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    Original by Headphones

    A modern fantasy, where terror strikes the hearts of many and justice must be served, be it cold, bitter, warm or sweet.

    Thank you in advance to anyone who has taken the slightest interest of clicking on the topic and having a read. May this entertain and hopefully increase your interest in the story I am to present.

    Introduction (open)

    One day, in the outer layers of the spiritual vicinity of planet Earth, an irregularity was detected. It could not be classified as outworldly, nor as local upon being discovered and the trajectory which it used would change sharply at different intervals of time, even disappearing for one moment, only to reappear a few seconds after. This unknown entity traveled across the globe, yet never made impact with the ground and, due to the characteristic of being of the spiritual kind and not leaving the upper layers, it cloud not be noticed by normal people. Only special divisions researching the supernatural under a religious organization or government noted its existence, but could not gather data quickly enough in order to act. This bizarre strand of energy spent approximately twenty-four minutes circling in several upper levels before halting in place high above mount Everest and shattering into an unknown number of pieces, which could not be found by search parties later sent there.
    Nothing of the sort occurred again, no mutations followed this one occurrence and no shifting in the spiritual segments was recorded. Such were the results of the investigation. There was no evidence of the event, other than what detectors of the organizations saved. Due to there being no damage, nor visible effects, the researchers agreed to simply monitor the area strictly and report any changes in their domains that did not have a definite cause in the international supernatural alert forums.
    Over the course of seven years nothing that could be connected to the mysterious phenomenon appeared.

    That was the finale of the message of a YouTube video posted by two young people, which was shared by them to the accounts of government agencies and the like of multiple countries around the world. The video featured the duo, a girl and a boy wearing a white fox mask and a black fox mask respectively, stating in a casual manner that they would blow up the building of the number one bank in Elpa City twenty four hours from the release of the footage, as well as a one minute silence for the loss of the CEO and CFO of the said bank, whom they intended to murder.
    The footage was taken as a badly thought up, yet laughable joke by those who watched it. Dismissing it as a children's prank not only because of its informal, even friendly atmosphere, but also due to the fact that the youngsters assured they were not part of a terrorist, religious or any kind of organization, everyone continued on with their daily lives.

    Until, of course, the promised hour came and the bank blew up from the inside.

    Windows cracked, furniture flew and a fire roasted most of the people inside, who hadn't died from the collapsing structures. It was right before opening time, when the majority of staff were present. There were barely any survivors. Among the dead were the CEO and four share holders. The public was thrown into a state of panic, mourning for the lost and asking for an explanation whilst choked by their own tears. There was no logical explanation for the incident. Remaining security cameras showed there had been no one unauthorized or suspicious in the building that day, nor any time prior. None of the remaining few that had gotten away with their lives or those who had been absent from work remembered anything or anyone strange. There were no remains of a bomb or at least none could be found. The fire had been so intense that it had rendered everything to ashes, explaining why some people couldn't be found. The only certain facts the investigators knew were that the heart of whatever had happened had been on the sixth floor and that the main suspects were the two mysterious people from the YouTube video.

    The theories of some were confirmed when three days later the duo made another announcement using the same method. They admitted being guilty of the bank disaster, yet insisted that whoever had to got what they deserved.
    In addition, they declared that the next two targets would be one of the Ekans Inc. branches and Gedir Bank, both of which were located in the same miktiopolis, Elpa, but those that would follow would not be so easy to predict. At the end of the video they introduced themselves in a new incomprehensible fashion - as the owners of Death's and the Moon's notebooks.

    In the following week, Ekans Inc.'s branch in Elpa City suffered a massive toilet explosion and pipe bursting, which killed several people. The CFO of the bank that had been the first victim of the group of two died of food poisoning and the Gedir Bank building in Elpa City had a gas leak and fire, which took the lives of many.
    Investigators from all over the world gave their opinions on the case, yet they were only that - opinions. The perpetrators could not be identified in any way possible. Their faces were hidden by the masks and their hands were covered by gloves. Their voices had evidently been changed, yet even after hours of filtering both them and the background for sounds, nothing could be found. The videos were filmed on different backgrounds, all of which were completely blank colours. There was not a single clue to hint at their identities, nor at their location for that manner.
    The YouTube account had been made with an old computer in an abandoned apartment and it had also been used for the uploading of the first video. There were no personal files on the computer, but the desktop wallpaper read "Good Job! =D".
    The apartment remained under monitoring 24/7, yet they never returned to the scene. Apparently, the second time around misleading software, such as Tor, had been used in a way that even the hired hackers couldn't figure out. From that point onwards, the suspects continued using such back-doors and could not be tracked. The only time they truly surfaced, however, was when a new video was to be posted on YouTube. Other social media accounts were proven fake. Their targets were always only businesses in the area of the miktiopolis Elpa and, although numerous countries were responsible for the maintenance of peace, only half of them sent their specialists to help those already at the city. Due the mystery surrounding the duo's actions and their usage of riddles after their "Gedir Bank leak", organizations not under any government began to move. Despite their efforts, nothing could be found once again and it was agreed that only one would remain and set up base at Elpa City for documentation and research purposes. That was C.A.T., a group of illusive people, who aided the official investigators as much as they could or as much as they wished to.

