning, yet those were evidently mere code names. Rarely did they respond to comments, but twice complained on how they were being labeled as terrorists. In their opinion, they were restoring the natural balance by doing what they wished, because those, who had died, had done the same rather unjustly. Their targets were other bank branches, counting houses, law offices, even specific individuals such as actors and simple businessmen. None of them had any solid connections between each other, some even seemed random. The public's general opinion of the couple was negative, until the waters slightly shifted when they killed the president of a traveling agency, who had been known for fraud and theft for years, but had never been caught. Many of their targets had plenty of hidden or open gossip circling around them. Some citizens were even relieved that the trash was getting thrown out.
    However, murder was murder and it could not be forgiven.

    Three months after their arrival, Mor and Luna announced in their twenty second video that the "Goukoku veil" would be their last present to Elpa City. It was time to move on and lift the curtain on another stage.

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  4. Alright, I figure I might as well be the first one to post in this thing. I have one or more important questions about this IC, you wrote a lot, but you left little that actually informed us as to how we're supposed to go about this. So, what is the initial situation with the notebooks? When are we supposed to find them, or do they find us? Do we feel supernaturally compelled to pick them up, or is left to the whims of our characters? Is there anything that indicates something is mysterious about these notebooks to the unaided eye, or do they look like plain notebooks to us? And, finally, I apologize if this was covered somewhere else, but does our name appear in the notebook somewhere?
  5. *on phone*

    The first post has the function of a prologue and sets the atmosphere of the location. Whilst you may attempt to start somewhere else, in the entirety of Oblak City it is/was lightly raining, it is 23rd October and there are/were such news on the radio, depending on the hour.

    You may chose when to find your notebooks, be it in the first, second or so on post, but there will be no "supernatural compelling force", a voice from beyond or an extraordinary look. The notebooks are plain in appearance, just like any other object. You may chose where and how you find them, but it shouldn't be more than human nature that makes your characters pick them up. Curiosity, consern, uneasiness, for no reamson at all and so on.

    You may find it helpful to check out the "major arcana" page on the site. There I have written down several rules, which are not written in the notebooks, but are valid nonetheless.
  6. I have, thank you for the information. I will proceed to write my first post sometimes during the weekend, I'm in the early stages of my first twelve hour college day of the semester.
  7. Oh, something I wanted to ask is, would it be okay if Barry knew bits and pieces of French and Japanese? THe reason I ask is that I believe it would also pertain to the other characters. I mean, many of the characters are from Oblak, and while they may not fluently speak the various languages, I'm sure most everyone would pick up bits and pieces of the various languages, even if they don't speak them all particularly well.
  8. Alright, so I've made my first post. It was probably one of the longer single posts I've written in a long time. Took me a good long while. Oh, and how you'll no doubt notice (probably because I'm about as subtle as a Rhino with a machine gun strapped to it), I have a question for you phones.... What in the world does the Devil notebook look like?
  9. You know that moment when you suddenly realize why you had that strange feeling you were forgetting something?... Yah, I just now figured out what I forgot. Actually, I forgot several things, but it's good you didn't notice everything XD Give me a moment, I'll go edit some things out.
  10. Oh... I notice a lot.... I just keep my mouth closed. ;P
  11. I posted, the last half was written when I was half asleep, but other than that it should be fine.
  12. Should that make me worry or be thankful, I wonder... o.o

    Thank you for posting, the both of you =3 We'll have to wait for the rest to make their introductions, in order for me to make a collective move-along post. I'll also be adding some NPC on the site in the near future, so if you want to use them, go ahead.

    By the way, Ahri, are the girls going to be ok in those summer dresses? o.O I mean, it's autumn, it's raining and it's kind of cold or is that part of the plan?
  13. Great post there, Ace! I loved that winter theme and that contrast between the sweet cocoa of the dream and bitter coffee of reality~ Though now I'm craving cocoa. Sheesh, I'm out of Nesquik!

    And because I did say once that I'll get the old habit back,
    Music Night with Headphones presents:

  14. Jackets will be acquired at some point, but for now it is indeed a part of the plan.
  15. Ho, ho, ho. A plan ;3 I'm curious~ Mind telling me via PM? I might make something interesting for you in my next post.
  16. Gueaaaah I completely forgot to watch these threads!! (And I didn't receive notifications from the signup...Odd...) And here I was left wondering why there was so little activity :'D

    I'll start working on polishing my post right away!

    (Edit: Love the music Phones!) emoticons-do-whatsapp.jpg
    Oh! And I have a request Phones, if it's not too much of a bother, could you upload a map of Oblak? (Or a general layout) I've made a second attempt at drawing it, but failed miserably yet again >_>'
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  17. And, yet again, I was less active. I do hope our speed isn't bothering anyone, but considering we have a couple of university students here, who are busy with exams, and my final year at high-school (which has been an odd ride thus far), I believe we are fairing nicely.

    I'm glad you liked the music, Ali ^^ I'll try drawing a map, but don't expect anything amazing. My skills at drawing anime characters, cartoons, objects and animals are great, if I do say so myself, but maps... yah, I'll do my best!
  18. I rather enjoy the pace :)

    It is rather relaxing compared to other rp experiences I have had. Expect a second post from me soon. Got some things to get done before this kicks into full gear :).
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  19. Ghehe I'll be looking forward to it! ^_^ My post is almost finished, so I think I'll post it tonight!

    And of course, I enjoy how I don't have to hurry, bend and break under the pressure of writing. If possible, I'd like to keep up this pace! (Until things become more intense at least)

    Sidenote: (WOOH POST #100!)
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  20. Happy to hear that, Ahri, Ali! I like a slow and steady start and the gradual build up of story-telling, not a high-way with rush hours and dead zones XD If my plans are correct, the rest of January should be in a similar pace, since our characters will be fresh and in need of more introductions to different parts of their lives. By the end of the month I would have, of course, poked entered Mor and Luna and their first video in Oblak City. I really r.e.a.l.l.y. hope that I'll be able to do it before the 25th or 24th, which are the Saturday and Sunday of next week, because on the 25th I'll be leaving for the capital for a 5 day course at the hub of the top-dogs in Biology XD And on the 24th is the first round of the Biology Olympiad, which I don't really doubt I'll pass, but I don't want to be hanging on a thread like last time ( got about 75.5% when the minimum requirements were 75%). Well, what can I say? The test covers the material from 5th to 12th grade!
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