    After the "Gedir Bank leak" a total of nineteen other sudden cases followed, the culprits of which were always the two "notebook owners", known as Mor and Luna. They had introduces themselves as such from the very beginning, yet those were evidently mere code names. Rarely did they respond to comments, but twice complained on how they were being labeled as terrorists. In their opinion, they were restoring the natural balance by doing what they wished, because those, who had died, had done the same rather unjustly. Their targets were other bank branches, counting houses, law offices, even specific individuals such as actors and simple businessmen. None of them had any solid connections between each other, some even seemed random. The public's general opinion of the couple was negative, until the waters slightly shifted when they killed the president of a traveling agency, who had been known for fraud and theft for years, but had never been caught. Many of their targets had plenty of hidden or open gossip circling around them. Some citizens were even relieved that the trash was getting thrown out.
    However, murder was murder and it could not be forgiven.

    Three months after their arrival, Mor and Luna announced in their twenty second video that the "Goukoku veil" would be their last present to Elpa City. It was time to move on and lift the curtain on another stage.

    And that, my dear audience, was the introduction to our mystery. The goal, I believe, is as clear as daylight - stop the "terrorists".

    Now, you may ask yourselves "Where can my character fit in? How is the fantasy element going to be played?"
    Allow me to explain.

    In the beginning, you will be given the option to pick one out of two main groups: members of the police force and citizens, who, as my may imagine, will not fall under the category of "normal people".

    When it comes to the group I have labeled as "citizens" simply for the interest check, they will be completely normal human beings, who happen upon a mysterious notebook in the beginning of the role-play.
    ["Death note" fans shush, please]
    The number of notebooks is 22 and all of them stand for the major arcana in tarot. Each has a narrow rectangular bookmark, which is illustrated according to the card the notebook represents. Their covers are different in design, yet always hard and firmly bind. The moment a person opens a notebook, they instantly become its owner. Their name is written on the very first page, along with the individual rules of the notebook. These rules can not be changed, but while they do cause a certain amount of restrain, they also grant their owner different capabilities, classically called "supernatural powers", which are also tailored according to the represented card.

    Before anyone takes a step back when I mentioned "tarot", please don't worry. There's absolutely no need to know anything about tarot, because it is presumed that most of the characters won't know a thing about it either. They aren't even expected to note that the notebook represents a card.

    The number of open spots for these "special individuals" is 18. Two of the notebooks, Death's and the Moon's, are owned by the terrorists, the Wheel of Fortune's notebook is one I will temporarily be reserving and the World's notebook holds a far too important role to simply give away from the very beginning.

    As for the police force, the open spots for members will be five for the time being. I don't want us to get too scattered. I will not be allowing members of the police to own notebooks for now.


    That is it for now. I have a lot more information prepared, but this post has gotten rather large for an Int.Che. and I don't want to be frightening you all from the start. XD I hope you found this read enjoyable.

    ~Thank you for your time~
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  2. I love the plot! It's very intriguing but I'm not sure if I can join, I'll keep watch for now.
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  3. Thank you for the little heart =3 I'm glad to have interested you.
  4. Another expatriated citizen of RPG, hello again Headphones.

    I'm sorry I didn't finish Gabriel Leon Vindhlér in the last incarnation of this RP. @AlidaMaria has also found her way here, and I'm sure she will be interested if she has the time.
  5. Wow, hey there again =D I knew some people had migrated here from RPG, but to think we'd meet once more. The Internet truly is small. I suppose I was a bit late to transfer, though, since apparently most of you moved in at the beginning of autumn.

    Oddly enough, I couldn't find Ali on Skype when I looked for her, nor can I currently access her profile here. Could you message her for me?

    Also, no worries. Lets put the past behind us and start anew here.
  6. That's weird, I sent her a message already. Maybe you have to be following her, or she has to be following you.

    I actually came here during the Spring, but I deleted my account in the intervening time and reopened it later.
  7. I suppose she has to be following you. I'm still figuring out the site's mechanics.
  8. Another former guilder here! Also this is an official "interested" from me.
  9. I'd be interested in joining as well ^^
  10. Thank you for being interested, Atom, Ace.
    The following is a link to an informational site you may use to gain a better understanding of the role-play's background: Word Syndrome

    Tomorrow, when we hopefully have one or two more people expressing their interest, I will post up a character sheet, which you will all have to fill and send to me via PM. [ Although for some people it might not be tomorrow. Timezones are magic. ]
    If there are more people applying for one notebook, I will decide who will acquire it. Everyone is allowed a maximum of two characters for the time being.

    If there is something you don't understand, do post your questions here so that I may answer them. This will help prevent me repeating myself.
    There are some characters you will see on the site. The ones with [ NPC ] are ones we can all control, mark as your character's friends or relatives. The ones with [ Headphones ] will only be played by me, but they will be side characters for the time being.

    And since I have the habit of sharing at least one video/musical piece per day >=3,
    Music Night with Headphones presents:

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  11. PHOOOOOOONEEEEESSSS!!! *tacklehugs* It's so good to see you again! Skype has been acting all odd lately, and I'm not exactly sure how to fix it :/

    Also, it's great that this RP is making a restart! I'm afraid that I won't have the time to join due to uni unfortunately, but I will keep atab on this!

    Did you have a merry Christmas by the way?
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  12. ALI-CHAN! =D I was worried, you know! I couldn't find you on Skype at all. I sure did have a merry Christmas, but lets take this elsewhere XD
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  13. Gah it's hard to resist bringing Ellie back after reading that intro again :'c Well... I have two weeks to go until my exams this semester. If the Hanged man isn't taken by then, I'd love to join again!
  14. Question.

    How "anime"-ey is this RP in the actual writing?

    I'm not familiar with many animes and don't really know the tropes and styles of the genre, so if the story relies heavily on such I may not be a good fit for the RP.
  15. Aza, I think you are more of an Adonis than an Atlas. Anyhow, consider me interested, Headphones.
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  16. Now, I will not hide my intention to try for the Devil, so I must ask, if I was to get it, does my character have to summon demons by name? If so, I can do that. I'm not the son of a Bible thumper without any of the benefits.
  17. On top of that, would the 72 demons have all the capabilities as described in Ars Geotia and the other works?
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  18. I never truly understood what other people mean when they write down "anime mechanics". Apparently different individuals have different views on the matter.

    The word "anime" itself simply means a story told trough Japanese-style animation. The story itself can not be classified as "anime", because it is initially created like every other tale. There are no "tropes and styles" specifically characterizing an "anime story", but there are such when it comes to the "anime", in other words, the method of drawing and movement.

    When it comes to my role-play, I personally prefer using anime-style pictures or simply works of drawn art, rather than actual photography, but nothing directly taken from an anime, such a screenshot or wallpaper. It is merely something I fancy. That does not, however, restrict you in any manner. You may use whatever picture or photo you like, so long as it is not revealing in any sexual manner ( aka no porno, please ). That is the only true characteristic, if you wish to call it such, that brings us together with anime. The style of writing depends on how each writer imagines it. For instance, whenever I read something, I imagine the characters in an anime-style, yet you, on the other hand, may imagine them as real people.

    This being said, there is no requirement such as "You must have seen at least one anime" in order to participate in this role-play. I do not know if you, as a person who I presume harbors a realistic perspective of shapes and forms, will find a difference between my and some other people's writing and yours, yet I do not believe that the differences, if there are to be any, will be noticeable upon the first reading.

    I hope I have been helpful with my reply =3 I know that some people may argue about my statements, but this is the truth I have accepted for myself. If you have any questions or if I got too carried away when writing and you didn't understand a word I wrote, feel free to ask away, but make sure to not ask vague questions. XP
  19. Thank you for expressing you interest, Potatocat. Feel special! This is my 13th post on this site! [BCOLOR=#000000][* born on 13th Friday *][/BCOLOR]
    By the way, your username seems familiar. I can't quite put my finger on it , though. Were you ever a part of RolePlayer Guild?

    As for your questions, to answer the first, yes, they will have to summon the demons by writing down their names and the orders in the notebook. To answer the second, yes, they will have the described capabilities in the Ars Geotia, but I'm also thinking about some other works as well. To tell you the truth, I will be revising the Devil's notebook today, since a certain someone mentioned reviving Hitler and I don't want that. XD
  20. Wait, what? Reviving Hitler? Why would that be a thing? He isn't one of the 72 demons... And the rules already state that the dead cannot be brought back to life. I assumed that would override any demon's ability to bring him back. And anyway, I don't think Hitler would be able to do much in modern times. Everybody fucking hates that guy.

    Add that to if you gave my character the Devil, he wouldn't use one of his rule breaks to bring back Hitler. He's not that kind of guy. And yes, I already have most of a character written. Just need to add whatever you want for the cs.
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